09-08-2009 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #35

Pegasus Elementary School for Math and Science Charter Application


In accordance to s. 1002.33(6), Florida Statutes, a Sponsor shall  by majority vote approve or deny an application no later than 60 days after the application is received.  Pegasus Elementary School for Math and Science submitted a timely application to the Office of School Choice on August 3, 2009.

Copies of the Pegasus Elementary School for Math and Science charter application were distributed to the Charter Application Review Team for evaluation.  The Charter Application Review Team met on August 14, 2009 to discuss the application.  On August 18, 2009, the Director of School Choice met with the applicant to discuss identified concerns regarding the charter application.  The meeting provided the Director with the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification in reference to concerns identified in the application.  The Charter Application Review Team met again on August 21, 2009 and determined that the Pegasus Elementary School for Math and Science application should not be recommended to the Board for approval.

It is recommended that the charter application be denied for the following statutory reasons:

  1. Failure to demonstrate how the school will use the guiding principles and meet the statutory defined purpose of a charter school pursuant to s. 1002.33(6)(a)(1), Florida Statutes.
  2. Failure to provide a detailed curriculum plan that illustrates how students will be provided services to attain the Sunshine State Standards in accordance to s. 1002.33(6)(a)(2), Florida Statutes.
  3. Failure to provide goals and objectives for improving student learning and measuring that improvement.  The goals and objectives must indicate how much academic improvement students are expect to show each year, how success will be evaluated, and the specific results to be attained through instruction in accordance to s. 1002.33(6)(a)(3), Florida Statutes.
  4. Failure to describe the reading curriculum and differentiated strategies that will be used for students reading at grade level or higher and a separate curriculum and strategies for students who are reading below grade level.  Pursuant to s. 1002(33)(6)(a)(4), Florida Statutes, a sponsor shall deny a charter if the school does not propose a reading curriculum that is consistent with effective teaching strategies that are grounded in scientifically based reading research.
  5. Failure to provide an annual financial plan for each year requested by the charter for operation of the school for up to five years.  Pursuant to s. 1002.33(6)(a)(5), Florida Statutes, the plan must contain anticipated fund balances based on revenue projections, a spending plan based on projected revenues and expenses, and a description of controls that will safeguard finances and projected enrollment trends.

The charter application evaluation document, which specifies specific identified concerns in the charter application, is forthcoming.

The recommendation is to deny the approval of the charter application for Pegasus Elementary School for Math and Science charter application.

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 9/8/2009
Consent after Information9/22/2009

Authority for Action
1002.33(6), Florida Statutes

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Agenda Item will not Require the Expenditure of Funds

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