05-09-2017 School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #36

Merritt Island High School - Sykes Creek Drainage Project Grant - Construction Management Services


The District was awarded a State Legislative Appropriation in the 2016 Session for a stormwater improvement project that eliminates the direct stormwater discharge to Sykes Creek from the Merritt Island High School stadium field. The School Board approved the grant agreement and an engineering services proposal from Allen Engineering, Inc., (under their continuing contract) in December 2016. The project routes stormwater to a wet detention pond and replaces the field with artificial turf to reduce pollutant loads. The project is funded through a reimbursement grant with no local match.

Based on the design prepared by Allen Engineering, Inc., Doug Wilson Enterprises has submitted a Guaranteed Maximum Price under their continuing contract for construction management services in an amount not to exceed $1,135.655.75.

The project was budgeted in December 2016 to include $1,111,000 for construction, $59,000 for engineering and $70,000 for administration and permitting. In order to fund the project, the administration budget will be reduced by $25,000 and the construction budget will be increased by $25,000. The grant agency has been notified. 

Doug Wilson Enterprises has additive alternate pricing for milling and resurfacing the track ($70,422) and for adding a rubberized surface to the track and the high jump area ($169,555.22). Neither of these alternatives are funded by the grant.

The project will be constructed during summer 2017.

Board approval is required for purchase orders exceeding $50,000.



Approve the revised project budget to include $1,136,000 for construction; $59,000 for design services and $45,000 for administration and permitting.

Approve the Guaranteed Maximum Price submitted by Doug Wilson Enterprises, Inc. in the amount not to exceed $1,135,655.75.


Meeting Date(s)
Consent w/o Information - 5/9/2017

Authority for Action
F.S. 1001.42

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Capital Projects

Cost Center

Susan Hann, P.E., Director of Planning and Project Management 633-1000 ext. 446

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