10-14-2014 Regular School Board Meeting

The School Board of Brevard County, Florida met in special session on Tuesday, October 14, 2014, at the Educational Services Facility, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida. Notice of the meeting was advertised in the Eagle newspaper on Thursday, October 2, 2014. The affidavit of publication with a copy of the ad attached is filed in the Affidavit File in the Board Office.

A. Call to Order
1. Call to Order

Minutes: Chairman Karen Henderson called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

A. Roll Call
2. Roll Call

Minutes: Members Present: Dr. Michael Krupp, Dr. Barbara Murray, Amy Kneessy, Karen Henderson and Andy Ziegler

A. Invocation (Elizabeth Leib, 6th Grade, Saturn Elementary)
3. Invocation

Minutes: The invocation was read by Elizabeth Leib, 6th grade student from Saturn Elementary.

A. Pledge of Allegiance (Shakara Robertson, 6th Grade, Saturn Elementary)
4. Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: The Pledge of Allegiance was led by sixth grade student Shakara Robertson from Saturn Elementary.

A. Entertainment (Saturn Elementary Music Makers (3-6))
5. Entertainment


The Saturn Elementary Music Makers in grades 3 through 6 provided the entertainment under the direction of Joani Slawson. The Board members were invited to participate during one of the song selections by playing the triangle.

Chairman Henderson called for a recess at 5:40 p.m. so students could gather their belongings.

Chairman Henderson resumed the meeting at 5:51 p.m.

A. Emergency Item
A. Adoption of Agenda
6. Adoption of Agenda

Adopt the October 14, 2014 Regular School Board Meeting agenda and its revisions.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Michael Krupp
Second: Barbara Murray
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

A. Administrative Staff Recommendations
7. Administrative Staff Recommendations


Dr. Binggeli congratulated Edward Parker on being selected as the new Purchasing and Warehouse director. 

Mr. Parker was present and introduced his wife.


Approve the applicable listed administrative staff recommendations:

The appointment of Edward Parker to the position of Director of Purchasing and Warehouse Services, on annual contract, effective November 3, 2014.  Annual salary based on grade 24 of the Nonbargaining Salary Administration Program.

Vote Results
Motion: Michael Krupp
Second: Amy Kneessy
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests/Staff
B. Community Relations

8. Spotlight on Education

Minutes: Sea Park Elementary School representatives discussed their involvement in the "Take a Vet to School Day." Sea Park principal Ena Leiba and Samantha McGill, media specialist were the presenters.

C. Resolutions/Proclamations
C. Adult/Community Education

9. "Keeping the Lights On Afterschool" Proclamation
Attachment: Keeping the Lights On After School Proc 2014.pdf
Minutes: Michelle Irwin, director of Community Relations, read the proclamation.

"Approve the "Keeping the Lights On Afterschool" proclamation.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Michael Krupp
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

D. Presentations
D. Board Office/ Superintendent

10. BPS Achievements
Attachment: Board Meeting - BPS Achievements 2013-14 - October 14, 2014.pdf

Before Dr. Binggeli began his presentation, the Board and viewing audience were given a performance by Rebekha Hagens, 11th grade student from Bayside High on her violin. Ms. Hagens was named to the 2014 NafME All National Honors Ensemble.

Following the performance, Dr. Binggeli introduced each of the students and teachers recognized in his presentation.

D. Transportation

11. National School Bus Safety Week Presentation
Attachment: Board Meeting 10-14-2014 - School Bus Safety Week.pdf

Randy Wheeler, assistant director of Transportation Services and Lieutenant Mike Scully, director of District and School Security, provided the Board and viewing audience some information about school bus safety.  A video was developed by the Office of Community Relations that outlined the proper procedures to follow regarding bus stop arms.

At the conclusion, Glenn Matthews, president of Matthews Busses, presented the Board members and Dr. Binggeli with a t-shirt in recognition of National School Bus Safety Week.

D. Facilities Services

12. Groups of Schools for Consideration of Closure
Attachment: 10-14-14 Presentation.pdf

As directed by the Board at the September 23, 2014 Board meeting, Dane Theodore, assistant superintendent of Facilities Services, identified groups of schools that could be considered for the closure analysis process out of financial necessity.


E. Public Comment
13. Public Comment


Chairman Henderson reminded the speakers that the maximum allotted time for each speaker is three minutes. Clarification of information presented and answers to questions specific to district business and educational matters will be posted on the School Board's website under the section called "4 The Record."

