10-22-2013 Special School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #28

Jackson Middle School Quest Team field trip to Washington, DC

Jackson Middle School Quest team is requesting permission to travel to Washington, DC March 22 - 27, 2014.  These dates correspond to the District's Spring vacation and therefore will not interfere with student instruction time.  The trip to Washington, DC will provide an excellent opportunity to extend student learning outside of the classroom.  The emphasis will be hands-on science, history and reading activities that will help students develop the attitude and skills needed to be informed and engaged citizens, as well as create a life-long passion towards education.  Students will be exposed to guided tours of the U.S. Capitol Building, the Library of Congress and the Holocaust Museum.  Students will also visit the Smithsonian, six different memorials at the National Mall (including the new Dr. Martin Luther King memorial), Mount Vernon, Ford Theater, the American History Museum, Arlington Cemetery and depending on the outcome of the current sequester, possibly the White House.  Participants (approximately 25-35) will travel by a school board approved transportation vendor.  Chaperones will include Brevard teachers, the school Resource Officer, as a volunteer, and fingerprinted parent volunteers.  Fundraisers are being conducted to defer individual costs.  The cost per student will be approximately $200 after fundraising activities.   

Approve Jackson Middle School Quest team field trip to Washington, DC, March 22-27, 2014. 

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Information - 10/8/2013
Consent after Information10/22/2013

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Annetha Jones, Principal, Jackson Middle School  269-1812

Dr. Laura Rhinehart, North Area Superintendent, 269-3826