04-22-2008 Regular School Board Meeting


EXPULSION HEARINGS April 22, 2008 2:00 p.m.

In-the-Sunshine Expulsion hearings begin at 2:00 p.m., if necessary. All other Expulsion hearings are closed to the public.


A-1. Call to Order
1. Call to Order

A-2. Roll Call
2. Roll Call

A-3. Invocation (Mason Margut - 6th Grade, Surfside Elementary)
3. Invocation

A-4. Pledge of Allegiance (Tiffany Thibodeau - 6th Grade, Surfside Elementary)
4. Pledge of Allegiance

A-5. Entertainment (Surfside Elementary Ensembles)
5. Entertainment

A-6. Emergency Item
A-7. Adoption of Agenda
6. Adoption of Agenda

B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests
B. District Communications

7. B-1. Recognize Outstanding School Volunteers
B. Brevard Schools Foundation

8. B-2. Recognize Daniel J. Cox for School Supply Contributions
B. Middle School Programs/K-12

9. B-3. Recognition of the Principal Supporting the Arts Award in Brevard Schools
10. B-4. K-12 School Board Student Art Show Recognition
Attachment: 2008 Sch Brd Art Show Prgm (2).pdf

C. Resolutions/Proclamations
C. Labor Relations

11. C-1. Proclamation for Teacher Appreciation Week
Attachment: Teacher Appr Week Proclamation 2008.pdf

12. C-2. Proclamation for Substitute Teacher Week
Attachment: Substitute Teacher Appreciation Proclamation 2008.pdf

C. Secondary Programs

13. C-3. Proclaim May 1st, 2008, as Florida Math Day
Attachment: Board Agenda Item ~ Fl Math Day Resolution ~ Attachment.pdf

14. C-4. Proclaim April 2008 as Florida Service-Learning Month
Attachment: Board Agenda Item ~ FL Service Learning Month ~ Attachment.pdf

C. Student Services

15. C-5. Recognize May 6 - 12, 2008 as National Nurse Week
Attachment: RESOLUTIONNurse2008.pdf

C. Exceptional Education

16. C-6. Better Hearing and Speech Month, May 2008
Attachment: Hearing-SpeechMonth 2008.pdf

D. Presentations
D. Accounting Services

17. D-1. Presentation of the Annual Report of the Audit Committee Activities for 2007
Attachment: Annual Audit Report 2007 4.22.08.pdf

E. Public Discussion
18. Public Discussion

F. Consent
F. Board Office/Superintendent

19. F-1. Student Expulsions
Attachment: 2008-106.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-107.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-108.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-109.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-110.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-111.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-112.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-113.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-114.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-115.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-116.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-117.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-118.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-119.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-120.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-121.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-122.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-123.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-124.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-125.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-126.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-127.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: 2008-128.pdf (Confidential Item) 

20. F-2. Approval of Minutes
F. Brevard Schools Foundation

21. F-3. Approve Yvonne McGuire-Ingrams as a Brevard Schools Foundation Board Member
F. Accounting Services

22. F-4. Warrants Written for the Month of March 2008
Attachment: MAR 08 warrants.pdf

F. Purchasing & Warehouse

23. F-5. Purchasing Bids, RFPs, RFQs, Sales and Services Agreements
Attachment: 08-031BM Painting Contractors.pdf
Attachment: 08-034BP Dental Aide Laboratory Equipment.pdf
Attachment: 08-039BM #57 Lime Rock For Melbourne High School Football Field.pdf
Attachment: 0816LH Test Adjust Balance Services.pdf
Attachment: SSA 0811CH - Educational Learning Systems, Lexia - Sec. Prgms. - 4.22.08.pdf

24. F-6. Surplus Property
Attachment: APR_22_08.pdf

F. Human Resources

25. F-8. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Instructional Staff 04-22-08.pdf

F. Title I/Early Childhood Education

26. F-10. Contract with The 95 Percent Group for Professional Development
Attachment: Susan Hall Resume Complete 9-19-062 (2).pdf
Attachment: 95% Group-final.pdf

F. Secondary Programs

27. F-11. Approval of Changes to School Major Areas of Interest
Attachment: Board Agenda Item Attachment ~ ALT Site ALC File.pdf
Attachment: Board Agenda Item Attachment ~ Comp HS File.pdf
Attachment: Board Agenda Item Attachment ~ MAI Additions 2008.pdf
Attachment: Board Agenda Item Attachment ~ MAI Deletions 2008.pdf

