11-18-2008 Organization of the Board with Oath and Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #18

Amendment to 2008-2009 School Calendar


As a result of the emergency situation created by Tropical Storm Fay, Brevard Public Schools were closed on August 19, 20, 21, and 22.  The adopted calendar for 2008-2009 included the following dates during the first semester as make up dates:  October 17, November 11, December 22, and December 23, 2008.  At the direction of the Board I wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Education (letter attached) requesting a waiver of make up for 2 of the 4 days under the provisions of State Board Rule 6!-1.09533, FAC, and Section 1011.60(2), F.S.  The Commissioner responded (letter attached) that if a district has been unable to schedule make up days by November 15, wavier requests will be considered after that date.


In accordance with the Commissioner’s direction, a letter (attached) requesting a waiver for two school days for Brevard Public Schools was faxed and mailed to the Department of Education on November 14, 2008.  I have received confirmation that the request is approved (letter attached).  

The Commissioner of Education has agreed to waive two (2) attendance days at the request of Brevard Public Schools. Consider the reinstatement of December 22 and December 23 as part of the Winter Vacation rather than school attendance days.

Meeting Date(s)
Consent w/o Information - 11/18/2008

Authority for Action
FS 1001.42

Involves Expenditure of Funds Directly in the Classroom

Source of Funding
Agenda Item will not Require the Expenditure of Funds

Cost Center

Brenda Blackburn, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, x300

Attachment:  Oct 21 - Letter to DOE -Make-up Days.pdf
Attachment:  Nov 6 - Response from DOE Make-up Days.pdf
Attachment:  Nov 14 - Letter to DOE - Make-up Days.pdf
Attachment:  Waiver Response from DOE for Tropical Storm Fay 11.17.08.pdf