02-10-2009 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #35

Heritage High School Water and Wastewater System Agreement


On 4/10/07 the Board approved the acquisition of Site #6 for Heritage High School ("CCC"), including off-site road and utility extensions, with a total project budget of $81,563,500 (Item G-4) At the same meeting, the Board approved the design of the off-site water and wastewater (sanitary sewer) extensions along Malabar Road to service the new high school (Item G-8).  On 5/22/07, the Board approved CM-at-Risk services with a GMP of $65,000,000 to construct the new high school and the off-site improvements.   

The City of Palm Bay requested that water and wastewater extensions along Malabar Road be increased in size and extended to the west boundary of the Heritage High School property to service future customers.  All costs associated with the increase in size and extension of the lines must be reimbursed to the School Board by the City of Palm Bay in compliance with Florida Statute 1013.51.  

The City of Palm Bay will charge future customers a one-time fee to tie into the lines and will annually reimburse the fees collected to the School Board, with a maximum reimbursement of $224,896.83.  The standard City of Palm Bay Water and Wastewater System Agreement for the high school has been amended to include provisions for this reimbursement. The School Board will be fully reimbursed after approximately 200 homes or Equivalent Residential Connections (ERC) have tied into the lines.   

This Item does not require the expenditure of any additional funds - it is for approval of the Agreement to be reimbursed only.  The cost to construct the additional scope of work was funded by previously approved project contingency.  

The School Board Attorney has reviewed and approved the Agreement.

Attachment:  Heritage High School Water and Wastewater System Agreement  

Approve the Water and Wastewater System Agreement with the City of Palm Bay for Heritage High School.

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 1/20/2009
Consent after Information2/10/2009

Authority for Action
1001.42 F.S., 1013.51 F.S.

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Agenda Item will not Require the Expenditure of Funds

Cost Center

Dane Theodore, Director, Planning & Project Management  x657

Attachment:  Heritage High School Water and Wastewater System Agreement.pdf