03-22-2011 Special School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #17

Education Jobs Fund Allocation


The Education Jobs Fund Act (EJF), enacted on August 10, 2010, is a new program authorized by Public Law #111-26, which provides resources to states to assist local school districts in saving and/or creating jobs within education.  The State of Florida has been allocated $554,821,008 from the EJF program which will be administered by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE).  The allocation for Brevard Public Schools is $14,791,730.

The EJF program requires that school districts use the funds to pay the salaries and benefits of teachers, school administrators, and other essential school-based personnel.  The funds can be used to recall or rehire former employees, retain existing employees, and/or hire new employees to ensure that students receive vital educational and related services.

While the state may not set aside any of these funds to establish or enhance a rainy-day fund, school districts have been given the latitude to do so.  It has been strongly suggested by Senator Alexander, Chair of the Senate Committee on Budget and Representative Grimsley, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, that school districts spend the EJF as required, but reserve or set aside a like amount to be available for the district's use in 2011-12.  As such, the district intends to support salaries and benefits of bus drivers and school-level custodians in the 2010-11 school year for the time frame between September 14, 2010 and March 31, 2011 and reserve a like amount to be carried forward into the 2011-12 school year, the use of which is yet to be determined.  Also, a portion of the allocation totaling $703,655 will be set aside for the charter schools.

Approve the use of the Education Jobs Funds allocation during fiscal year 2010-11 to fund salaries and benefits of bus drivers and school-level custodians, while reserving a like amount in the Operating Fund for use in 2011-12.  The appropriate proportional share of the allocation will be forwarded to the charter schools.

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 3/8/2011
Consent after Information3/22/2011

Authority for Action
Education Jobs Fund Act (P.L. 111-226)

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Special Revenue - Federal

Cost Center
FY11 14,088,075YES435various491501variousvariousvarious


Karen Strickland, Director of Planning, Budgets & Reporting, ext. 610.

Judy R. Preston, Associate Superintendent for Financial Services, ext. 600.

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