09-28-2010 Special School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #7

Recognition for the Just Read! Florida 2010 Middle School Reading Teacher of the Year for the State of Florida


Each year the district nominates candidates for twelve categories of literacy awards.  These nominees go through a selection process at the regional level and then the top candidates are presented for consideration at the state level.  In the past, regional and state winners have been recognized at the annual Just Read! Florida Leadership Conference.   The Just Read! Florida Literacy Awards have been in place for three years and Brevard Public Schools consistently has regional and state winners. 

Past winners include:

  • Theresa Langley, 2008 Elementary Reading Teacher of the Year, Regional and State
  • Sherie Troisi, 2008 Elementary Reading Coach of the Year, Regional and State
  • Longleaf Elementary, 2008 Elementary Reading Leadership Team, Regional
  • Donna Spooner, 2008 High School Reading Coach of the Year, Regional

 Last year was no exception.  Maria Pebbles was the regional winner of the Middle School Reading Coach of the Year, Whitney Augustine was the regional winner of the Elementary Reading Teacher of the Year, and Tina (Rice) Susin was the state winner for Middle School Reading Teacher of the Year.

Tina (Rice) Susin was selected for this honor based on:

  • Demonstrating superior ability to foster excellence in education and contribute to the continuous improvement of student learning and the school environment
  • Displaying expertise in the area of reading and the ability to effectively use materials relating to reading instruction
  • Maintaining a record of superior teaching performance as evidenced by the number of her students achieving annual learning gains
  • Demonstrating leadership at school and district levels:
      • Facilitation of district and school level PLCs
      • District-wide training for Literacy Coaches
      • Active membership in DeLaura Middle School's Reading Leadership Team and School Improvement Team


To acknowledge Tina (Rice) Susin for her commitment to providing exemplary literacy instruction to her students.

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Resolution / Presentation - 9/28/2010

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