11-17-2009 Organization of the Board-Regular Meeting


The School Board of Brevard County, Florida met in regular session on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, at the Educational Services Facility, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida. Notice of the meeting was advertised in The Eagle newspaper on Thursday, November 12, 2009 and the affidavit of publication with a copy of the ad attached is filed in the Affidavit File in the Board Office.

A-1. Call to Order

1. Call to Order

Minutes: Superintendent Dr. Brian T. Binggeli called the November 17, 2009 School Board meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

A-2. Roll Call
2. Roll Call


Members Present: Robert Jordan, Dr. Barbara Murray, Amy Kneessy, Karen Henderson, Andy Ziegler

Dr. Binggeli requested a moment of silence for Justin Tompkins, 10 grade student, Bayside High School who unexpectedly passed away.

A-3. Invocation (Darren Rodney, Grade 6, Ralph Williams Elementary)
3. Invocation

Minutes: The Invocation was led by Darren Rodney, 6th Grade, Ralph M. Williams Elementary.

A-4. Pledge of Allegiance (Bernice DeGraw, Grade 6, Ralph Williams Elementary)
4. Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bernice DeGraw, Grade 6, Ralph M. Williams Elementary.

A-5. Organization of the Board
I. Superintendent Presiding

5. Election of Chairman


With Superintendent Dr. Brian T. Binggeli presiding until the election of a Chairman, the Board proceeded to organize in compliance with Section 1001.371, Florida Statutes.

      Robert Jordan - term expires November 2010
      Dr. Barbara Murray - term expires November 2010
      Amy Kneessy - term expires November 2012
      Karen Henderson - term expires November 2012
      Andy Ziegler - term expires November 2010

School Board Attorney Harold Bistline explained the process for the election of the Chairman of the Board.

Andy Ziegler nominated Amy Kneessy as Board Chairman. there being no further nominations, Robert Jordan made a motion to close the nominations with a second by Andy Ziegler. Dr. Binggeli called for a vote for the nomination of Amy Kneessy, who by majority vote, was elected Chairman for 2009-2010 and presided from this point forward.




Elect Amy Kneessy as Chairman of the School Board of Brevard County Public School.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Robert Jordan
Second: Andrew Ziegler
Karen Henderson- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Motion Minutes: Ms. Kneessy took this oppurtunity to thank the Board for the honor of being Board Chairman. She stated that she would do her best to serve the Board, staff, teachers, and students of the district.
II. Chairman Presiding

6. Election of Vice Chairman

Minutes: Chairman Amy Kneessy opened the floor to nominations for Vice Chairman. Karen Henderson nominated Dr. Barbara Murray for Vice Chairman. There being no further nominations, Robert Jordan made a motion to close the nomination. By acclamation, Dr. Barbara Murray was elected to serve as Vice Chairman for 2009-2010.

Appoint Dr. Murray as Vice Chairman for the period of time between November 17, 2009 to November 16, 2010.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Motion Minutes: 

Chairman Kneessy spoke with the students from Ralph Williams Elementary School who participated in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation.

Williams Elementary Crane Chorus, under the direction of Music Director, Ralph Reader,  entertained the Board and the audience prior to the start of the meeting,  played one additional number.

Chairman Kneessy took this opportunity to thank Mr. Reader and his students from Williams Elementary Crane Chorus for entertaining the Board.

Chairman Kneessy called for a recess at 5:43 p.m.
The meeting reconvened at 5:52 p.m.


