02-23-2010 Special School Board Meeting


The School Board of Brevard County, Florida met in special session on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, at the Educational Services Facility, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida. Notice of the meeting was advertised in The Eagle newspaper on Thursday, February 18, 2010 and the affidavit of publication with a copy of the ad attached is filed in the Affidavit File in the Board Office.

A-1. Call to Order
1. Call to Order

Minutes: Chairman Amy Kneessy called the School Board Meeting of February 23, 2010 to order at 5:30 p.m.

A-2. Roll Call
2. Roll Call


Members Present: Dr. Barbara Murray, Amy Kneessy, Karen Henderson, Andy Ziegler

                Absent: Robert Jordan


Chairman Kneessy requested a moment of silence for Ciara Malia Lemn, Jennifer Reichert, and Wraya Ison-Hadley, 8th grade students from Southwest Middle School.

A-3. Invocation (Victoria Packer, 8th Grade, Hoover Middle School)
3. Invocation

Minutes: The Invocation was led by Victoria Packer, 8th grade, Hoover Middle School.

A-4. Pledge of Allegiance (Katie Ward, 8th Grade, Hoover Middle School)
4. Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Katie Ward, 8th grade Hoover Middle School.

A-5. Entertainment (Hoover Ladies Ensemble, Hoover Middle School)
5. Entertainment


Hoover Middle School Ladies Ensemble, under the direction of Chorus Director, Angela Brock, entertained the Board and the viewing audience prior to the start of the meeting, played one additional musical number.

Chairman Kneessy took this opportunity to thank Ms. Brock and her students for entertaining the Board.

Chairman Kneessy called for a recess at 5:39 p.m.
The meeting reconvened at 5:42 p.m.

A-6. Emergency Item
A-7. Adoption of Agenda
6. Adoption of Agenda


Dr. Binggeli read the following changes into the agenda:

Consent Addition
F-33.   Grade Configuration for Meadowlane Primary and Meadowlane Intermediate Schools

Consent Revision
F-11.   Student Expulsion(s)

Information Addition
H-36.   Board Discussion of Board Policy 5511 - Dress and Grooming

Approve the agenda for the School Board Meeting of February 23, 2010 and its revisions.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Andrew Ziegler
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests
B. Middle School Programs/K-12

7. Brevard Public Schools Music Demonstration Schools


Dr. Binggeli announced that Brevard Public School has a total of 22 of the 25 Music Demonstration Schools statewide. He then turned the meeting over to  Cindy Johnson, Music Resource Teacher for K-12 Programs, who made the following announcements.

Music Demonstration School Honorable Mention:
Sabal Elementary: Michelle Couch, Music teacher; Stephanie Hall, Principal

Newly Designated Music Demonstration Schools:
Manatee Elementary: Sharon Lester, Music teacher; Carl Brown, Principal
Oak Park Elementary: Mary Jackson, Music teacher; Ronald Dedmon, Principal

Re-Designated Music Demonstration Schools:
Discovery Elementary: Cindy Dain and Rebekah Villanueva, Music teachers: Dawna Bobersky, Principal
Apollo Elementary: Sheila King, Music teacher; Pamella O'Kell, Principal
Southwest Middle School: Andrea Boley, Tamara Lewis, Thomas Silliman, and Michael Sperr, Music teacher; Todd Scheuerer, Principal

Chairman Kneessy and Dr. Binggeli congratulated these well deserving schools and their administrators. The schools were presented a banner to be displayed in their schools.




C. Resolutions/Proclamations
C. Middle School Programs/K-12

8. Youth Arts Month, Music in Our Schools Month, Theatre for Life Month Resolution
Attachment: 09 10 Youth Arts Month Resolution.pdf
Minutes: Christine Davis, Director of District Communication, read the resolution proclaiming the month of March as Youth Arts Month, Music in Our Schools Month and Theatre for Life Month as supported by the Florida Legislature and the United States Congress.

Approve the resolution to adopt the month of March as Youth Arts Month, Music in Our Schools Month and Theatre for Life Month as supported by the Florida Legislature and the United States Congress.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

D. Presentations
D. Board Office/ Superintendent

9. Monitoring Resources and Results
Attachment: 2.23.10 Monitoring Resources and Results.pdf

Dr. Binggeli gave a presentation to the Board in regard to monitoring resources and its results.

