06-15-2010 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #22

Application for Title I Part A Funds


The district application for federal Title I Part A funds is being prepared for on-line submission to the FLDOE by June 30th. A complete copy will be available on-line prior to that date. The district's preliminary allocation of NCLB Title I Part A funds is $14,277,678. After all required set-asides are subtracted, the remaining $9,137,714 will be available for allocation to Title I schools and the operation of the district Title I program.

Due to the increased poverty level for most schools, it was necessary to raise the Title I cut-off to 45%. The number of eligible schools above 45% poverty has increased to 50, comprising 38 elementary schools (including 5 charter schools), 4 middle schools, 2 senior high schools, and 6 alternative sites. The program will also serve approximately 17 private schools. Using both Title I Part A funds and Title I ARRA funds (which were included in last year's application and approved for a two-year period), the program will provide the following services:

  • Academic support for struggling students
  • Prekindergarten units in selected Title I public schools
  • Professional development for teachers to ensure high quality classroom instruction
  • Parent involvement activities and programs to increase parents' capacity to support their children's learning

The emphasis of Title I spending next year will be on preserving teacher positions. Teacher salaries and benefits will continue to constitute the bulk of the budget. Additional budgeted items include instructional support materials and software, professional development and parent involvement costs, a very limited amount for replacement of computer equipment, and the operating expenses of the district Title I office. There will be no significant changes in the program.

Approve the district's application for Title I Part A funds for FY11.

Meeting Date(s)
Consent after Information - 6/15/2010

Authority for Action
PL 107-110, NCLB

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Special Revenue - Federal

Cost Center

Teresa Wright, Director of Early Chidlhood Education and Title I Programs, ext. 340

Attachment:  TI Sch with poverty levels.pdf