07-21-2015 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #34

Jackson Middle School Ivy League Program field trip to Washington, DC

Jackson Middle School is requesting permission to travel to Washington, DC during the 2015-2016 Spring Break.  The group will consist of 40 students, including seven chaperones.  The chaperones are teachers, office clerks, and parents.  The parents will be registered as overnight/out of county approved chaperones through Brevard County School District.  The cost of the trip is $350 per person and students will be fundraising throughout the year to offset the cost of the trip.  No school or district funds will be used.  This trip will provide educational and cultural experiences that can only be found in our Nation's capitol.  Many students will never be able to have the opportunity to visit Washington, DC.  Included in the trip cost is bus transportation, lodging and breakfast for three days, entry into Ford's Theatre for a play, the Holocaust museum, Smithsonian American History museum, the National Archives, Mount Vernon, a college tour of Georgetown, the Capitol building, and a few more museums and activities.  Students will only need to pay for lunches and dinners.  These meals will be kept under $15.00 by using the train station food court and other quick eateries.  Students will depart from Jackson Middle School on the evening of Friday, March 18, 2016 and return to Jackson Middle School on the morning of Wednesday, March 23, 2016.  Students will not miss any school days.  The students will travel as a group to all the events and activities and will be housed by the Capitol Skyline Hotel.  The boys and girls will be housed separately. 

Approve Jackson Middle School Ivy League Program field trip to Washington, DC March 18 - 23, 2016.

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Information - 7/21/2015
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Procedures and criteria for field trips

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Annetha Jones, Principal, Jackson Middle School 269-1812

Dr. Laura Rhinehart, North Area Superintendent, 269-3826