10-23-2018 School Board Meeting

The School Board of Brevard County, Florida met in special session on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, at the Educational Services Facility, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida. Notice of the meeting was advertised in the Eagle newspaper on Thursday, October 11, 2018. The affidavit of publication with a copy of the ad attached is filed in the Affidavit File in the Board Office.

A. Call to Order
1. Call to Order

Minutes: Chairman John Craig called the meeting to order at: 5:30 p.m.

A. Roll Call
2. Roll Call


Members Present:  Misty Belford, John Craig, Tina Descovich, Matt Susin and Andy Ziegler

A. Moment of Silence
3. Moment of Silence

Minutes: There was no one for whom to hold a moment of silence.

A. Invocation
A. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: Matt Reed, Assistant Superintendent of Government and Community Relations, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

A. Entertainment
A. Board Member/Superintendent Recognitions
5. Board Member/Superintendent Recognitions


This portion of the meeting is to offer Board members and Dr. Mullins an opportunity to recognized students, staff and the community for efforts and contributions to Brevard Public Schools.

Misty Belford

  • Shout-out to Dr. Mullins for being a "celebrity chef" at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School where he prepared fish tacos for the students. 
  • While at Space Coast, both she and Dr. Mullins had an opportunity to see the Space Coast Launch Program in action. It is a project learning program and students come out of that program with both CTE certification as well as AP credits.
  • She, along with other Board members and Dr. Mullins, had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Port with Port Commission Chairman Wayne Justice. She thanked Mr. Justice for allowing them to learn more about what is going on at the Port and how it is impacting local economy.
  • She was very excited about the graduation of 27 BPS security specialists who will be deployed out in schools.  The credentials of these persons are amazing.
  • She expressed that this meeting was the last for Board members Craig and Ziegler. They have been amazing members of the Board.  She appreciated the guidance, and mentoring from Mr. Ziegler when she began and told him his organizational knowledge will be missed. To Mr. Craig, she said that he has been a wonderful member and leader in his role as Chair. He brings a unique perspective to the Board that she appreciates immensely and will be greatly missed.

Matt Susin

  • He thanked both Mr. Ziegler and Mr. Craig for multiple reasons. He felt personally supported by Mr. Ziegler and appreciated him providing mentorship and guidance to the Board. He told Mr. Craig that he respects him tremendously and listens to him.
  • Mr. Susin was very excited about the great things happening at Eau Gallie High School: Number one aviation school, automotive programs, marine mechanics and CAD classes.
  • He gave a shout-out to Dave Lindemann, Manager and Coordinator for Facilities Planning, for all of his work on the Capital Outlay Committee.
  • He visited Manatee and was excited about all of the great things going on there.
  • He thanked Kevin Thornton, Director of Food Services, who was instrumental in changing from Styrofoam to paper based meal trays and cups. Mr. Susin also got to serve food to kids at Suntree as part of National School Lunch Day and he had a great time.
  • He spoke to future educators at Eastern Florida State College  and felt good that these students will be teaching "our kids."
  • He thanked Dr. Mullins for going to RHS with him for a school visit. He said they spent a lot of time with ROTC and found out that they have the oldest shooting range in Brevard County.
  • He thanked Junior Achievement.
  • He said Brevard's football teams are pretty awesome and we have three schools who qualify for the state playoffs. He stated that we have lots of other amazing sports teams. 

Tina Descovich

  • She also thanked Mr. Justice for the tour of the Port and learned how BPS can better partner with them.
  • She also mentioned the graduation of the security specialists and expressed gratitude to all 27 and their families.
  • She gave a shout-out to business partner "Over the Top Sammies" which supports several schools in Palm Bay.  She encouraged people to give them support.
  • She was grateful to Indialantic and their efforts toward a recent hygiene drive by Brevard Schools Foundation.  The donations collected will go to the Supply Zone where teachers can get the products for free to give to students who may be in need.
  • She commented that it will not be the same without Mr. Craig and Mr. Ziegler. She told Mr. Ziegler that he had been kind to her and his immense knowledge has been helpful. She said that Mr. Craig's leadership skills are second to none and that he will be greatly missed.

