04-22-2008 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #42

H-3. Reaching All Learners Teacher's Curriculum Institute Training


Teacher's Curriculum Institute will provide contracted services for a three-day training from June 9th to 11th, 2008 in Reaching All Learners. This course provides detailed instruction on six multiple intelligence teaching strategies and practical ways to implement them in the social studies classroom. A maximum of forty middle and high school social studies teachers will be trained in unit planning with the ultimate goal being that participants create a yearly schedule for implementing Geography Alive!, History Alive!, or Government Alive! in their classrooms. Participants will experience a problem solving group work lesson and learn  how to use and access the Interactive Student Notebook.  Participation by the teachers is a commitment to implement the program in the fall and teachers agree to train others on the district in-service day 2008. The cost of the training includes a certified TCI trainer ($250/hour), travel expenses, training manuals and/or handouts.  The training addresses the Strategic Plan goal of providing enhanced curriculum and instructional opportunities for all students. This project will be paid for with Title II funds of which teacher training is one of the approved expenditures.   All funds spent from Title II to support teacher/principal training and professional development must directly correlate to the support of core academic areas of Math, English, Science, and History/Social Studies ultimately enhancing student achievement. This training supports the value of hands-on learning experiences for students and provides a positive impact in the social studies classroom. 


Geography Alive! creatively challenges students to use the tools of geography to view, analyze, and understand the world around them.  As an additional benefit, the program has been carefully designed to build students' content area reading skills.


History Alive!  The middle school program follows U.S. history from the nation's fledgling years through the Great Depression and World Wars to the Civil Rights Movement and contemporary American society. The high school program centers on the five founding ideals from the Declaration of Independence: equality, rights, liberty, opportunity, and democracy. This program invites students to become engaged in this struggle, from establishing an American republic to the making of modern America.


Government Alive! Power, Politics, and You actively connects government to the everyday lives of high school students. With hands-on lessons and a concise, standards-based program, students become enthusiastically engaged in learning the structure and function of government.






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