10-11-2016 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #23

Merritt Island Mustang Baseball Team Field Trip to Participate in the National High School Invitational in Cary, North Carolina on March 28 - April 1, 2017


The Merritt Island High School baseball team has been invited to participate in the National High School Invitational baseball tournament in Cary, North Carolina. This very prestigious (by invitation only) event is hosted by USA NHSI tournament officials. The tournament takes place on March 29 - April 1, 2017 at the National Training Facility for Team USA Baseball. Only 16 nationally ranked and recognized teams from across the country (California, Texas, New York and Florida) are invited. This is a great opportunity for students and a tremendous honor to Merritt Island High School and their baseball program. In addition to participating in the tournament, students will visit three college campuses and will also have the opportunity to be observed by college coaches for potential recruitment. This is a lifetime opportunity  that these students will never forget.

Approximately 18 students and three employee chaperones (one teacher/coach and two instructional assistants/community coaches) will leave after school on March 28, and travel by plane to Cary, North Carolina. Parents may also attend as spectators. Vans will be rented at the airport in North Carolina for local travel. The vans will be driven by the three licensed and insured school board employees. Housing will be at a hotel assigned by USA NHSI Tournament Officials. The group will return on April 1, 2017. (Itinerary attached.)

Merritt Island High School student athletes have done an impressive job of putting academics first which was evident when the school received the 6A Academic State Championship honor with a team GPA over 3.6 last year. Although students will miss 3 days of school, all students will collect assignments prior to leaving and will attend mandatory study halls while they are away to help them stay up-to-date in their classes.

The total cost per person will be approximately $800, which includes $550 to cover the tournament entry fee, food and lodging. Parents will be responsible to pay approximately $250 for round-trip air travel for their student athlete. Students will eat at the hotel, event concessions or nearby restaurants. Fundraisers through the booster club will be held to offset the cost of the trip. Students, parents, coaches and the community are very excited about the trip and to raise money for this wonderful opportunity.  There will be no cost to the district.

Approve the request for the Merritt Island High School Mustang Baseball Team to travel to Cary, North Carolina, to participate in the National High School Invitational Tournament.

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Information - 10/11/2016
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Procedures and Criteria for Field Trips

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Mollie Vega, Principal, Merritt Island High School - 454-1000

Dr. Laura C. Rhinehart, Secondary Assistant Superintendent - x300

Attachment:  National High School Invitational - Cary - North Carolina - Itinerary.pdf