03-31-15 School Board Workshop

The School Board of Brevard County, Florida met in a Board Workshop on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, at the Educational Services Facility, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida. Notice of the meeting was advertised in the Eagle newspaper on Thursday, March 19, 2015. The affidavit of publication with a copy of the ad attached is filed in the Affidavit File in the Board Office.

Opening Exercises
1. Opening Exercises

Minutes: Karen  Henderson who was acting chair called the meeting to order at 9:28 a.m.

Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Minutes: Members Present:  Misty Belford, John Craig, Amy Kneessy (via telephone), Karen Henderson and Andy Ziegler.

Pledge of Allegiance
3. Pledge of Allegiance

Order of Business
4. Proposed List of Items to Fund in 2015-16
Attachment: Proposed List of Items to Fund in 2015-16.pdf

Dr. Binggeli reviewed the Proposed List of Items to Fund in 2015-16 and provided some additional input and clarification.

In regards to the ESE Staffing Plan

A request was made for data analysis for all of the district's FTE revenue for ESE positions and match it against expenses. 

A request was made to garner honest feedback and input from staff on the "front lines" to make sure that it indeed provides the desired outcomes.

A question was asked about the schools named in #4 and clarification was provided by Dr. Pace.

Clarification of the rationale behind the percentage of renewed funding for certain items was provided by Ms. Van Meter.

It was requested that staff make certain it is clear to the public what "discretionary dollars" are used for.

There were questions about a budget forecast and there was concern raised about staffing increases and sustainability.

5. Facilities Update and Information
Attachment: Facilities Services Workshop Presentation.pdf

Dane Theodore, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Services, provided the Board with an overview of Facilities Services items which included: Capacity Utilization Projections, Agreement with Viera Company, Impact Fee Benefits Districts and Vacant Land Sales.

Mr. Theodore illustrated where the projected need for elementary schools would be by 2019-2020.  He explained that there are plans for more housing developments in Viera and West Melbourne making the need for a new elementary school very real in the South.  There is not a way to solve that by rezoning or by bringing in portables. 

The Viera Company originally had donated six school sites as part of their DRI (Development of Regional Impact)  which was Williams, Manatee, Quest, Viera High, land for one middle school just north or Viera High and one unplaced elementary school remaining.  The Viera Company was given impact fee credits for Manatee, Quest, Viera High and the location for a middle school which in essence paid them for the land. The Viera Company has built 11,000 homes and has essentially donated land for one school site. Mr. Theodore continued that he and Mr. Bistline have been working for the last three years to get a better deal for the remaining sites.  He was happy to report that the Viera Company has agreed to waive the impact fees credit for six sites:  The middle school site north of Viera High, the unplaced elementary site and four more sites as part of the expansion.  The total value of the waiver is $21,485,000. 

After providing information on the Impact Fees, Mr. Theodore asked the Board if it would agreeable with them for him to ask the County Commission to change the Impact Fee ordinance to eliminate the four separate Impact Fee Benefit Districts.  This would give the School District the flexibility of using the Impact Fees to benefit the entire District instead of restricting them to the Benefit District in which they were collected.  Board consensus was affirmative.

Mr. Theodore provided the Board with information about some vacant land owned by the District.  He told the Board that a developer had offered to buy the Madden Site parcel that is located in Palm Bay for $125,000.  He asked for the Board's direction and whether or not they were interested in selling or if they would prefer to keep the property.  Board consensus was to sell the property.

Mr. Theodore asked for the Board to consider raising the threshold Board approval of construction projects from $25,000 to $50,000.  There was consensus from the Board for Mr. Theodore to move forward and place something for approval at a subsequent Board meeting. 


6. Capital Budget Potential Six-Year Plan
Attachment: Supplemental Slides - 6 Year.pdf
Attachment: Board Workshop Presentation - March 31 2015.pdf

Dr. Binggeli began the presentation by saying that he wanted to know if the Board would support the six year plan at least conceptually in what will be a very disciplined, strategic and efficient approach to accomplish what has been put forth.

There was Board discussion regarding debt reduction and always looking at what is best for the district as plans, needs and resources evolve.

Dr. Binggeli showed a plan to build two new schools without going into debt.

Closing Remarks
7. Closing Remarks


8. Adjournment


Acting chairman Henderson adjourned the meeting at 11:41 a.m.