02-09-2010 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #20

Contract for 11th Grade Students to see 1776 at the King Center for the Performing Arts


On April 19, 20, 21, and 22, 2010, eleventh grade students will experience a quality musical theater production at the King Center for the Performing Arts.  The Cocoa Village Playhouse will produce and perform 1776.  Previous performances of 1776 for students provided a powerful and moving experience for our juniors, connecting our shared history.  The curriculum connections fit naturally in lessons before and after the performances.  Our goal is to provide the same quality experience for our current juniors.

Estimated costs include:

King Center     $35,000

Sign Language Interpreter     $     800

Brevard Public Schools Busing     $  5,000

Total Estimated Costs     $40,800

We are confident that we will be able to obtain community sponsors, support from the Foundation, and/or use remaining funds from Pepsi revenues to cover all expenses for this event.  Last year's student performances cost $47,475.  The King Center Board of Directors and the Cocoa Village Playhouse are committed to this project and have authorized financial support to significantly reduce the rate for this year's performances.


Approve the contract for 11th grade students to see 1776 at the King Center for Performing Arts on April 19, 20, 21, and 22, 2010.

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Consent w/o Information - 2/9/2010

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Lisa M. Rehm, Resource Teacher for Language Arts, ext. 360

Walter L. Christy, Director, Secondary Programs, ext. 310

Brenda B. Blackburn, Associate Superintendent, Division of Curriculum and Instruction, ext. 300

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