03-11-2008 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #31

H-8. Consultant Agreement with Dr. Susan Hall - 95 Percent Group


The 95 Percent Group will conduct a one day follow up training on the phonological awareness and phonics continua training that occurred in September 2007.  This May workshop will train reading coaches to assist their principals with implementing required immediate intervention instruction for struggling readers.  Training will illustrate how to efficiently and effectively schedule the intervention block, effectively model an intervention lesson, use data analysis for grouping students, and increase reading coaches' content knowledge.

As a follow-up to the training, Dr. Susan L. Hall and Dr. Diane Merkel will assist reading coaches in preparing an action plan for improving K-3 reading instruction through the use of DIBELS and related reading data resulting in higher student achievement. 


The total cost for this professional service agreement, $5,340, is budgeted through Title II funds which support reading professional development. 


Brevard has worked successfully with Dr. Susan Hall and the 95 Percent Group consultants for selected corrective action and restructuring schools.   Last year, Dr. Hall assisted Seminole County Public Schools with a plan to improve student performance; they have extended and increased the amount of her support this year due to the county‚Äôs improved reading scores.  The 95 Percent Group works with several states and districts across the nation. Her vita is attached for your review.

Additional follow up training may become available throughout the year at the same rate stated in the professional services agreement.


To authorize the Superintendent to enter into an agreement with Dr. Susan L. Hall, the Founder and President of 95% Group, to provide follow up training for  twenty five elementary reading coaches.  The total cost of $5,340 for this professional service agreement is budgeted through Title II funds which support reading professional development. 

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 3/11/2008
Consent after Information3/25/2008

Authority for Action
Board Polciy - 6540

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Special Revenue - Federal

Cost Center


Debbie Wood, Elementary Reading Facilitator ext. 342

Attachment:  Susan Hall Resume Complete 9-19-062.pdf
Attachment:  Consultant Agreement Summary - Title II 5.15.08.pdf