III. Chairman Appointments of Board Representatives

7. Designate Date, Time and Place of Regular and Special Monthly School Board Meetings with Exceptions
Attachment: BOARD DATES 2010 -Not approved by the Board.pdf

Approve the Superintendent's recommendation for the Board to adopt the dates, time, and place for the School Board meetings for 2010.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Robert Jordan
Second: Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye

8. Chairman Appointments of Board Respresentatives


2009-2010 School Board Representative Appointments:

a.       League of Cities - Andy Ziegler

b.      Brevard County Values Adjustment Board - Andy Ziegler

c.       Children’s Services Council - Barbara Murray

d.      Professional Development Council - Barbara Murray

e.       Federal Legislative Committee - Karen Henderson

f.       National School Boards Association Conference Representatives - Barbara Murray

g.      Brevard Cultural Alliance - Andy Ziegler

h.      Brevard Tomorrow – Amy Kneessy

i.        Central Florida Public School Boards Coalition - Karen Henderson (Robert Jordan as alternate)

j.        Growth Management Coalition - Amy Kneessy

k.      FSBA Legislative Liaison - Amy Kneessy (Barbara Murray as alternate)

l.        FSBA Board of Directors - Barbara Murray (Amy Kneessy as alternate)


IV. Board Authorization

9. Board Authorization

Authorize the Superintendent to have signature facsimiles made of the Chairman and Superintendent to be used for the signing of checks and approve the continued use of the current signature facsimiles for district checks until such time that the new facsimiles are received.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Robert Jordan
Second: Barbara Murray
Karen Henderson- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

A-6. Entertainment (Crane Chorus, Ralph M. Williams Jr. Elementary)
10. Entertainment


The entertainment was done after the appointment of the Vice Chairman.

Chairman Kneessy called for a break at 5:58 p.m.
The time certain Leasing Corporation meeting  was called to order at 6:00 p.m.
The Leasing Corporation meeting adjourned at 6:01 p.m and the Regular School Board meeting reconvened.


A-7. Adoption of Agenda
11. Adoption of Agenda


Dr. Binggeli read the following changes into the agenda:

Consent Addition
F-18.   Student Expulsion(s)
F-35.   Approve the Citizen Representative to Brevard County Value Adjustment Board

Consent Revisions
F-17.   Approval of Minutes
F-25.   Instructional Staff Recommendations




Adopt the agenda of the Regular School Board meeting of November 17, 2009 and its revisions.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Robert Jordan
Karen Henderson- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests
B. District Communications

12. Mark Tormoen - 2010 FMEA Administrator of the Year


Dr. Binggeli and Chairman Kneessy presented Mark Tormoen with a plaque for being named as the Florida Music Educators Association (FMEA) Administrator of the Year.

13. R.L. Stevenson Elementary School for the Arts- Arts Achieve! Schools Award

Minutes: Susan Burke, Director of the Florida Alliance for Arts Education, gave a brief background on the Arts Achieve award. Michael Corneau, R.L. Stevenson School for the Arts Principal, accepted the Arts Achieve Award on behalf of his school. Chairman Kneessy and Dr. Binggeli presented a tear shaped award to Mr. Corneau.
14. Michael Corneau - 2009 FAAE Principal Award

Minutes: Ms. Burke, Chairman Kneessy and Dr. Binggeli congratulated Michael Corneau who was awarded the 2009 Principal Award from the Florida Alliance for Arts Education (FAAE)  at the annual Leadership Summit on June 12, 2009 in Kissimmee, Florida. Mr. Corneau was presented with a tear shaped crystal award.

C. Resolutions/Proclamations
C. Exceptional Education

15. 2009 Inclusive Schools Week
Attachment: 9thAnnualInclus.SchoolsWk.12-09.pdf
Minutes: Christine Davis, Director of District Communications, read the resolution proclaiming the first week in December as the 2009 Inclusive Schools week.

Adopt the Proclamation designating the first week in December 2009 as the 9th Annual Inclusive Schools Week for Brevard Public Schools.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Robert Jordan
Second: Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

D. Presentation
E. Public Discussion
16. Public Discussion


 The Chairman reminded the public that there is a maximum allotted time of three minutes per speaker set aside for discussion. She also stated that the Board would not respond to issues this evening but the Superintendent would investigate the concerns and respond in a timely manner. The following person(s) addressed the Board:

  1. Janet Eastman, BFT, Rockledge - Volunteer Hours
  2. John Russo, BFT, Rockledge - Teacher Authority Law
  3. Cathy Jones. Melbourne - Boundary Changes
  4. Shari Daniels, Melbourne - Boundary Changes
  5. Paul Saia, Melbourne - Boundary Changes

F. Consent
F. Board Office/Superintendent

18. Student Expulsions
Attachment: 11.17.09 Expulsions.pdf (Confidential Item)
17. Approval of Minutes
F. Financial Services

19. Financial Statements and Operating Fund Budget Amendment for the Period Ending September 30, 2009
Attachment: Sept 2009 Financial Stmts.pdf
Attachment: Operating Fund Budget Amendment #1.pdf
F. Accounting Services

20. Investment Performance Report for Quarter Ending September 30, 2009
Attachment: BREVARD (SD)_3Q09_COMPLETE.pdf
21. Warrants Written for the Month of October, 2009
Attachment: October 2009 Warrants.pdf
F. Purchasing & Warehouse

22. Surplus Property
Attachment: NOV_17_09.pdf
23. Purchasing Bids, RFPs, RFQs, ITNs, Sole Source Purchasing Requests and Sales and Services Agreements
Attachment: RFP 10003BP Opportunity Special Buys Award Summary.pdf
Attachment: SSA #1006 - Plugged in to Reading - Exceptional Education.pdf
F. Transportation

24. Isolated Transportation 2009, A.R.
F. Human Resources

25. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Attachment: 2009 November 17.pdf
26. Support Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Support Staff 11-17-09.pdf
F. Accountability Testing & Evaluation

27. Approve School Improvement Plans for 2009-2010
Attachment: Chart.SIP of school.09.10.Sub.BoardAgenda.Sylvia.10.27.09.pdf
28. School Advisory Council Membership Report
Attachment: Chart.SIP of school.09.10.Sub.BoardAgenda.Sylvia.10.27.09.pdf
F. Adult/Community Education

29. Transition Program For Adult Learners Into Postsecondary Education
F. Student Services

30. Contracted Services Agreements for Homeless Students (Students in Transition)
Attachment: Childrens Home Society Contract for Service 10-09.pdf
Attachment: Eckerd Youth Alternatives Contract for Service 10-09.pdf
F. Area I Superintendent

31. Bayside High School NJROTC Trip to South Carolina
Attachment: Bayside NJROTC Trip to South Carolina - Jan 2010.pdf
32. Contracted Services Agreement between Jupiter Elementary and Learning Wheels
Attachment: Jupiter Elem and Learning Wheels - Feb 2010.pdf
F. Facilities Services

33. Temporary Construction Easement - City of Satellite Beach - Satellite High School
Attachment: Temporary Construction Easement - City of Satellite Beach - Satellite High School.pdf
F. Plant Operation & Maintenance

34. Demolish/DCR 4 District Owned Portables Classrooms
Approval of Consent Agenda

36. Approval of Consent Agenda

Approval of the Consent Agenda Items with the exception of those items pulled for discussion.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Robert Jordan
Second: Andrew Ziegler
Karen Henderson- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Items Pulled for Discussion
F. Additional Agenda Item

35. Appoint Citizen Representative to Brevard County Value Adjustment Board
Attachment: Brenda Mulberry.pdf

Ms. Kneessy pulled this item to get clarification on this agenda item in regard to the Citizen Representative and the alternate for the citizen representative.

Dr. Binggeli took the opportunity to recognized Larry D. Kuhn for his 38 years of serve and dedication to the district. Mr. Kuhn served as Principal at Holland Elementary School for the past fifteen years and wished his well on his future endeavors.

Chairman Kneessy called for a video break at 6:33 p.m.
The meeting reconvened at 7:13 p.m.