Dr. Binggeli took the opportunity to thank Karen Schafer, Director of Testing and Accountability, for providing all the information in the presentation. He stated that over the last few months, the Board has requested the district examine the budget in a function by function process and prioritize our programs and expenditures. There was an element to look at the return on investment and finally to look at the achievement of our students in ways that drill a little deeper and give us the opportunity to learn from that data where we might look for best practices.

Dr. Binggeli provided information to the Board and the public that brings the above mentioned together.

Dr. Murray commended Dr. Binggeli on his presentation. She stated that she was particularly pleased to hear that our staff had contacted other districts around the state who are doing better or as well as Brevard to get information on their best practices.

Ms. Henderson stated that this is excellent. It is a new way of looking at the data and very beneficial to level the playing and allows the stars to rise to the top. 

Mr. Ziegler commented on the statistics and how they are interpreted.

Ms. Kneessy complimented Dr. Binggeli and his staff on the data provided in the presentation. She brought up some concerns regarding the students that currently attend charter school and if these students tend to have a difficult time in high school. Dr. Binggeli stated that all of this information is being shared with the Charter schools and that we all have a collective responsibility for the students of Brevard County.




E. Public Discussion
10. Public Discussion


The Chairman reminded the public that there is a maximum allotted time of three minutes per speaker set aside for discussion. She also stated that the Board would not respond to issues this evening but the Superintendent would investigate the concerns and respond in a timely manner. The following person(s) addressed the Board:

  1. Janet Eastman, BFT, Rockledge - Save our Space
  2. Marjorie Ebersbach, BASA, Merritt Island - Instructional Staff Appointments
  3. Dan Bennett, BFT, Rockledge - Labor Relations



F. Consent
F. Board Office/Superintendent

11. Student Expulsion(s)
F. Accounting Services

12. Warrants Written for the Month of January, 2010
Attachment: January 2010 Warrant List.pdf
F. School Food and Nutrition

13. 2009-10 State Appropriated Equipment Assistance Grants for School Food Authorities (SFAs)
Attachment: 2009-2010 State Appropriated Equipment Grant.pdf
F. Purchasing & Warehouse

14. Property Disposal
Attachment: FEB_23_10.pdf
15. Purchasing Bids, RFPs, RFQs, ITNs, Sole Source Purchasing Requests and Sales and Services Agreements
Attachment: 10-016BP - Hunter and Rotary Lifts and Accessories.pdf
Attachment: SSA #1008 - A Deeper View - Ex Ed.pdf
F. Human Resources

16. Support Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Support Staff 02-23-10.pdf
F. Labor Relations

18. Ratification of the Compensatory Time Language for the Contract with the Brevard Federation of Teachers
Attachment: Compensatory Time Language - TA 12.07.09.pdf
19. 2010-2011 Staffing Plan Recommendations
F. Title I/Early Childhood Education

20. Contracted Services Agreement between the Office of Title I and Dr. Cathy Vatterott
Attachment: Dr. Vatterott Contract.pdf
F. Secondary Programs

21. Student Fees for Driver Education Program
F. Student Services

22. School Counseling Grant
F. Exceptional Education

23. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Entitlement Projects Roll Forward Funds for Fiscal Year 2009
Attachment: 150RollforwardAmend.1.pdf
Attachment: 150RollforwardAmend.2.pdf
F. Area I Superintendent

24. Eau Gallie High School AFJROTC Cadet Orientation Flight, Provided by the 301st Rescue Squadron, Patrick AFB, Florida
F. Area III Superintendent

25. Field Trip - Rockledge High, Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High and Viera High Schools Robotics Team #233 FIRST Regional Robotics Competition, Los Angeles, CA
26. Field Trip: Edgewood JSHS, Merritt Island High, and Jefferson Middle School Robotics Team #801 FIRST Championships in Atlanta, GA
F. Area IV Superintendent

27. Riverview Elementary Trip to Washington, DC
Attachment: 20100108090141.pdf
28. Satellite High School AF JROTC Students to Fly Aboard USAF HC-130 Aircraft at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida
29. Titusville High School German Club Trip to Helen, GA
Attachment: 20100128105416.pdf
F. Project Management

30. Clarification of Boundary Descriptions for the International Baccalaureate Programs
Attachment: Attachment to Agenda Item #48 - 1-22-08 Meeting Agenda.pdf
Attachment: IB Program MHS and CBHS.pdf
Attachment: IB Program Clearlake Central and CBHS.pdf
31. Reappoint School Board Representatives to two (2) Local Planning Agencies
F. District Security

