03-26-2019 Board Workshop

The School Board of Brevard County, Florida met for a Board Workshop on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at the Educational Services Facility, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida. Notice of the meeting was advertised in the Eagle newspaper on Thursday, March 14, 2019. The affidavit of publication with a copy of the ad attached is filed in the Affidavit File in the Board Office.

Opening Exercises
1. Call to Order

Minutes: Chairman Tina Descovich called the meeting to order at: 2:02 p.m.

Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Minutes: Members Present:  Misty Belford, Cheryl McDougall, Tina Descovich, Matt Susin and Katye Campbell

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance

Order of Business
4. Rule Development - Board Policy 2461 Recording of IEP Meetings


Christine Moore, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, went over the policy.  After the March 12, 2019 Policy Work Session regarding Board Policy 2461 Recording of IEP Meetings; Board members wanted staff to place the following statement on the notification letters sent to parents.  Ms. Moore said that they looked into this and the letter comes from the state and cannot be changed.  It is part of the policy and staff is still looking into the best way to accommodate the recommended change.

At 2:06 p.m., Ms. Descovich asked if there was anyone who had come to make public comments on the policy and there were no speakers who came forward.  Conversation regarding policy 2461 was concluded at 2:06 p.m. 

5. Capacity and Facilities Services Update
Attachment: Facilities services workshop presentation final 03 24 2019.pdf

Sue Hann, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Services, facilitated this portion of the workshop.   

Topics included:

  • District Property Uses
    • Summary of Recommendations
      • Whispering Hills
        • Pause +/-1 year to evaluate opportunities for partnerships
      • Cuyler
        • Pause +/-1 year to evaluate opportunities for partnerships
      • Pineapple
        • Pause +/-1 year to gauge private sector interest
        • Evaluate relocation options of bus compound and maintenance
      • Neiman Heights
        • Habitat for Humanity Interest
        • If not, update appraisal and offer for sale
      • Grissom Parkway
        • State of Florida interest
        • If not, update appraisal and offer for sale
      • Sullivan Groves
        • Update appraisal and offer for sale

Mr. Susin asked about a "reverter" clause.  Ms. Hann explained that that would be part of the conversation.

  • Capacity Update
    • What is happening today?
    • Short-Term Capacity Concerns
    • Attendance Boundary Changes
    • "Viera Elementary" Status
    • Capacity Thoughts
      • BPS has capacity-just not in the right place
      • Space conversion to classrooms worked well
        • Has limitations
      • Portables are the middle of the cost vs. community values continuum
        • Mixed acceptance of portables as classrooms
        • Most nimble approach
        • Portables aging
        • Will be working on solicitations for new and lease options
      • Attendance boundary changes - focus:
        • Correct current or anticipated anomalies
        • Getting ahead of growth in undeveloped areas
        • Changes requested by community

Ms. Hann is not advocating for a lot of attendance boundary changes.  The Board agreed that the least amount of changes would be for the best. Ms. Belford expressed appreciation to Ms. Hann and her team for focusing on what is best for families.

  • Energy
    • Energy Conservation Initiatives
      • Collaboration with Leading and Learning
        • Program choices that affect energy consumption
        • Energy choices that affect the learning environment
      • Ice Plants
        • Lowers energy cost if operational
        • Challenge to maintain with current resources
        • Making school by school decisions
      • Evaluating each school to optimize against FPL rate options
      • Real-time energy management
        • FPL dashboard
        • Energy management software
      • Air Filters
        • Evaluating better quality (higher cost) less maintenance labor trade off
      • Monitoring water use for leak detection
        • Apply for credits when warranted
      • Water meters on cooling towers
        • Save sewer changes
        • Working with municipalities to implement
      • Separate power meters on chillers
        • Potential to separate rate structures to reduce cost
    • LED Lighting
      • Strong return on investment
        • Considerably less maintenance
        • Reduces heat load
      • Better lighting for the classroom
      • Developing an investment plan
        • Classrooms with lighting deficiencies
        • East of installation
      • Use available capital in FY

Board members asked for an explanation of "ice plants" and thanked Ms. Hann and her team for everything they were doing in this arena.

  • Mowing
    • Reality
      • 18 employees mow
        • Three 2 person teams to each of three zones
      • 11.5 workdays between mowing at each facility
        • +/- 2 cuts per month
      • Performance affected by
        • Weather
        • Equipment breakdown
        • Employee absence
      • Grade out paces capacity
        • 13 weeks while students are in session (mid July-mid October)
        • During summer break

Ms. Hann provided ideas for additional labor, but there are no free or low cost options that achieve substantially better service.  The Board wanted to inquire about getting business/lawn partners with the schools to either mow or pay for mowing services.  However, the recommendation at this time is to accept the current level of service.

  • Air Conditioning
    • Challenges
      • Set points on the edge of comfort zone
      • Operational practices
        • Exterior doors opening between classes
      • Controls
      • Building envelope issues
      • Surtax framework
        • Like for like
        • Assessment outdated
        • Scope is managed to  meet budget + supplemental capital
        • Components not system approach 

Ms. Hann explained the results of a survey given to principals and assistant principals on AC failure and the impact it has on the learning environment.   She concluded that they need to do things differently in order to get different results.

  • Toward Different Results
    • Culture changes
      • Thinking about facilities as integral to the learning environment
        • How we perform impacts how our teachers and students perform
      • Maintenance, projects and energy teams work together to diagnose and solve issues
    • Starting chillers earlier on Sunday night/Monday morning
      • Positive results so far
    • Whole school test and balance at the beginning of the project
      • Identifies issues that may not be "in the project"
    • Adding humidity sensors to new projects
      • Better data at Maintenance control center
    • Improving OA/QC
      • Better design drawings on controls
      • Vetting controls systems more thoroughly
      • Commissioning agent more involved
      • Standardizing vs. more controls vendors
    • Equipping principals with temperature and humidity sensors
    • Principal leadership matters
      • Training for what to expect after summer construction
    • Experimenting & collaborating
      • Working with Learning team
        • Ziplocs for uniforms
        • How can facilities help with relocating equipment
        • Rent portable dehumidifiers
        • Run AC an hour or tow each day to keep humidity down
        • Run AC when unoccupied temperature or humidity threshold reached
      • Facility assessment project started
        • Will drive future capital investment planning
        • Building envelope focus needed
      • Power filters
        • Reduce impacts of power spikes and drops
        • 14 schools- $300,000
      • Proposing to lower set point to 74 degrees during May (testing)
        • Estimated cost $60,000 out of 412 million budget
        • Consistent with research on comfort

The Board appreciated the way that Ms. Hann was looking at facilities being an integral part of the learning process and feel the changes are a step in the right direction.

  • Sustainability
    • Increasing Challenges
      • Already under-staffed for 13 million square feet in 104 facilities
      • Security adds maintenance responsibilities
      • Technology advancements
      • New School
      • Expectations not aligned with resources

Overall, Board members were pleased with the way Ms. Hann and her team their methods of dealing with high demand and limited resources as well as their collaboration with Leading and Learning.

Closing Remarks
6. Closing Remarks

7. Adjournment

Minutes: Chairman Descovich adjourned the meeting at 4:06 p.m.

For further details pertaining to this meeting, please refer to the published video on the School Board of Brevard County's website (www.brevardschools.org).