02-10-2009 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #27

Field Trip: Rockledge High, Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High and Viera High Schools FIRST Robotics Team; Regional Competition in Denver, Colorado

The Robotics Team #233 is planning to attend the FIRST Robotics Regional Competition in Denver, Colorado.  The five adult chaperones include both male and female.  The chaperones include one (1) Rockledge High School teacher, one (1) Registered volunteer and three (3) NASA engineer mentors who are all properly fingerprinted with the district.  The team will travel by air leaving from Orlando International Airport and then charter bus to travel to and from the competition.  The team will be staying at a FIRST authorized hotel closest to the event.  Students and chaperones will tour the University of Colorado and participate in some sight seeing.  Competition will be Thursday, March 26 through Saturday March 28.   Students will arrive back home on Sunday.   Itinerary will be furnished closer to the event.  The trip is funded by student fundraisers, grants and a minimal amount to be covered by the student.  In the event that a student is unable to pay the balance, the team will provide funds.  No student will be left behind due to their financial situation.  THERE WILL BE NO COST TO THE DISTRICT.

Approve the request for the FIRST Robotics Team, approximately 40 students and 5 chaperones, to attend the Robotics Regional Competition in Denver, Colorado on March 25 through March 29.  The students will miss three (3) days of school.

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 1/20/2009
Consent after Information2/10/2009

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Procedures & Criteria for Field Trips

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

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Agenda Item will not Require the Expenditure of Funds

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Tony Hines, Principal, 636-3711
Sandra Demmon, Area III Superintendent, x411