Appoint Brenda Mulberry as the School Board Representative to the Brevard County Value Adjustment Board by District 2 School Board Member, Dr. Barbara Murray.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

G. Action
G. Facilities Services

37. School Board Policy 6330 Revision- Acquisition of Professional Architectural, Engineering, Landscape Architectural, or Land Surveying Services
Attachment: 091014_policy 6330_change sheet.pdf
Attachment: 091014_6330_Revisions.pdf

Approve the revisions to School Board Policy 6330 - Acquisition of Professional Architectural, Engineering, Landscape Architectural, or Land Surveying Services and authorize the Superintendent to advertise for a Public Hearing. - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Robert Jordan
Second: Karen Henderson
Karen Henderson- Aye
Robert Jordan- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

H. Information
H. Accounting Services

38. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - June 30, 2009
Attachment: CAFR 2009 for the Board Agenda 11-06-09.pdf
H. Labor Relations

39. Revisions on School Board Policies 1420 and 4420 (Benefits)
Attachment: 1420 - Benefits - Holiday and Annual Leave Days - Administrative.pdf
Attachment: Policy Change Form - 1420.pdf
Attachment: 4420 - Benefits - Holiday and Annual Leave Days - Support.pdf
Attachment: Policy Change Form - 4420.pdf
H. Middle School Programs

40. All-County Festival Lease Agreement with the Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts
Attachment: 2010 All county Estimate of costs.pdf
Attachment: 2010 All County Chorus contract.pdf
41. Elementary Music Festival Lease Agreement with the Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts
Attachment: 2010 Elementary Festival Contract.pdf
Attachment: 2010 Elementary School Festival estimate.pdf
42. Elementary and Secondary Student Art Shows at Area Malls
Attachment: 2009-2010 Melbourne Square Common Area Elementary.pdf
Attachment: 2009-2010 Melbourne Square Common Area Secondary agreement.pdf
H. Secondary Programs

43. Regional Science Fairs in Area Malls
44. Science Fair Field Trips
H. Alternative Sites

45. Ed Options/Blue Ridge International Academy Agreement for Department of Juvenile Justice sites
Attachment: Blue Ridge Intl Academy Agreement.pdf
H. Exceptional Education

46. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009 Budget Amendment
Attachment: 151-Dec.2009ARRA Amend..pdf
Attachment: 150 for December 2009 ARRA Amendment.pdf
H. Area I Superintendent

47. Palm Bay High School Wrestling Team Trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Attachment: PBHS Wrestling - Dec 2009.pdf
H. Area IV Superintendent

48. Satellite High School Varsity Cheerleading Trip to New York City for U.S. Championship -- Big Apple Challenge Competition
49. Jackson Middle School 8th Grade Field Trip to Washington, DC (Cambridge and Quest Program)
Attachment: 20091105084600.pdf
H. Educational Technology

50. E-Rate Funding Year 13 (2010-2011) Request for Services
Attachment: ERATE 2011 Eligible Services.pdf
51. Structured Cabling Infrastructure Upgrade Project for Three Schools


Ms. Henderson pulled this item to state her concern about updating the infrastructure at Hoover Middle School due to the upcoming boundary changes and wondered if this should be delayed until the redistricting was complete.

Mr. Muzzy stated the education technologies did a very objective condition assessment prior to coming up with the project list and feels that it is absolutely necessary to do the technology infrastructure.

Ms. Kneessy stated that she questioned the district staff a few weeks ago on whether Hoover Middle School was going to be closed and noted that she received a resounding "no".

Mr. Ziegler stated that one of the district's top strategic goals identified is 21st Century technology in which this supports.



H. Project Management

52. School Attendance Boundary Changes for 2010-11
Attachment: South Middle Current.pdf
Attachment: South Middle Alternative D.pdf
Attachment: South Middle Alternative E.pdf
Attachment: South Middle Alternative F.pdf
Attachment: South Middle Alternative G.pdf
Attachment: South Elementary Current.pdf
Attachment: South Elementary Alternative D.pdf
Attachment: South Elementary Alternative E.pdf
Attachment: South Elementary Alternative F.pdf
Attachment: Evaluation Committee Members.pdf
Attachment: Evaluation Committee Meeting Minutes 10-29-09 and 10-30-09.pdf
Attachment: Evaluation Committee South Middle Evaluations of D, E and F.pdf
Attachment: Evaluation Committee South Elementary Evaluations of D and E.pdf
Attachment: Central Elementary Current.pdf
Attachment: Central Elementary Alternative D.pdf
Attachment: Central Elementary Alternative E.pdf
Attachment: Central Elementary Alternative F.pdf
Attachment: Central Elementary Alternative G.pdf

Ed Curry, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Services, explained to the Board and the viewing public the progress on the redistricting committee. Mr. Curry noted, at the request of Ms. Kneessy, that the redistricting options are not set in stone and suggestion of the committee and community input is being considered.

