03-10-2009 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #7

Award for Excellence in American History to Brevard County Schools


Abigail Wright Chamberlain Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, is pleased to grant several awards for Excellence in American History and to recognize the outstanding participation of Brevard Schools in activities on Veterans Day, November 11, 2008.

The Chapter was very impressed not only by the fact that every school had some program recognizing veterans but also by the originality of the programs.

Brevard Schools is being commended for helping our students learn about their American historical heritage in this way.

Award Recipients:

  • Blair Nave, Social Studies/ Early Childhood Resource Teacher for Elementary Programs
  • Bob McLaren, Social Studies/Language Arts Resource Teacher for Middle School Programs
  • Irene Ramnarine, Social Studies Resource Teacher for Secondary Programs
  • Brenda Blackburn, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, on behalf of all of Brevard Schools.

For over one hundred years, the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution has been committed to preserving our American heritage through education of our youth and the public.  For over seventy five years, Abigail Wright Chamberlin, Melbourne, has participated with Brevard Schools in American history education. Having students recognizing the contributions of our veterans is a vital part of such education.

Our Chapter invites Brevard Schools to participate in a number of activities related to American History each school year, including Outstanding American History Teacher, Good Citizen of each graduation senior class, American History Essay, Christopher Columbus Essay, Junior American Citizen art and written expression contests, and awards for JROTC senior cadets. Scholarships, including one at Brevard Community College (BCC) for educators and nursing. All offer opportunities for participants to progress to state and national level awards.

Abigail Wright Chamberlin Chapter is proud of its partnership with Brevard Schools and looks forward to its continuation.


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