05-23-2017 School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #26

Port Malabar Elementary School - Award of Bid


Plant Operations and Maintenance has identified that the lift station and force main system serving Port Malabar Elementary School is failing. This issue was not included on the Sales Surtax Detail Funded Report, but it is an eligible sales surtax expense. The Independent Citizens Oversight Committee was advised of the issue in April 2016.

The District engaged Morgan and Associates for the project design under their continuing contract for civil engineering services. The design evolved through consultation with the City of Palm Bay and Plant Operations and Maintenance to include a new lift station and a new force main with a different connection point to the municipal system.

The design allows the District to abandon the old lift station as well as gravity sewer on site and a lengthy force main that ties into a municipal lift station. All of system components are failing and are beyond their useful life.  The proposed system includes a new, shorter gravity connection to a new lift station closer to the public right of way, with approximately 700 feet of force main from the District's lift station to a municipal force main in the public right of way. The new force main is proposed to be accepted for maintenance by the City of Palm Bay. The proposed system will resolve the issues associated with the failing system and is expected to reduce maintenance costs.

The project was bid among the District's continuing services general contractors under RFP #13-P-039 KR. Two bids were received.  Heard Construction, Inc. submitted the lowest bid in the amount of $275,289.01. Administration and permitting expenses are estimated at $15,000.

The design was funded with capital. The construction is proposed to be funded through capital but may be wholly or partially funded with facility renewal sales surtax contingency if available.

Board approval is required for purchase orders over $50,000.


Approve the total project budget of $290,289.01 for the Port Malabar Elementary School lift station replacement project.

Award the project to the low bidder, Heard Construction, Inc. in the amount of $275,289.01.

Meeting Date(s)
Consent w/o Information - 5/23/2017

Authority for Action
F.S. 1001.42

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Capital Projects

Cost Center

Susan Hann, P.E., Director of Planning and Project Management 633-1000 ext. 446.

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