04-22-2008 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #40

H-1. NCLB Consolidated Grant Application


The district’s application for the NCLB Consolidated Grant for FY09 comprises Titles I – IV with a combined budget of $14,933,980. The application does not contain major new initiatives; major programs funded by these grants are a continuation of successful district initiatives already in place. Primary expenditures will include the following:


¨       Salaries and benefits of administrators, resource teachers, classroom teachers and paraprofessionals

¨       Professional development for teachers and administrators in areas of identified needs

¨       Supplemental Educational Services under Title I Part A

¨       Pre-K  Step FOURWARD program

¨       Technology  (computer hardware and software for schools)

¨       Instructional materials and supplies

¨       Recruitment and retention of highly qualified teachers

¨       Materials to enhance the ELL program

¨       Additional support for schools identified for Corrective Action or Restructuring under NCLB

¨       Indirect costs payable to the district


Preliminary allocations for these programs, which represent approximately level funding for all Titles, are as follows:


¨       Title I Part A  (High poverty schools) - $11,243,403

¨       Title I Part D (Neglected and Delinquent sites) –    $131,550

¨       Title II Part A (Teacher & principal    training & recruiting)- $2,974,356

¨       Title II Part D (Educational Technology) - $113,500

¨       Title III, Part A (English Language Learners)- $185,540

¨       Title IV (Safe and Drug-Free Schools)- $285,631

¨       Total projected allocations = $14,933,980


Note: Figures shown above do not include as-yet-undetermined roll-forward funds. Title V (Innovative Programs) was not funded by Congress for FY09. The district will not receive funds for Title I Part C (Migrant Education) because we no longer have migrant students eligible to generate funding. Migrant students currently enrolled will be supported by Title I Part A.


Applications for these funds have not yet been released by the State. The completed application will be available prior to the May 13 board meeting.


Authorize submission of the district’s application for federal funds under the NCLB law.

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 4/22/2008
Consent after Information5/13/2008

Authority for Action
PL 107-110

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Special Revenue - Federal

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Brenda Blackburn