08-25-2009 Special School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #26

Census Administration of the ACT for 11th Grade Students in April 2010

The census administration of the ACT is a key component of the Secondary Schools of National Prominence initiative.  During 2008-2009, through state support, a partnership with BCC, and a partnership for rate reductions with the ACT, the cost to the district to administer the test to all juniors was $34,000.  Again this year we are pursuing assistance from the state and continuing our partnership with BCC.  The ACT fee reduction, however, was a one year opportunity.  The district receives state funds for Supplemental Academic Instruction.  A part of these funds is designated for postsecondary remediation (PSR) activities.  Because of the decrease in the number of students scoring at level I on the FCAT in 2009, the per student PSR allocation to schools was increased this year and there are PSR funds still available to support the cost of the administration of the ACT for all 11th graders.  The assessment supports the purpose of the PSR funds, our secondary schools initiative and our goal to graduate every student from high school prepared to enter and be successful in the workplace, in further career education, and/or in postsecondary degree opportunities.  The anticipated cost to the district for the assessment is $143,000.


As a part of the district's SSNP initiative, authorize staff to pursue a contract with ACT to conduct a census administration of 11th grade students in April, 2010.  This will be the second year of a full census administration of the assessment for 11th grade students.

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