02-10-2009 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #44

Consultant Agreement between the School Board of Brevard County and Alane Ferguson, Author


Alane Ferguson is a recognized young adult author.  Her novel, The Christopher Killer, has been a popular addition to this year's Florida Teens Read (FTR) book list.  A recipient of the 1990 Edgar Allan Poe Award, as well as the Belgium's Children's Choice Award for her young adult novel, Show Me the Evidence, Alane was also a nominee for her third young-adult mystery, Poison.  She received a 2007 Edgar nomination for her young adult novel, The Christopher Killer, the first in the Sleuth Forensic Mystery series.  Alane has been on numerous ALA Recommended Books for Reluctant Young Readers lists and Young Adult's Choice lists. Alane is currently completing her thirty-second book.

Alane will be presenting to each schools' students in two assemblies as well as in a writing workshop. She will share how she became a writer, where she gets her ideas, how she does research, and she will share tips that make every student's writing even better. The writing workshop dovetails into the general presentation. In the workshop, she focuses on how to create a plot, characters and dialog, as well as the best ways to use adjectives and adverbs, tags, and a plethora of other writing tips. She then edits the students' story starters, demonstrating how small tweaks in writing can make a huge impact.

The dates of presentations and source of funding for each school is as follows:

Viera High School - April 20, 2009 - $1526 paid from the Media Center's internal account.   

Clearlake Middle School - April 21, 2009 - $1526 funded from a School Advisory Council Improvement Grant ($1000) and from a Flare Grant ($526).

DeLaura Middle School and Satellite High School - April 22, 2009 - Both schools will share the cost resulting in a cost per school of $763 which will come from their Media Center's internal accounts.

This year each school has focused on promoting FTR books. Each school has a beautiful display which highlights the titles and a colorful graph where they have been tracking the students' reading progress. The schools promoted the FTR books to the English and Reading classes throughout the school year to encourage the students to read these books. Bringing a FTR author to these schools to share her writing techniques and insights with the students would be a wonderful addition to their yearlong FTR initiative. Alane Ferguson's visit will take place the week before the schools' year end FTR Celebration.

Approve the three Consultant Agreements between Alane Ferguson, Author, and Viera High School, Clearlake Middle School and Satellite High School - DeLaura Middle School.

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 2/10/2009
Consent after Information2/24/2009

Authority for Action
School Board Policy 6540

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Operating - Grant

Cost Center


Mark Tormoen, Principal, Viera High School - 632-1770
Mark Mullins, Principal, Clearlake Middle School - 633-3660
Mark Elliott, Principal, Satellite High School - 779-2000
Jeremy Salmon, Principal, DeLaura Middle School - 773-7581
Sandra Demmon, Area III Superintendent - 633-1000 x411

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