Andy Ziegler

  • He gave a shout-out to Pennie Zuercher, CFO. He said that there was a whistleblower report that brought her integrity into question and that she handled everything to do with that situation correctly and it is unfortunate that the process did not go through properly.
  • He further commented that is awesome to see managers advocate for persons in their departments.
  • He thanked Glen Outlaw and Paul Zima for efforts in Tied Together and commented that he will continue to be part of that outreach.
  • His last shout out was to the Board.  He is very honored and humbled to have served with them. He thanked Ms. Belford and Mr. Craig for their help in bringing the health clinics to fruition.  He also commented about Mr. Craig's outstanding leadership skills. He looks forward to hearing more good things about Ms. Descovich and Mr. Susin in the future. He also thanked Dr. Mullins and knows they made the right choice in him as superintendent.

Mark Mullins

  • Dr. Mullins also expressed appreciation to Wayne Justice and said that it is exciting to see the growth at the Port. They had the opportunity to see the potential location of the Brevard Zoo Aquarium site.
  • Dr. Mullins also spent time with Brevard Zoo Executive Director Keith Winsten and it was exciting to hear about what they can look forward to in the future.
  • He also commented about the security specialists who recently graduated and was impressed with their expertise. He thanked Major Walters, Lt. Neal and Dr. Thedy for the oversight of the process.
  • Dr. Mullins commented that while he, unfortunately, was unable to attend the dedication of the Dick Blake Stadium at Cocoa High, he recognized the significance and impact Mr. Blake has had on the community.
  • He met with Mr. Shiffrin from BASA, Mr. Colucci from BFT and Ms. Varney from the Local 1010 and thanked them for a productive and collaborative meeting.
  • He also expressed appreciation to outgoing Board members John Craig and Andy Ziegler. They model and live continuous improvement. He also thanked them for their support and confidence in him.

John Craig

  • He too commented on the impact the security specialists will have in our schools.
  • He thanked the Board members both professionally and personally. He said he has had great dialogue with them and has learned a lot from each of them.
  • He also thanked his wife Carol and his children for supporting him throughout his tenure on the Board. He  thanked the Cabinet members and using his wife's phrasing, "the tone at the top" is very important.  He thanked them for serving his children, the teachers and the administrators.


A. Emergency Item
A. Adoption of Agenda
6. Adoption of Agenda
Attachment: 2018-1023 Supplemental.pdf

Superintendent Dr. Mark Mullins read into record the changes on the supplemental agenda which are changes made to the agenda since it was first released to the public on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.


  • B-8.  Team Voltage 386 and STEM Support
  • F-17. Termination of Instructional Employee


  • A-7. Administrative Staff Recommendations
  • F-29. Award of ITN 18-N-085-WH Facility Assessment and Facility Asset Management Software


  • A presentation on Health School District

Adopt the October 23, 2018 School Board meeting agenda and its revisions.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Andrew Ziegler
Second: Tina Descovich
Misty Belford- Aye
John Craig- Aye
Tina Descovich- Aye
Matthew Susin- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

A. Administrative Staff Recommendations
7. Administrative Staff Recommendations

Minutes: Dr. Mullins welcomed and congratulated the administrative staff members in attendance.  Each was given an opportunity to make some remarks.


Approve the applicable listed administrative staff recommendations:

Accept the retirement of Dorine Zimmerman from the position of Principal at Freedom 7 Elementary, effective January 4, 2019. 

The reclassification/transfer of Miguel E. Alba from the position of Principal at Viera High School to the position of Director of Professional Learning and Development, on annual contract, effective November 21, 2018. Annual salary based on grade 29 of the Nonbargaining Salary Administration Program.

The appointment of Neil T. Appel to the position of Director of Purchasing and Warehouse, on annual contract, effective November 15, 2018. Annual salary based on grade 27 of the Nonbargaining Salary Administration Program.

