05-12-2009 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #9

Recognize District Business Partners of the Year


Each year, two Business Partners from our district are selected as the district winners to be honored by the Commissioner of Education.  In addition, a Non-Profit Business Partner of the year is selected to be honored at the district level.


The Outstanding Business Partners of the Year are:


Community Alliance Church


Community Alliance Church is honored for the assistance they provided to Challenger 7 Elementary.  When the school was seeking a location to use as an off-site shelter for students and staff to use during emergency situations, Pastor George Schoolcraft volunteered their church.  The relationship did not stop there. Pastor Schoolcraft and members of the church have also volunteered as mentors and Pastor Schoolcraft serves on the School Advisory Committee and he helps give this group a community outlook.


The Brevard Zoo


The Brevard Zoo was nominated for their work with Cambridge Elementary Magnet School, Endeavour Elementary and Sherwood Elementary as well as their partnership on the Back to School Safari with the Brevard Schools Foundation.  This partnership has allowed the schools participating in the Zoo School to achieve their goal of increasing student achievement through hands-on experiences.  The Zoo School also provides family involvement opportunities, lesson plans that are driven by the Florida Sunshine State Standards, and real life experiences that benefit the students who participate.


Space Coast Credit Union

Space Coast Credit Union is recognized for its donation of office space and facility usage for professional development activities.   The Office of Alternative Sites, Educational Technology, Peer Mentor Program, Private School Resource Teachers, and Family Liaisons are based at the Melbourne facility.  The 2 training rooms, computer lab, and meeting space are utilized by the entire district for professional development activities.  The provision of this space has alleviated the need for the district to provide office space for over 40 staff members and training space at the district’s Educational Services Facility.




Honor and thank the district Outstanding School Business Partners.

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Resolution / Presentation - 5/12/2009

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