07-22-2014 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #10

Purchasing Bids, RFP's, RFQ's and Sales & Services Agreements


The Office of Purchasing Services prepares and distributes invitations to bid, requests for proposals or qualifications, at the requests of schools and departments. Purchasing staff then tabulates, facilitates the review and selection, and prepares one of the following three recommendations:

    1. award to the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder or bidders.
    2. approval of selection committee ranking of firms and to contract with the top-ranked firm(s) or next ranked firm(s) if parties cannot reach agreement, or
    3. reject all submittals due to cost, non-compliance with specification, or other factors.

If the lowest bid is not recommended, justification must be provided by staff as to why the bidder(s) did not meet the definition of responsive and responsible within the solicitation.

Request for proposals or qualifications recommendations will be developed by a cross functional selection committee that evaluates proposals based on the criteria outlined in the solicitation document.

Attached are the summaries and/or recommendations for the approval of Invitation to Bids, Requests for Proposals, Requests for Qualifications, and Sales & Service Agreements. Detailed information, including bid tabulations or ranking of firms may be obtained by contacting The Office of Purchasing Services.


Award the Invitations to Bid (ITBs) listed below:

a - ITB #14-B-111-DW - Lawn Equipment and Small Engine Maintenance, Repair, and Parts - Facilities Services

b - ITB #14-B-120-CJ - Diplomas & Cases - Curriculum and Instruction

Approve the Invitation to Bid (ITB) Termination of Services below:

c - ITB #14-B-123-KC - Cafeteria Milk Termination of Services - Food Services

Approve the Piggybacks (PBs) listed below:

d - PB #14-PB-131-DW - Playground Equipment, Surfacing, and Installation - Facilities Services

e - PB #15-PB-003-DW - Telecom Supplies and Accessories - Educational Technology

f - PB #15-PB-005-KC - Cafeteria Milk and Milk Products - Food Services

Approve the Request for Proposal (RFP) and associated agreement listed below:

g - RFP # 14-P-099-KC - Job Placement Services for Exceptional Education Students - Student Services

Approve the State Contracts (SCs) purchases listed below:

h - SC #15-SC-004-CJ - Library Furniture - Purchasing and Warehouse Services

i - SC #15-SC-006-DR - Purchase of Three (3) New Vehicles for ESE - Student Services and Transportation Services

Approve the Sales and Services Agreements (SSAs) and Amendments listed below:

j - SSA #14-010-CJ-A1 - Amendment #1 - Jostens, Inc. - Satellite High School - Central Area

k - SSA #14-271-WH-A1 - Performance Matters, LLC - Curriculum & Instruction

l - SSA #14-614-KC - North Carolina Outward Bound School - Student Services

m - SSA #15-009-KC - Deborah Zipf - Student Services

n - SSA #15-039-KC - Brevard Achievement Center INC - Student Services

o - SSA #15-040-WH - Discovery Education Streaming Content - Educational Technology

p - SSA #15-041-WH - Lee Virtual School - Curriculum & Instruction

q - SSA #15-059-WH - Blackboard - Educational Technology

r - SSA #15-051-WH - Certiport - Adobe Certification Licenses - Curriculum & Instruction

s - SSA #15-062-CO - McGladrey LLP - Internal Auditing Services for Internal Accounts - Accounting Services

t - SSA #1106CH-A1 - Amendment #1 - Excent Corporation - Student Services

u - Adults with Disabilities - Student Services

v - Art Explorers Grant - Curriculum & Instruction

w - Explorers University Grant - Curriculum & Instruction

x - LEAP Trainers - Student Services

y - SACC Enrichment - Curriculum & Instruction

z - School Based Mental Health for EBD Students - Student Services

aa - Zoo Explorers South Grant - Curriculum & Instruction

bb - Additional Strings

Meeting Date(s)
Consent w/o Information - 7/22/2014

Authority for Action
Board Policy #6320, Florida Statute #287.057, Florida Administrative Code 6A-1.012

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Operating - Categorical
Operating - Grant
Operating - Other
Capital Projects
Special Revenue - Food Services
Other Sources

Cost Center
2015a) VariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariable
2015b) $26,100.00VariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariable
2015d) VariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariable
2015e) VariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariable
2015f) VariableVariable41093600010027600571000
2015g) VariableVariable42292804150145200312113
2015h) VariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariableVariable
2015i) $62,562.00Yes42292804150147800652000


Cheryl L. Olson - Director - Purchasing and Warehouse Services X 645

Judy R. Preston - Associate Superintendent of Financial Services X 600

Attachment:  u - Adults With Disabilities.pdf
Attachment:  v - Art Explorers Grant.pdf
Attachment:  d - PB 14-PB-131-DW - Playground Equipment, Surfacing, and Installation.pdf
Attachment:  q - SSA 15-059-WH - Blackboard.pdf
Attachment:  r - SSA 15-061-WH - Certiport - Adobe Certification Licenses.pdf
Attachment:  c - ITB 14-B-123-KC - Cafeteria Milk Termination of Services.pdf
Attachment:  i - SC 15-SC-006-DR - Purchase of Three (3) New Vehicles for ESE.pdf
Attachment:  k - SSA 14-271-WH - Performance Matters - First Amendment.pdf
Attachment:  b - ITB 14-B-120-CJ - Diplomas & Cases.pdf
Attachment:  h - SC 15-SC-004-CJ - Library Furniture - Agenda Item.pdf
Attachment:  m - SSA 15-009-KC - Deborah Zipf.pdf
Attachment:  t - SSA 1106CH-A1 - Amendment #1 - Excent Corporation - Student Services.pdf
Attachment:  a- ITB 14-B-111-DW Lawn Equipment and Small Engine Maintenance, Repair, and Parts.pdf
Attachment:  f - PB 15-PB-005-KC - Cafeteria Milk and Milk Products.pdf
Attachment:  g - RFP 14-P-099-KC - Job Placement Services for Exceptional Education Students.pdf
Attachment:  l - SSA 14-614-KC - North Carolina Outward Bound School.pdf
Attachment:  n - SSA 15-039-KC- Brevard Achievement Center INC.pdf
Attachment:  p - SSA 15-041-WH - Lee Virtual School.pdf
Attachment:  s - SSA 15-062-CO - McGladrey LLP - Internal Auditing Services for Internal Accounts.pdf
Attachment:  x - LEAP Trainers.pdf
Attachment:  bb - additional strings.pdf
Attachment:  e - PB 15-PB-003-DW - Telecom Supplies and Accessories.pdf
Attachment:  j - SSA 14-010-CJ-A1 - Jostens - Satellite High School.pdf
Attachment:  o - SSA 15-040-WH - Discovery Education Streaming Content.pdf
Attachment:  w - Explorers University Grant.pdf
Attachment:  y - SACC Enrichment.pdf
Attachment:  z - School Based Mental Health for EBD Students.pdf
Attachment:  aa - Zoo Explorers South Grant.pdf