The reclassification/transfer of Wendy S. Smith from the position of Principal at Cambridge Elementary School to the position of Director of Elementary Leading and Learning, on annual contract, effective January 7, 2019.  Annual salary based on grade 29 of the Nonbargaining Salary Administration Program.

The transfer of Kathryn C. Lott from the position of Principal at Imperial Estates Elementary School to the position of Principal at Freedom 7 Elementary School, on annual contract, effective January 7, 2019. Annual salary based on grade 26 of the Nonbargaining Salary Administration Program.

Accept the resignation of Carol A. Tolx from the position of Deputy Superintendent/Chief Human Resources Officer, effective October 31, 2018.

Accept the resignation of Randy Wheeler from the position of Acting Director of Transportation, effective October 19, 2018.




Vote Results
Motion: Tina Descovich
Second: Andrew Ziegler
Misty Belford- Aye
John Craig- Aye
Tina Descovich- Aye
Matthew Susin- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests/Staff
B. Board Office/Superintendent

8. Team Voltage 386 and STEM Program Support

Minutes: Daniel Kemp, one of robotics Team Voltage 386 mentors, provided comments regarding the support the program had received from District 5 Board member, Andy Ziegler. Mr. Ziegler was recognized for his continued help. 
B. Student Services

9. Continuum of Transition Services for Students with Disabilities


Christine Moore, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, introduced Dawna Bobersky, Director of ESE Program Support and Terry Matson, Resource Teacher for Transition Services, who provided the Board and viewing audience an overview of the programs for BPS students with disabilities and community partnerships that extend services. Transition Services bridge the gap between high school and adulthood.

Ms. Matson introduced a representative from the Department of Education's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Aleks Bologna, who presented the School Board and Matt Susin with the Vocational Rehabilitation's Public Service Award.

C. Resolutions/Proclamations
D. Presentations
D. SLL Acceleration & Enrichment

10. Health First Check Presentation

Minutes: Health First presented a check in the amount of $20,000 for physical education for six middle school programs at Hoover, Johnson, Kennedy, Cocoa Jr./Sr. High School and West Shore Jr./Sr. High schools. Mollie Vega, Director of Secondary Leading and Learning, Acceleration and Enrichment, along with Rachel Winsten, K-12 Resource Teacher for Health and Physical Education facilitated the presentation.

E. Public Comment
11. Public Comment


Chairman Craig reminded speakers that comments are limited to three minutes and of the decorum expected while speaking.

Speakers in order of appearance:

  • Bonnie French - Dyslexia Awareness
    • Chairman Craig asked her to connect with Christine Moore, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services.
  • Anthony Colucci - Teacher Compensation
  • Vanessa Skipper - Teacher Time
  • Kayla Spellman - New School for Viera
  • Lisa Keys - New School for Viera

F. Consent
F. Board Office

12. Meeting Minutes
Attachment: 2018-1009 SB Meeting.pdf
Attachment: 2018-1009 Board Workshop.pdf
F. Financial Services

13. Property Disposal
Attachment: Board Report - 10-23-2018.pdf
Attachment: Board Report Letters - 10-23-2018.pdf
14. Operating Fund Budget Amendment #1 for September 30, 2018
Attachment: Budget Amendment #1 - September 30, 2018.pdf
F. Human Resources

15. Support Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Support Staff 10-23-18.pdf
16. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Instructional Staff 10-23-18.pdf
17. Termination of Instructional Employee
Attachment: Newlin Termination Ltr.pdf (Confidential Item)
F. Secondary Office of Leading and Learning