Ms. Henderson pulled this agenda item to thank the committee member for the solutions that they submitted. She commented to the public that the Board would like public input and mentioned that this is their time to pose their concerns to the district. Ms. Henderson implored the public to attend the redistricting meeting.

Dr. Murray addressed some of the email concerns regarding the Florida school grades as it is tied into the boundaries.

Mr. Jordan noted that he agreed with Ms. Henderson and Dr. Murray in regard to please express themselves in a positive manner. He stated that the district needs to be able to do their job on redistricting before the Board responds to the public.

Dr. Binggeli stated the district has structured the process in our public meeting where the public will have not only an opportunity to state their concerns but learn the whole process that the district has gone through to get to the options that are being presented.


53. Cambridge Program and Cambridge Middle Years Program Attendance Boundary Changes
Attachment: Cambridge Program Proposal.pdf
Attachment: Cambridge Middle Years Program Proposal.pdf

I. Staff Reports
54. Staff Reports

Minutes: There were no staff reports.

J. Additional Public Presentations (If Required)
55. Additional Public Presentations

Minutes: There were no additional public presentations.

K. Board Member Reports
56. Board Member Reports


Dr. Murray congratulated Mark Mullins, Principal at Clearlake Middle School, for an outstanding 50th Anniversary celebration of Clearlake Middle School.

Dr. Murray thanked Mayor Hal Rose of West Melbourne and the City of West Melbourne Council members for recognizing four Melbourne schools for their achievement in receiving an "A" (Meadowlane Intermediate, West Melbourne School for Science, Central Middle School and Meadowlane Primary).

Mr. Ziegler noted that he attended the Puerto Rican Day Parade after squeezing in the Bikers for Babies Fundraiser. He noted that our newest school, Heritage High School's 9th and 10th grade band was just amazing.

Mr. Ziegler thanked Karen Palladino for her involvement with Honor America and the Veteran's Day Parade. He also thanked Eau Gallie High School Band for performing in the parade.

Mr. Ziegler noted that he enjoyed the Area I and Area II Award ceremonies. He mentioned that the accomplishments of the students always amaze him.

Mr. Jordan mentioned he had some inquiries as it related to volunteers using private cars for our athletes. He requested Mark Langdorf, Director of Risk Management, address this concern.  Mr. Langdorf addressed the Board and stated the requirements of the law and requirements of the district policy are different. Discussion ensued amongst the Board, Mr. Langdorf and Andrea Alford,  Director of District Security.

Ms. Kneessy stated that she attended the Satellite Beach Founders Day parade. She mentioned that the Satellite High School Band participated and several of our other schools.

Ms. Kneessy requested before scheduling Area Awards that the Board and Superintendents calendars are checked for conflicts. Dr. Murray and Ms. Kneessy will be in attendance at the Area III awards.

Ms. Kneessy requested the Board be updated on the A3 system and the results of the audit.


L. Superintendent's Report
57. Superintendent's Report


Dr. Binggeli noted that he attended all of the events that the Board previously mentioned. He noted that he attended a celebration at Ocean Breeze Elementary  for their academic achievement.

Dr. Binggeli noted that Mr. Jordan and himself were judges for a "We Rock Band" in Titusville. He mentioned that the young people were incredible and the technology was amazing.

M. Adjournment
58. Adjournment

Minutes: The School Board meeting of November 17, 2009 was adjourned at 7:32 p.m.