32. 2010 Federal Department of Education Grant: Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools
F. Approval of Consent

34. Approval of Consent Agenda

Approval of the consent agenda items with the exceptions of the items pulled for discussion.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Andrew Ziegler
Second: Barbara Murray
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Items Pulled for Discussion
F. Human Resources

17. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Instructional Staff 02-23-10.pdf

Dr. Murray pulled this agenda item to make a few comments regarding the statement she made at the School Board meeting of February 9, 2010. She commented that in her statements she did not ever address individual performance and that her viewpoint was about the organizational practices of the School District. She had requested that the personnel recommendation be divided on the agenda. That requested has been denied.

Dr. Murray again stated that she does not support the practice of rehiring those employees who have retired and wish to return. She stated that she will vote yes, in the best interest of those she wishes to support. A request has been made that the Superintendent provide the Board information connected to every personnel listing thus being able to monitor personnel that have retired and are being considered for rehire by the district.

Ms. Kneessy stated that she does share the same viewpoints as Dr. Murray but does not agree with the actions that were taken in regards to it.

Approve : The appointment of Judy R. Preston to the position of Associate Superintendent of Financial Services, on annual contract, effective March 1, 2010. Annual salary determined by the Superintendent. The routine instructional staff recommendations.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

F. Additional Items

33. Grade Configuration Change for Meadowlane Primary and Meadowlane Intermediate Schools


Ms. Kneessy pulled this agenda item to discuss the capacity numbers at Meadowlane and whether this decision had to be made this evening or can it be postponed until we have the new capacity numbers.

Cyndi Van Meter, Area I Superintendent, stated that the concern is regarding the rehiring and the reappointment of teachers that is coming up in March 2010. The staff at the two Meadowlanes need to know whether or not teachers would go on the transfer list and if the third grade is moved then those teacher will have to goonto the transfer opportunities list so time is of the essence.

Chairman Kneessy called for the Soundwaves video break at 6:50 p.m.
The meeting reconvened at 7:04 p.m.

Approve the revised grade configuration change for Meadowlane Primary and Meadowlane Intermediate Schools: 1. Third grade students will be housed at the Intermediate School. 2. Meadowlane Primary will house grades K-2. 3. Meadowlane Intermediate will house grades 3-6.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Amy Kneessy
Second: Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

G. Action
G. Human Resources

35. School Board Policy Revisions - NEOLA Recommendations - Action
Attachment: 2.09.10 Policies.pdf

Mr. Ziegler made a comment of Policy 5225-Absences for Religious Holidays. Mr. Ziegler stated his concern in regard to having so many religious holidays as it relates to student testing .As we become a more diverse nation, teachers are going to have a hard time finding days to test students since the current policy states that there are no testing on religious holidays.

Dr. Binggeli stated that we will check with the schools to see if they are seeing this trend as we get more diverse.

Ms. Kneessy requested the district look at Policy 5500- Student Conduct Policy, to update an outdated section. The suggestions are as follows: Alternative Learning centers versus Abeyance; electronic devices instead of cell phones; and to look into the Weapons and Firearms section to see if there are any changes that need to be made since some of the schools have firing ranges.

Dr. Binggeli stated that discussion has taken place on this issue and that Andrea Alford, Director of District Security, will explain further. Ms. Alford gave the Board information on the ROTC firing ranges and what it involves as far as safety.

Ms. Kneessy requested the district look at Policy 5830 - Student Fundraising to make some general comments within the policy or administrative procedures on what is appropriate or not appropriate. Ms. Clifton, Director of Brevard School Foundation, answered questions regarding this policy.

Ms. Kneessy requested that on the technology policies 7540.11, 7540.12, and 7540.13 that the department  make these policies more understandable and state that there are administrative procedures that go with these policies. Sandy Crews, System and Security Manager, stated that these policies are very broad because of the different instances they are intended to be used for and still protect our students.

Authorize the Superintendent to advertise for Public Hearing to adopt/approve the new/revised School Board policies and procedures as listed below: New Policies 2575 5225 7540.11 7540.12 7540.13 Revised Policies 1420 3120.08 4430.01 5516 7130.01 8640 1430.01 3242 5112 5722 7420 9700 2120 3420 5120 5772 8310 9800 2261.01 3430.01 5451 5830 8330 3120.04 4120.08 5460.01 6480 8400 3120.05 4420 5500 6700 8600 - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Karen Henderson
Second: Barbara Murray
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

H. Information
H. Risk Management

36. Board Discussion of Board Policy 5511 - Dress and Grooming
Attachment: Board Policy 5511 - Dress and Grooming.pdf
Attachment: Board Policy 5511 - Dress and Grooming - Administrative Procedures.pdf

Ms. Kneessy pulled this policy to ask how the Board be better informed of the changes in each individual school without looking through all 86 school handbooks.

