05-23-2017 School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #8

LWV Recycling Awards


In an effort to further encourage recycling, the League of Women Voters (LWV) of the Space Coast shows it support by initiating an Awards Program for Brevard Public Schools.  The program identifies best environmental practices and welcomes new perspectives into waste generation and disposal. 

Awardee schools get their name added to an award plaque which can be displayed at the school for a year.

For the 2016-17 award cycle, LWV received 13 school applications. From those, nine submitted a project.  Judges comprised of six volunteers from the LWV, BPS and Brevard County Solid Waste Department, selected three awardees and two schools to receive honorable mention.

The schools selected to receive the award this year are:

Freedom 7 Elementary School (two projects submitted)
Project Leader: Ms. Mary Helen King
Grade/Class: 2/Mrs. Falcone, Mrs. Huskins, and Ms. Rowland
Number of Students Involved: 51
Project Title: Recycling Awards Program - PowerPoint

Grade/Class:  5/Mrs. Hoag's 5th Grade led by students Morgan and Sienna
Number of Students Involved: 64
Project Title: #GOGREEN2017  Help the World - Brochure

Herbert C. Hoover Middle School
Project Leader: Mrs. Jill Brand

Grade/Class: 7-8/ESE Supported Level Class
Number of Students Involved: 5
Layers Reduced by Recycling- Google Docs Presentation

Palm Bay Magnet High School
Project Leader: Mrs. Kimberly Vitaliano

Grade/Class: 10/Student;
Number of Students Involved: 1;
Project Title: Plastic Bottle - PowerPoint

Honorable mention has been awarded to: 

Lewis Carroll Elementary School
Project Leader: Mrs. Leslie Lyons

Grade/Class: 5/Gifted
Number of Students Involved: 14
Project Title: Our Experience of the Local Landfill - PowerPoint

Stone Magnet Middle School
Project Leader: Mrs. Kimberly Vitaliano

Grade/Class: 8/student Rachel Vitaliano
Number of Students Involved: 1
Project Title: Recycling to Save Earth - Prezi


  1. Andrea Bolitho - Brevard County Solid Waste Management Dept.
  2. Anne Everly - Brevard Public Schools
  3. Hope Ascher - League of Women Voters
  4. Joseph Montemurno - Brevard Public Schools
  5. Larry Ascher - League of Women Voters
  6. Wanda Scanes - Brevard County Solid Waste Management Dept.

Recognize the winners of the LWV Recycling Awards.

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Resolution / Presentation - 5/23/2017

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FS 1001.42

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