05-27-2014 Special School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #36

Policy Review

The revisions to School Board Policy series 0000, 5000, 2000, and 8000 have been submitted for review to the Board.

Authorize the Superintendent to advertise for a public hearing to approve the changes, deletions, and/or additions to district policies series 0000, 5000, 2000, and 8000.

Meeting Date(s)
Action - 5/27/2014
Public Hearing7/22/2014

Authority for Action
F. S. 1001.42

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Operating - Other

Cost Center

Susan Standley, Director, Employee Benefits & SPecial Programs, x216

Attachment:  0000.pdf
Attachment:  0170 v.1 sgs.pdf
Attachment:  po2260.01 v.1 PT.pdf
Attachment:  0120 v.3 mah.pdf
Attachment:  po2370 v.1 RLN.pdf
Attachment:  po2416 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po2460 v.1 PT.pdf
Attachment:  po5130 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  8000 Summary documentation.pdf
Attachment:  po8600.pdf
Attachment:  po5200 v.1 MC.pdf
Attachment:  po5310 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5326 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5421 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5440 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5460.01 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5511 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5517 v.1 MC.pdf
Attachment:  po5722 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5350 v.2 DB.pdf
Attachment:  po5113v.1TW.pdf
Attachment:  po5410 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  po5610.01 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  0160 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  po2261 v.1 DK.pdf
Attachment:  po2460.01 v.1 PT.pdf
Attachment:  ap2531 v.1.LS.pdf
Attachment:  po5335.01 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5464 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5500 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5630 v.1 MC.pdf
Attachment:  0150 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  po2261.01 v.1 DK.pdf
Attachment:  po2540 v.1 LS.pdf
Attachment:  ap2411.01.pdf
Attachment:  0140 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  0100 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  po2111 v.2 MH.pdf
Attachment:  po2125 v.1 KS.pdf
Attachment:  po2260 V.1 PT.pdf
Attachment:  po2412 v.1 PT.pdf
Attachment:  po2440 v.1 LS.pdf
Attachment:  po8220.pdf
Attachment:  po8605.pdf
Attachment:  po5136 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5223 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5315 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5330 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5330.01 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5420 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5430 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5460 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5512 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  0110 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  po2120 v.1 KS.pdf
Attachment:  po2250 v.1 KS.pdf
Attachment:  po2261.03 v.1 KS.pdf
Attachment:  po2411.01 v.1 KS.pdf
Attachment:  po2417 v.2 MH.pdf
Attachment:  po2421 v.1 JSS.pdf
Attachment:  po2623 v.1 KS.pdf
Attachment:  ap2440.pdf
Attachment:  po8500.pdf
Attachment:  po8604.pdf
Attachment:  po8660.pdf
Attachment:  po2465 v.1 PT.pdf
Attachment:  po5463 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5465 v.1 JA.pdf
Attachment:  po5513 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5517.03 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5605 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5610.04 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5610.05 v.1 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5630.01 v.1 PT.pdf
Attachment:  po5880 v.1 PB.pdf
Attachment:  po5451 v.2 BT.pdf
Attachment:  po5610 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  po5780 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  0130 v.2 mah.pdf
Attachment:  po2271 v.1 RLN.pdf
Attachment:  po2605 v.1 KS.pdf
Attachment:  ap2417 v.2 MH.pdf