18. Board Policy 2132 Educational Process Goals
Attachment: 2132 Executive Summary, Current, Neola, Redline, Clean (SB Mtg 10-23-18).pdf
19. Board Policy 2205 Instructional Planning
Attachment: 2205 Executive Summary, Current, Neola, Redline, Clean (SB Mtg 10-23-18).pdf
20. Board Policy 2261.02 Parents'/Legal Guardians' Right to Know
Attachment: 2261.02 Executive Summary, Current, Neola, Redline, Clean (SB Mtg 10-23-18).pdf
21. Board Policy 2540 Audio Visual Use
Attachment: 2540 Executive Summary, Current, Neola, Redline, Clean (SB Mtg10-23-18).pdf
22. Board Policy 5420 Reporting Student Progress
Attachment: 5420 Executive Summary, Current, Neola, Redline, Clean (SB Mtg 10-23-18).pdf
23. Board Policy 5421 Grading
Attachment: 5421 Executive Summary, Current, Neola, Redline, Current (SB Mtg 10-23-18).pdf
24. Board Policy 5430 Class Rank
Attachment: 5430 Executive Summary, Current, Neola, Redline, Clean (SB Mtg 10-23-18).pdf
F. Facilities Services

25. Amendment to Interlocal Agreement for Educational Facilities Impact Fees
Attachment: Comparison to 2011 Amended Agreement.pdf
Attachment: Amended Interlocal Agreement for School Impact Fees.pdf
Attachment: Ordinance 16-19 Educational Impact Fees.pdf
26. Amendment to Existing Joint Use Agreement - Brevard County Parks & Recreation
Attachment: Amendment to Facility Joint Use Agreement with Brevard County.pdf
F. Project Management

28. Westside Elementary School - Facility Renewal - Close-Out
29. Surfside Elementary School - Design Build Preconstruction Services - SALES SURTAX
Attachment: Surfside Preconstruction Attachments.pdf
30. Award of ITN 18-N-085-WH - Facility Assessment and Facility Asset Management Software
Attachment: Facility Assessment and Facility Asset Management Software Cost Benefit Form.pdf
Attachment: Sample Facility Assessment Report.pdf
Attachment: CannonDesign Facility Assessment Software Agreement.pdf
31. Stone Middle School - Design Engineering Services - SALES SURTAX
Attachment: Stone Magnet MS Design Attachments.pdf
F. Environmental, Health & Safety

32. 2017-18 Comprehensive Fire Safety, Casualty Safety and Sanitation Inspection
Attachment: BPS Full Inspection Report 17 18.pdf
Attachment: Charter Inspection Portfolio 17 -18.pdf
F. Compensation Services

33. Job Description - Supervisor Food & Nutrition Svc Field Ops
Attachment: 9600_SUPR-FN FIELD OPS_C2213_Draft.pdf
F. Approval of Consent

34. Approval of Consent

Approve the October 23, 2018 Consent Agenda with the exception of those items pulled for discussion.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Tina Descovich
Second: Matthew Susin
Misty Belford- Aye
John Craig- Aye
Tina Descovich- Aye
Matthew Susin- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Items Pulled for Discussion
F. Project Management

27. 2018-19 to 2022-23 District Facilities Work Program
Attachment: Draft181009-Work Plan District Report (003).pdf
Minutes: Matt Susin asked to pull this item.  He asked Assistant Superintendent Sue Hann to come to the podium to give an overview of the timing of the proposed middle school.

Authorize the Superintendent and the Chief Financial Officer to approve and submit the Brevard County School District Facilities Work Program for 2018-19 to 2022-23 to the Florida Department of Education as required by 1013.35 F.S.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Matthew Susin
Second: Misty Belford
Misty Belford- Aye
John Craig- Aye
Tina Descovich- Aye
Matthew Susin- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

G. Action
G. Purchasing & Warehouse

35. Purchasing Solicitations
Attachment: a - RFQ 18-Q-049-DR - Continuing Contract for Roofing Building Envelope.pdf


Approve the Request For Qualification (RFQ) below:

a - RFQ 18-Q-049-DR - Continuing Contract for Roofing & Building Envelope Services - Facilities Services - $Various - Operating Other

Vote Results
Motion: Misty Belford
Second: Matthew Susin
Misty Belford- Aye
John Craig- Aye
Tina Descovich- Aye
Matthew Susin- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