F. Area I Superintendent

28. F-12. Field Trip for Palm Bay High School to Attend 2008 Vex Robotics World Championship at California State University
Attachment: PBHS FIRST University of California May 2008.pdf

29. F-13. Field Trip for Melbourne High School Robotics Team 386 to Participate in the FIRST Robotics Championships in Atlanta, Georgia
Attachment: MHS Robotics - Atlanta 4-22-08.pdf

F. Area II Superintendent

30. F-14. Eau Gallie High School AFJROTC Cadet Incentive/Orientation Flight Program Provided by F.I.T. Aviation, LLC
31. F-15. Viera High and Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School DECA Trip to Atlanta, GA, April 25-30, 2008
Attachment: DECA trip.pdf

F. Project Management

32. F-16. Utility Easement - FPL - New High School "CCC"
Attachment: Utiltiy Easement - FPL - CCC.pdf

33. F-17. Reappoint School Board Representatives to Three (3) Local Planning Agencies
34. F-18. Amendment #3 to Agreement for Construction Management Services for Meadowlane Intermediate School
Attachment: Amendment #3.pdf

F. Plant Operation & Maintenance

35. F-19. Demolish 1 District Owned Portable
F. Approval of Consent

36. Approval of Consent

Items Pulled for Discussion
F. Human Resources

37. F-7. Support Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Support Staff 04-22-08.pdf

F. Educational Leadership & Professional Development

38. F-9. 2008-2009 School Year Calendar
Attachment: School Calendar 2008 Chart Bd Mtg 3 25 08 jj.pdf
Attachment: ProposedCalendar2008-09 jj.pdf
Attachment: School Calendar 2008 3 25 08 (6).pdf

G. Action
G. Human Resources

39. G-1. School Board Policy Revisions - 0000 - 9000
Attachment: 04.22.08 neola policy changes.pdf

H. Information
H. Curriculum & Instruction

40. H-1. NCLB Consolidated Grant Application
H. Middle School Programs/K-12

41. H-2. AVID Agreement between Brevard Public Schools and the AVID Center 2008-2009
Attachment: AVID contract 032708.pdf

42. H-3. Reaching All Learners Teacher's Curriculum Institute Training
Attachment: TCI Academy contract 042208.pdf

H. Secondary Programs

43. H-4. Brevard Public Schools Advanced Placement (AP) Diploma Proposal
Attachment: AP Diploma Proposal.pdf

H. Career & Technical Education

44. H-5. Florida Career and Professional Education (CAPE) Act 5-Year Strategic Plan
Attachment: BPS CAPE Act Plan.pdf

H. Exceptional Education

45. H-7. Approval of Multi-Agency Contracts for Adults with Disabilities Services
Attachment: Agency Comp Charts Grant Contracts 08-09.pdf

46. H-8. Approve the 2008-09 Cooperative Agreement with Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D)
Attachment: RFB&D 2008.pdf

47. H-9. Approve Agreement with Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) to Serve Adults with Disabilities
Attachment: BAC Comparison Chart 08-09.pdf

H. Area I Superintendent

48. H-10. Contracted Services Agreement between McAuliffe Elementary and Nancy Prizito Consulting, Inc.
Attachment: McAuliffe - Prizito 4-22-08.pdf

H. Area II Superintendent

49. H-11. Loan for Viera High School Concession Stand
Attachment: Viera Attachment_20080417114133.pdf

50. H-12. Sabal Elementary School's 6th Grade Field Trip to Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA - May 18 - 24, 2008
Attachment: Sabal Elementary.pdf

H. Facilities Services

51. H-13. Appointment of Capital Outlay Committee Representative
52. H-14. 2008-A Spot Survey to the 2005 Educational Plan Survey and Update #1 to the 2007/08 - 2011/12 Five-Year Facilities Work Program
Attachment: FDOE 5 Yr Survey Rec.pdf
Attachment: FDOE 5 Yr Survey Table.pdf
Attachment: Update #1 to Work Program.pdf

H. Project Management

53. H-15. 2008-2009 Student Accommodation Plan
Attachment: Student Accommodation Plan.pdf

54. H-16. Amendment #2 to Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School Agreement for Design / Build Services
Attachment: Cocoa Beach Amendment 2.pdf

I. Staff Reports
55. Staff Reports

J. Additional Public Presentations (If Required)
K. Board Member Reports
56. Board Member Reports

L. Superintendent's Report
57. Superintendent's Report
Attachment: Supt. Report 4.22.08-2.pdf

M. Adjournment
58. Adjournment