  1. David Braun, Premier Board Member - Premier Innovations Charter Application
  2. Richard Smith, BFT President - Half Cent Sales Tax
  3. Misty Belford, Incoming School Board Member - School Closure
  4. Liz Mikitarian - Raises
  5. Paulette Combs - Premier Charter Application

F. Consent
F. Board Office/Superintendent

14. Approval of Minutes
16. Student Expulsions
Attachment: 2015-1014.pdf (Confidential Item)
F. Budgeting, Cost Accounting & FTE

17. Cost Report for Fiscal Year 2013-14
Attachment: 2013-14 Cost Report.pdf
F. Purchasing & Warehouse

18. Purchasing Bids, RFP's, RFQ's and Sales & Services Agreements
Attachment: a - BW 15-BW-016-DR - Flexible Spending Account.pdf
Attachment: b - ITB 12-004BP - Temporary Personnel Services - 6 Month Extension.pdf
Attachment: c - ITB 12-014BP - Temporary Personnel Services - Supplemental Services - 6 Month Extension.pdf
Attachment: d - ITB 15-B-011-DW - Hardware - Door and Lock Supplies Discount Catalog Bid.pdf
Attachment: e - PB 15-PB-030-AL - Cafeteria Smallwares, Catalog Bid.pdf
Attachment: f - SSA 13-247-KR-A5 - PFM Asset Management LLC.pdf
Attachment: g - SSA 15-126-CJ - Walsworth Publishing - Yearbook - Heritage High School.pdf
Attachment: h - SSA 15-155-CJ - Walsworth Publishing Company, Inc. - Eau Gallie High School.pdf
Attachment: i - SSA 15-179-CJ - Walsworth Publishing Company, Inc. - Bayside High School.pdf
Attachment: j - SSA 15-222-WH - A3 Education Software.pdf
Attachment: k - SSA 15-234-WH - ACT, Inc. - ACT Testing.pdf
Attachment: l - additional accounting strings.pdf
19. Property Disposal
Attachment: Board Report 10-14-14.pdf
Attachment: Board Letters 10-14-14.pdf
F. Human Resources

20. District Instructional Leadership and Faculty Development Grant
21. Support Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Support Staff 10-14-14.pdf
22. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Instructional Staff 10-14-14.pdf
Attachment: 2014 October 14 ESOL Handout.pdf
23. Salary Enhancements for Non-bargaining Personnel
F. Labor Relations

24. Ratification of the 2014-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the School Board of Brevard County and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 1010
Attachment: TA'd language 10.6.14.pdf
Attachment: Local 1010 Contract 2014-2015.pdf
Attachment: Local 1010 - Salary Schedules.pdf

Dr. Binggeli asked Debra Greco chief negotiator from the Local 1010 to provide the Board with the voting results from the October 10, 2014 contract ratification.

Ms. Greco reported that from eight voting locations throughout the county, 401 ballots were cast:  290 voted yes, 109 voted no and 2 ballots were voided.

Dr. Krupp commented that he felt the number of persons casting ballots was very low.  Ms. Greco said that she did not know what she could have done further.

F. Title I/Early Childhood Education/Head Start

25. 2013-2014 Head Start Program Information Report
Attachment: 04CH4640-SummaryReport (1).pdf
26. Head Start Governing Board and Policy Council Report for August 2014
Attachment: Head Start Governing Board and Policy Council Monthly Report_August 2014_TW.pdf
F. Students at Risk

27. US Department of Justice - Knowledge About What Works to Make Schools Safe
F. South Area Superintendent

28. Melbourne High School Crew Team Trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee
Attachment: MHS Crew Team Trip to Chattanooga, TN Oct-Nov 2014.pdf
F. Central Area Superintendent

29. Consultant Agreement - Golfview Elementary - Kagan
Attachment: Golfview - Kagan Letter Of Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Golfview Consultant Agreement-Kagan.pdf
30. Field Trip - Johnson Middle School - MarineLab (replaces request for Sea Camp)
Attachment: Johnson MS MarineLab field trip.pdf
F. North Area Superintendent

31. Titusville High School Mock Trial and Future Educator's trip to Washington, DC
Attachment: Washington DC trip THS.pdf
32. Consultant Agreement between Dr. Larry Chew
Attachment: Dr. Chew.pdf
F. Facilities Services