36. Department/School Initiated Agreements
Attachment: a - 19-292-BW-HD - College Board.pdf
Attachment: b - 19-290-BW-HD - University of Cambridge.pdf
Attachment: c - 19-291-BW-HD - Int'l Baccalaureate.pdf
Attachment: d - 19-247-A-JW - Marine Lab Johnson Middle.pdf
Attachment: e - 19-219-A-JW - Cambridge Education.pdf
Attachment: f - 19-264-C-JW - Mag 7.pdf


Approve the Agreements below:

a - 19-292-BW-HD - College Board - Secondary Leading & Learning - $1,057,538.85 - Operating Other

b - 19-290-BW-HD - University of Cambridge - Secondary Leading & Learning - $605,790.00 - Operating Other

c - 19-291-BW-HD - International Baccalaureate - Secondary Leading & Learning - $134,668.60 - Operating Other

d - 19-247-A-JW - Marine Lab - Secondary Leading & Learning - $92,600.00 - Other Sources

e - 19-219-A-JW - Cambridge Education - Human Resources - $80,500.00 - Operating Categorical

f - 19-264-C-JW - Mag 7 Consulting, LLC - Equity, Innovation & Choice - $51,000.00 - Operating Other

Vote Results
Motion: Matthew Susin
Second: Andrew Ziegler
Misty Belford- Aye
John Craig- Aye
Tina Descovich- Aye
Matthew Susin- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

H. Information
I. Staff Reports
J. Additional Public Presentations (If Required)
K. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points
37. Discussion Point - Review (Ziegler)


Mr. Ziegler spoke out on several issues. He then made a motion to enter a vote of no confidence in General Counsel Envall and proceed to termination which was seconded by Mr. Susin. Mr. Susin said that he seconded the motion in order to hear comments from Mr. Ziegler.  Mr. Ziegler  proceeded to outline his dissatisfaction with her performance on multiple facets.

Before the vote Ms. Belford said that this is not the conversation the Board wants to have publicly but said because of Sunshine Laws, the Board does not have the opportunity to have this discussion outside of the public eye which is the reason she did not interrupt Mr. Ziegler's comments. She continued that while she would have approached things differently, she appreciates that he is trying to look out for the good of the District. She said that several of the things that Mr. Ziegler mentioned are ones that the Board as a leadership team has to take responsibility. Of his concerns, she does not know whether these have been addressed with Ms. Envall previously so she will not support his motion for termination because as a leadership team they owe it to Ms. Envall to have conversation with her about any concerns whether it is performance concerns or where she is focusing her time, but she stressed again the responsibility falls on the Board.

Mr. Craig said he is extremely disappointed because this is something that Mr. Ziegler has harbored since the day the Board went on the look for an internal attorney. He said that Mr. Ziegler was adamant that former School Board Attorney Harold Bistline was wonderful and most of the Board did not see it that way. He said that Mr. Ziegler has repeatedly stated both privately and publically that since the day that Ms. Envall was hired that you were not happy she was here and it is disappointing that he is bringing his issues here on the last day of his Board membership.

Mr. Ziegler asked for Mr. Craig to explain to him what the proper procedure would have been to bring this before the Board.

Mr. Craig stated that he assumed that Mr. Ziegler had discussed each of his concerns with Ms. Envall at length privately.

Mr. Ziegler did not recall if he had discussed all of them with Ms. Envall.

Chairman Craig called for the vote.  The motion failed four to one.


Motion to enter vote of no confidence in General Counsel Amy Envall and proceed to termination.- FAIL
Vote Results
Motion: Andrew Ziegler
Second: Matthew Susin
Misty Belford- Nay
John Craig- Nay
Tina Descovich- Nay
Matthew Susin- Nay
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

38. Board Member Reports

Minutes: Board members had nothing further to discuss.

L. Superintendent's Report
39. Superintendent's Report

Minutes: Dr. Mullins had nothing further to discuss.

M. Adjournment
40. Adjournment

Minutes: Chairman Craig adjourned the meeting at:  7:25 p.m.

For further details pertaining to this meeting, please refer to the published video on the School Board of Brevard County's website (www.brevardschools.org).