05-27-2008 Special School Board Meeting


EXPULSION HEARINGS May 27, 2008 2:00 p.m.

In-the-Sunshine Expulsion hearings begin at 2:00 p.m., if necessary. All other Expulsion hearings are closed to the public.


A-1. Call to Order
1. Call to Order

A-2. Roll Call
2. Roll Call

A-3. Invocation (Merricka Livingstone, 11th Grade, West Shore J/S)
3. Invocation

A-4. Pledge of Allegiance (Sanju Vardhan, 7th Grade, West Shore J/S)
4. Pledge of Allegiance

A-5. Entertainment (West Shore J/S High School Advanced Orchestra)
5. Entertainment

A-6. Emergency Item
A-7. Adoption of Agenda
6. Adoption of the Agenda

B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests
B. Board Office/Superintendent

7. Brevard Cultural Alliance Recognition of Participants in the Artist Residency Program for School Year 2007-2008
B. District Communications

8. Recognize Winners of Be There Poster Contest
9. 2008 Outstanding Assistant Principal and Principal Achievement Awards for Outstanding Leadership
10. Recognition of Individuals who Provided Assistance during the Palm Bay Fires
Attachment: 05.27.08 Palm Bay Fire Recognition.pdf

C. Resolutions/Proclamations
D. Presentations
D. Board Office/ Superintendent

11. Superintendent's Presentation: District Programs/Other Recommendations Due to 2008-2009 Budget Reductions
Attachment: Budget - Board Meeting 5-27-08 FINAL.pdf

E. Public Discussion
12. Public Discussion

F. Consent
F. Board Office/Superintendent

13. Student Expulsions
Attachment: 05.27.08 Expulsions.pdf (Confidential Item) 

14. Superintendent's Recommendation: ESF District Support Staff Personnel Reductions Due to 2008-2009 Budget Reduction
Attachment: Ph 1 Budget Cut Recmd.pdf
Attachment: Budget Issues - 5-1-08.pdf
Attachment: Budget Press Release - 5-2-08.pdf

F. Budgeting, Cost Accounting & FTE

15. Budget Amendment #7 for the Operating Fund, 2007-08
Attachment: Budget Amendment #7, 2007-08.pdf

F. Accounting Services

16. Warrants Written for the Month of April 2008
Attachment: APR 08 warrants.pdf

17. Employee Voluntary Retirement Plans/Tax Sheltered Annuities
F. Purchasing & Warehouse

18. Surplus Property
Attachment: MAY_27_08.pdf

F. Human Resources

19. Support Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Support Staff 5.27.08.pdf

20. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Instructional Staff 05-27-08.pdf

21. Reappointment Nominations of Teachers for 2008-2009 School Year
Attachment: Reappointment Nominations of Teachers-2 2008-2009.pdf

F. Secondary Programs

22. District Application for Florida Learn and Serve Grant
23. Florida Learn and Serve Individual School Renewal and Grant Proposals
F. Career & Technical Education

24. 2008-2009 Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act (Perkins IV) Grant Application
Attachment: Perkins Agenda Summary.pdf

F. Alternative Sites

25. School Board of Brevard County and Infinity Schools Inc., Contract for Educational Services at Brevard Group Treatment Home
Attachment: Contract-GTH 08-09.pdf

26. School Board of Brevard County and Infinity Schools Inc., Contract for Educational Services at Frances Walker Halfway House
Attachment: Contract-FWHH 08-09.pdf

27. School Board of Brevard County and Crosswinds Youth Shelter, Contract for Educational Services
Attachment: Contract-RW shelter 08-09.pdf

28. School Board of Brevard County and Hurricane Island Outward Bound, Contract for Educational Services
Attachment: Contract-OB 08-09.pdf

29. School Board of Brevard County and Crosswinds/Rainwater Center for Girls, Contract for Educational Services
Attachment: Contract-Rainwater 08-09.pdf

30. School Board of Brevard County and Space Coast Marine Institute, Contract for Educational Services
Attachment: Contract-SCMI 08-09.pdf

31. School Board of Brevard County and Kids Medical Club Agreement
Attachment: Contract-Kids Med 08-09.pdf

32. Space Coast Early Steps/Local Education Agency (LEA) Interagency Agreement
Attachment: Contract -LEA and ES Interagency Agreement 2008 (2).pdf

33. Space Coast Early Steps/Brevard Public Schools Reimbursement Agreement
Attachment: Contract -LEA and ES Reimbursement Agreement 2008.pdf

F. Exceptional Education

34. Approval of Two (2) Contract Agreements with Family Liaison Consultants for the 2008-2009 School Year
Attachment: Tomaka Agreement 05.27.08.pdf
Attachment: Jim Gerhauser Agreement 05.27.08.pdf

35. Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) Entitlement Grant for 2008-2009
Attachment: 2009 IDEA Grant Entitlement Application.pdf
Attachment: IDEA 08-09 Budget.pdf

F. Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources

36. Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS/East) Project Application for 2008/09
Attachment: RFA - Narrative Section [5-2-08].pdf

F. Area I Superintendent

37. Stone Middle School Trip to U.S. Army eCYBERMISSION Competition in Washington, D.C.
Attachment: Stone Middle 5-13-08.pdf

38. Palm Bay High School Trip to Washington, D.C. to Observe the 2009 Presidential Inauguration
Attachment: Palm Bay High - Washington D.C. January 2009.pdf

F. Educational Technology

39. Resolution for FCC Compliance and Availability of funds for E-Rate Funding Year 11 (2008-2009)
Attachment: Resolution.pdf

F. Facilities Services

40. Reappoint School Board Representatives to Three (3) Local Planning Agencies and Appoint One (1) Representative for the Town of Melbourne Beach
F. Approval of Consent

41. Approval of Consent Agenda Items

Items Pulled for Discussion
G. Action
H. Information
H. Board Office/Superintendent

42. Superintendent's Recommendation: District Program/Other Recommendations Due to 2008-2009 Budget Reductions
Attachment: Employee Budget Letter.pdf
Attachment: BudgetPressReleasePhaseIIMay202008.pdf
Attachment: Capital Budget 05.20.08.pdf
Attachment: Operating Budget 05.20.08.pdf
Attachment: Reduction by School 05.20.08.pdf

H. Risk Management

43. Adopt Revised Facility Use Procedures and Related Fee Schedule for Use of District Facilities
Attachment: 2008 Facility Use Application Form.pdf
Attachment: 2008 Board Policy 7510 Administrative Guideline with Strikethrough.pdf

44. Renew the School Boards Casualty Insurance Policies
H. School Food & Nutrition

45. School Meal Price Increase
Attachment: Projected Price Increase Option A.pdf
Attachment: Projected Price Increase Option B.pdf
Attachment: Projected Price Increase Option C.pdf
Attachment: Lunch Price Increase Memo May 14 2008.pdf
Attachment: 2007-08 Lunch Prices Attachment 1.pdf
Attachment: Recurring Expense History Attachment 2.pdf
Attachment: Capital Expense Attachment 3.pdf
Attachment: Item Cost Comparison Attachment 4.pdf
Attachment: Projected Price Increase Samples Attachment 5.pdf

H. Transportation

46. Fee Based Transportation For All Students
Attachment: Policy 8600 april 08.pdf
Attachment: Paid Transportation Admin Procedure newest format.pdf

H. Certification & Instructional Professional Development

47. Gifted Add-on Endorsement Program
Attachment: Gifted Endorsement Program 2008 to 2013.pdf

H. Curriculum & Instruction

48. Student Fees for Driver Education Program
H. School Choice

49. Recommend the Approval of the Five Year Renewal Charter Contract for River's Edge Charter School
Attachment: Attachment 1 (Sections A - E).pdf
Attachment: Attachment 2.pdf
Attachment: Attachment 3.pdf
Attachment: Attachment 1.pdf

H. Title I/Early Childhood Education

50. Interagency Agreement with Eckerd Youth Alternatives
Attachment: Eckerd doc.pdf

H. Alternative Sites

51. School Board of Brevard County and Behavioral Educational Services, Inc.
52. School Board of Brevard County and Devereux Foundation
Attachment: Contract-Devereux 08-09.pdf

H. Exceptional Education

53. 2008-09 Agreement with Brevard Achievement Center (BAC) to Serve Exceptional Education Students
Attachment: BAC ESE Students 2008.pdf
Attachment: ContractAttachmentSchool Services 2007-2008.pdf

H. Area II Superintendent

54. Satellite High School SECME Mousetrap Car Winners' Competition, Tuskegee, AL, June 25-30, 2008
Attachment: Satellite High School.pdf

55. Satellite High School Student to Participate in SkillsUSA National Competition in Kansas City, MO, June 22-28, 2008
Attachment: Skills USA 08.pdf

H. Area III Superintendent

56. Field Trip Merritt Island High, Titusville High and Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High FBLA National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, GA
H. Project Management

57. Transportation Impact Fee Disbursement Agreement for Meadowlane Intermediate School
Attachment: Traffic Impact Fee Agreement.pdf

H. District Security

58. 2008-09 School Resource Officer Agreements
Attachment: 2008-09 Unilateral Reimbursement SRO Contracts 5.9.08.pdf

H. Additional Items

59. Approve the Memorandum of Agreement between Brevard Public Schools and CBY25 and Brevard Community Partnership Board.
Attachment: MOU CBY25.pdf

I. Staff Reports
60. Staff Reports
Attachment: 2008 Proposed Changes to Use of District Facilities.pdf
Attachment: 08-09 Revenue Update - 5-27-08.pdf
Attachment: Final Board Presentation - Lunch Prices.pdf

J. Additional Public Presentations (If Required)
K. Board Member Reports
61. Board Member Reports

L. Superintendent's Report
62. Superintendent's Report

M. Adjournment
63. Adjournment