10-28-2014 Special School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #38

Policy Review - 0140, 1000s, 3000s, 4000s, 6000s, 7000s, 9000s

The revisions to School Board Policy series 0140-Membership, 1000-Administration, 3000-Staff, 4000-Support Staff, 6000-Finances, 7000-Facilities and 9000-Community Relations have been submitted for review to the Board.

Hold Public Hearing and approve the revisions of School Board policies series 0140, 1000s, 3000s, 4000s, 6000s, 7000s and 9000s.

Meeting Date(s)
Information - 8/26/2014
Public Hearing10/28/2014

Authority for Action
FS 1001.42

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Operating - Other

Cost Center

Susan Standley, Director, Employee Benefits & Special Programs, x216

Attachment:  Po9701.v1.MI.pdf
Attachment:  po7130.01 v1 dt.pdf
Attachment:  po3550 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po7540.02 V1 SC.pdf
Attachment:  po3139 v.2 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  Po9702.v1.MI.pdf
Attachment:  po7540.08 V1 TM.pdf
Attachment:  po3150 v.2 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po7420 v1 dt.pdf
Attachment:  po7130 v1 dt.pdf
Attachment:  po3129 v.l RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po6460 v1 HRD.pdf
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Attachment:  po3600 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  PO7450 v2 KLB R2.pdf
Attachment:  PO6145.01 v1 KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  Po9950.v1.MI.pdf
Attachment:  PO6680v1KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  po3121 V.2 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po7540.02 V1 SC.pdf
Attachment:  Po9430.01.v1.MI.pdf
Attachment:  PO6107.01 v1 KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  PO7320 v2 KLB R2.pdf
Attachment:  Po9160.v1.MI.pdf
Attachment:  po0140 v.3 MAH.pdf
Attachment:  po6120 v1 HRD.pdf
Attachment:  po3430.02 v1 srg.pdf
Attachment:  PO6480 v1 KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  po3120.08 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3216 v.2 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  PO6100 v1 KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  po3120.03 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  7000 Edits.pdf
Attachment:  PO6152 v1 KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  9000 Edits.pdf
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Attachment:  po3140 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po7540 V1 TM.pdf
Attachment:  po3580 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  PO7300 v2 KLB R2.pdf
Attachment:  po6105 V1 HRD.pdf
Attachment:  po3430 v1 sg.pdf
Attachment:  po6530 v1 HRD.pdf
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Attachment:  PO6470 v3 KLB R3.pdf
Attachment:  PO6510 v1 KLB R1.pdf
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Attachment:  6000 Edits.pdf
Attachment:  po6233 v1 HRD.pdf
Attachment:  po3420 v4 mah.pdf
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Attachment:  po3121.01 v.1 MS.pdf
Attachment:  po7540.03 V1 TM.pdf
Attachment:  po7540.04 V1 TM.pdf
Attachment:  po3120.05 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  PO6550 v1 KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  po7130.02 v1 dt.pdf
Attachment:  PO6610 v1 KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  Po9300.v2.mi.pdf
Attachment:  po3120 v.3 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po6150 v2 HRD.pdf
Attachment:  po3210 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3590 v.2 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3129.01 v.2 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3415 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3220 v.2 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3161 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  PO6423 v1 KLB R1.pdf
Attachment:  po3214 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3139.01 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3215 v.1 SRG.pdf
Attachment:  po3120.04 v.3 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po7540.01 V1 TM.pdf
Attachment:  po3430.01 v1 SRG.pdf
Attachment:  po3130 V.2 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3130.01 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po6521.pdf
Attachment:  po3575 v.1 RRS.pdf
Attachment:  po3128 v.3 RRS.pdf