02-10-2015 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #49

Facilities Services Job Descriptions - Bargaining Unit Positions

Facilities services is proposing the following bargaining unit job description changes as described:

1. Custodial Coordinator - This job description is being revised to more accurately reflect the current job duties; no change to pay grade is proposed.
  • A qualification to be licensed in Law/Ornamental and Structural Pesticide Application, which is a necessary component of the position's duties, has been added.
  • A performance requirement to coordinate the Integrated Pest Management program district-wide has been added.
2. Electronics Technician I / II / III - The job descriptions for Intercom Repair Mechanic I/II/III and Fire Alarm Repair Mechanic I/II/III are being eliminated and a new job description is being created for the repair of all low-voltage systems to increase flexibility and productivity.  Pay grade is changed from Bargaining Grades 25/26/27 to Bargaining Grades 27/28/29 respectively.
  • A qualification for both fire alarm and intercom certification training has been added.
  • A qualification for  a Fire Alarm System Agent license from the Florida Electrical Contractors' Licensing Board has been added.
  • Performance requirements have been revised to require the repair of all low-voltage systems.
3. Facilities Fund Accountant - Because Capital Funds for the Facilities Services Division are currently managed by a Project Administrative Specialist II, whose primary job duties are structured for the administration of construction projects, a new job description is required.  Pay grade is being changed from Bargaining Grade 26 to Professional/Technical Hourly Grade LL.
  • Qualifications and performance requirements are based on the job description for a Fund Accountant, with modifications as appropriate for the Facilities Services Division.
4. Facilities Planner - This job description is being revised to incorporate a requirement for knowledge of new technology; no change to pay grade is proposed.
  • The qualifications have been revised to require a minimum of one year experience with Geographic Information Systems software (ArcView).
5. Training Custodian - This job description is being revised to reflect the actual job duties of the position; pay grade is changed from Professional/Technical Hourly Grade GG to Professional/Technical Hourly Grade HH.  One vacant Training Custodian position will be eliminated, with a portion of the savings used to fund the expected increase of $5,429 for the remaining five Training Custodians.

6. Grounds Maintenance Technician - Grounds maintenance, previously performed by school-based custodians as on of their performance responsibilities, was centralized to Facilities Services, utilizing seventeen custodians for grounds maintenance duties only.  The change, coupled with a revised custodial allocation formula, resulted in an annual savings of $284,000 beginning in FY2014.  This job description is being created to reflect the actual job duties of the new position.  Savings is expected to be reduced by $6,744 annually with the conversion of the 17 custodial positions from Bargaining Grade 15 to Bargaining Grade 16 due to the requirement to be licensed in Lawn/Ornamental Herbicide Application.

Recommend approval of the proposed changes to bargaining unit job descriptions for Facilities Services.

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 2/10/2015
Consent after Information2/24/2015

Authority for Action
F.S. 1001.42(5)(a)

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Agenda Item will not Require the Expenditure of Funds

Cost Center

Rick Morton, Systems Analyst Jr. - Human Resources Services, ext. 253
Debra Pace, Associate Superintendent - Human Resources Services, ext. 200

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