33. Charter of the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee
Attachment: ICOC Charter.pdf
Attachment: ICOC Position Description.pdf
Attachment: ICOC Application.pdf
F. Project Management

34. Educational Services Facility - GMP for Window Repair Project Phase II
Attachment: ESF Window Repair Project Phase II GMP and Budget Worksheet.pdf
35. Appoint School Board Representative to the City of Satellite Beach Local Planning Agency
36. Palm Bay Elementary - Roofing Design Fee Proposal
Attachment: Palm Bay E S Roof Design Proposal ECS.pdf
37. Audubon Elementary School - GMP for HVAC Upgrades
Attachment: Audubon ES HVAC Upgrades GMP & Budget Sheet.pdf
F. Approval of Consent

38. Approval of Consent


Approve the October 14, 2014 Special School Board Meeting Consent Agenda with the exception of those items pulled for discussion.

Vote Results
Motion: Andrew Ziegler
Second: Barbara Murray
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Items Pulled for Discussion
F. Board Office/Superintendent

15. Legislative Priorities
Attachment: Legislative Outreach Plan10 13 14.pdf

Chairman Henderson pulled this item and explained the process of arriving at the Legislative Outreach Plan and efforts that will be used to communicate with our legislators.  She further commented that Dr. Binggeli and Mr. Ziegler had presented the two priorities that BPS will be submitting (assessment and funding) to the Central Florida School Boards Coalition and now that group will be aligning their priorities with those of Brevard.

Chairman Henderson called for a recess at 7:21 p.m.

Chairman Henderson resumed the meeting at 7:27 p.m.


Approve the Brevard Legislative Outreach Plan.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Karen Henderson
Second: Andrew Ziegler
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

G. Action
H. Information
H. Risk Management

39. Contract for Professional Insurance Brokerage Services with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. - Boca Raton
Attachment: 2014-17 Property Casualty Broker Agmt - Draft 10-01-14.pdf
H. Human Resources

40. Job Descriptions - HR Partners
Attachment: Sr HR Partner.pdf
Attachment: HR Partner.pdf
H. Curriculum & Instruction

41. Application to FL DOE for the ACCESS Project
H. Accountability, Testing & Evaluation

42. School Improvement Plans
Attachment: Chart SIP Membership 2014 2015.pdf
H. School Choice

43. Eliminate Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School and West Shore Jr./Sr. High School Boundaries
Attachment: Key Points related to the Boundary Elimination for.pdf
44. 2014-2015 Charter Applications Recommendations for Denial or Approval
Attachment: Premier - Application Evaluation.pdf
Minutes: Ms. Kneessy met with archer on team's denial. Still several discrepancies .
45. Amend the Contract for Imagine Schools at West Melbourne
Attachment: Amendment Agreement for Imagine Schools at West Melbourne.pdf
H. South Area Superintendent

46. Bayside High School NJROTC Trip to Kings Bay, Georgia
Attachment: Bayside High NJROTC Trip - Kings Bay, Georgia - Nov 2014.pdf
H. Central Area Superintendent

47. Field Trip - Cocoa High School FIRST Robotics - FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri
Attachment: CHS Robotics St Louis MO back-up.pdf

I. Staff Reports
J. Additional Public Presentations (If Required)
K. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points
48. Board Member Reports


Dr. Krupp said that he had the pleasure of attending the Brevard Cultural Alliance Arts and Algorithm  Show.  Students created digital film using only a Smartphone. He commented that it was very impressive.

Chairman Henderson also attended this event and was complimentary as well.

Mr. Ziegler attended the Melbourne Air Show which coincided with CTE Career Day.  Students got to go to the FIT hanger to watch the Thunderbirds perform.  He explained that it was a very gratifying and exciting experience.

Mr. Ziegler explained that he and Dr. Binggeli went to the Central Florida School Boards Coalition meeting and spoke to the priorities that Brevard feels are the most important.  The other districts were in agreement. They drafted language that will be sent as a collective.


L. Superintendent's Report
49. Superintendent's Report

Minutes: Dr. Binggeli said that he was very proud of the School Board and the Leadership Team for providing vision and trying to find ways to make things better.  He thanked everyone and again said he is proud to be part of this organization.

M. Adjournment
50. Adjournment

Minutes: Chairman Henderson adjourned the meeting at 7:39 p.m.

For further details pertaining to this meeting, please refer to the published video on the School Board of Brevard County's website (www.brevardschools.org).