Dr. Binggeli commented that there is a concern that we are interchanging policy with practice.

Discussion ensued amongst the Board, Dr. Binggeli and Mark Langdorf, Director of Rick Management,  regarding Policy 5511 and the Board is requesting that the schools be trained to enforce the rules and a form be designed in relation to the dress code exceptions.

H. Middle School Programs/K-12

37. 2010 Summer Fine Arts Theatre Licensing Agreements
Attachment: Westside Story Contract SFA 2010.pdf
Attachment: Wizard of Oz Contract SFA 2010.pdf
H. Exceptional Education

38. Contracted Services Agreement with Dr. Bradley Greene, Quality Schools Consultant and Trainer
Attachment: BradGreene-May2010-6-2010.pdf
H. Area I Superintendent

39. Bayside High School NJROTC Trip to Washington, D.C.
Attachment: Bayside NJROTC - Washington, D.C. April-May 2010.pdf
H. Area III Superintendent

40. Field Trip: Rockledge High, Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High, Viera High Schools Robotics Team #233 FIRST World Championship in Atlanta, GA
H. Project Management

41. Amendment #1 to Agreement for Design/Build Services at Merritt Island High School
Attachment: Amendment No 1.pdf
42. Amendment #2 to Agreement for Design/Build Services at Cocoa High School
Attachment: Amendment No 2.pdf

I. Staff Reports
43. Staff Reports

Minutes: There were no staff reports.

J. Additional Public Presentations (If Required)
44. Additional Public Presentations

Minutes: There were no additional public presentations.

K. Board Member Reports
45. Board Member Reports


Dr. Murray congratulated all the Merritt Island Science Fair winners and noted that she is looking forward to someone coming up with a formula that will get rid of fire ants. We have a several students that got awards towards that direction.

Mr. Ziegler noted that he participated in Heritage High School's Band night dinner show. He noted his surprise that band uniforms cost $750.00 each.

Mr. Ziegler noted that he toured Melbourne High School with State Representative Rich Workman.

Mr. Ziegler commented on several functions he participated in with the Boy Scouts, Palm Bay Parks and Recreation, Habitat for Humanity for Palm Bay.

Mr. Ziegler congratulated Merritt Island High School's Boy's and Girls Soccer Teams for winning the state tournament two years in a row.

Mr. Ziegler congratulated Dr. Binggeli for the Parent Involvement Section on the website. Would like to see getting emails from all the parents to receive information that they wish to receive. He noted that he would like to see a section on volunteer opportunities in the district.

Dr. Murray congratulated Merritt Island High School Girls Soccer Team for winning the state championship. Brevard County is certainly becoming, without a doubt, a soccer power house.

Ms. Kneessy noted that she attended DeLaura Middle School's Climate Conference where seven of the feeder schools were all in attendance. The conference was very informative.

Ms. Kneessy noted that we have every graduation covered by at least one Board Member.

Ms. Kneessy mentioned to the Board that there is a new Board calendar that is in the process of being implemented so that the Board Assistant knows where the Board members are when trying to schedule events.

Ms. Kneessy requested that Dr. Binggeli look into the district's ethic's policy and procedures to see what is working and what areas could use growth and improvement.

Ms. Kneessy stated that the Board has not been updated on the health insurance and although its a collective bargaining issue but is the district looking at exploring other areas. Susan Standley, Director of Compensation & Benefits, gave the Board a brief update on what is transpiring as it relates to health care.

Ms. Kneessy and the Board wished Mr. Jordan a speedy recovery.




L. Superintendent's Report
46. Superintendent's Report

Minutes: Dr. Binggeli stated that it has been a very tragic and difficult few days in our school system and our communities. He passed along his appreciation to many folks in various places that helped with the tragedy to support the children. We had staff from sister schools, administrators, guidance counselors, and senior staff helping Southwest Middle school.

M. Adjournment
47. Adjournment


The School Board meeting of February 23, 2010 was adjourned at 7:49 p.m.