01-07-2014 School Board Workshop


January 07, 2014

School Board Workshop
Educational Services Facility
4:00 p.m.

Opening Exercises

1. Opening Exercises

Minutes: Chairman Karen Henderson called the Board Workshop of January 7, 2014 to order at 4:02 p.m.

Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Minutes: Members Present: Dr. Michael Krupp, Dr. Barbara Murray, Amy Kneessy, Karen Henderson and Andy Ziegler

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: Chairman Karen Henderson led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Order of Business
4. Overview of Evaluation Systems
Attachment: VAM Presentation.pdf

Dr. Binggeli and Debra Pace presented items on the Evaluation Process PowerPoint (attached). Questions and discussion ensued from the Board. 

Mr. Ziegler asked if there was anyone helping to direct teachers how to write the plan. Ms. Pace said teachers are guided, but they have ultimate responsibility. 

Dr. Murray said that she is conducting research at the state level regarding evaluation systems. She said that she feels that every plan is misaligned and that Brevard's is no different. 

Ms. Kneessy asked how much time teachers should be spending writing and completing the PGPs. Ms. Pace said that it should probably take approximately six to eight hours.  Ms. Kneessy said that what she is hearing from teachers is that they are averaging 20 to 25 hours and they must do it outside of their work day as there are too many other assignments.  She asked Mr. Smith from BFT and Ms. Ebersbach from BASA what they had been hearing. Mr. Smith said this is the case and it is being defined correctly. He agrees with Dr. Murray. Ms. Kneessy said they are spending so much time making the end product look good, that they are not focusing on the real intended purpose. 

Ms. Henderson said that she feels there is a lack of communication to the teachers of what it is supposed to look like.  Dr. Binggeli said that they continue to tell principals that this does not have to be a dissertation. It should, however, be an ongoing cyclical process, one upon which the practitioner builds. It should be a reflective tool. 

Ms. Henderson said that she did an analysis of the required assessments that each grade level is mandated to perform and it is overwhelming. Mr. Ziegler said he feels the whole process is very overwhelming.

Ms. Pace said it is a complex system.  She said that part of the legislative requirement is that the evaluation be multi-metric.

5. Overview of VAM and Other Key Data Elements


Dr. Binggeli began with the Student Achievement: Part II slide discussing student achievement and VAM. The Board posed some questions about VAM and the way it is calculated.

At this point, Ms. Kneessy said that she felt that the purpose of the workshop was not being fulfilled. She said she did not need to be sold on the process; she just wanted to make it better. The other Board members concurred. At this point, the meeting turned to the top concerns and recommended solutions from BASA and BFT. 

6. Top Concerns and Recommended Solutions from BASA and BFT Leadership Teams
Attachment: BFT Problems-Solutions Evaluation System.pdf
Attachment: Evaluation Input BASA.pdf

 Both BASA and BFT had provided to the Board a list of problems and solutions regarding the evaluation process (attached). 

Mr. Smith began by going over the problems and solutions provided by BFT which he felt he needed to read into record.

Ms. Ebersbach said that Brevard in its quest for excellence has always seemed to make things more complicated than necessary. She said we have to get out of the mindset that more is better and hard is good. She also said that in looking at alignment, she does not think that the administrative evaluation is a good fit for some of the jobs, especially some of the assistant principals.

7. Board Questions and Discussion

Minutes: The Board concluded that it wanted to have a timeline relatively soon of when discussion with both BFT and BASA would take place to go over the problems and solutions brought forth by both groups.  The Board asked for ways to simplify the process.  It was noted that nothing would be changing for this year.

Closing Remarks
8. Closing Remarks


9. Adjournment

Minutes: The Board Workshop of January 14, 2014 was adjourned at 6:02 p.m.