02-23-2016 Special School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #37

21st Century Community Learning Center Brevard After School Academy: Mainland Grant FY2016-2017


This project provides supplemental financial assistance for Brevard Public Schools to establish a successful partnership with community partners to provide quality after school activities for students and support for parents of children who attend three elementary schools in the South area to be selected from the current Zoo Explorers South program that is ending this year. Currently, four schools (Croton, Dr. W. J. Creel, Sabal, and Sherwood) participate, but it is anticipated the recommendation will be to include three of these schools based on the release of the grant criteria. It is necessary to proceed with a model including three schools due to decreased funding capacities.

Using funds from this project, the elementary schools will become 21st Century Learning Centers. The Brevard After School Academy program will establish programs designed to use school sites and partner facilities after school to deliver hands-on learning experiences for up to 70 students at each site. Staffing and programming for eligible students will be provided by the grant funds.

If awarded, this five-year grant will consist of full funding the first two years. The third through the fifth years of the program will be funded at 80%. The 20% reduction will be in consumables and equipment. It is projected that the amount written for will be between $440,000 and $500,000, and will be determined by the agency maximums defined by the grant criteria. There is no required match, in-kind or other, as a condition of this grant.


Meeting Date(s)
Information - 2/23/2016

Authority for Action
FS General Powers and duties of the School Board

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Special Revenue - Federal

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Jeff Arnott, Director of Adult Education 633-3660 x199 Debi Embry, Brevard After School District Coordinator 633-1000 x357