11-18-2014 Organization of the Board with Oath and Regular School Board Meeting

The School Board of Brevard County, Florida met in special session on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, at the Educational Services Facility, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida. Notice of the meeting was advertised in the Eagle newspaper on Thursday, November 6, 2014. The affidavit of publication with a copy of the ad attached is filed in the Affidavit File in the Board Office.

A-1. Call to Order
1. Call to Order


Superintendent Brian Binggeli called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Superintendent Binggeli called for a recess at 5:44 p.m. so that students could gather their belongings. He reconvened the organizational meeting at 5:45 p.m.


A-2. Oath of Office (Honorary Judge Jim Earp)
2. Oath of Office

Minutes: The Honorable Judge Jim Earp administered the Oath of Office to returning Board Member, Andy Ziegler, District #5; and new Board Members, Misty Belford, District #1 and John Craig, District #2.

A-3. Roll Call
3. Roll Call

Minutes: Members Present:  Misty Belford, John Craig, Karen Henderson, Amy Kneessy and Andy Ziegler

A-4. Invocation (Finley Calhoun, 5th Grade, Oak Park Elem.)
4. Invocation

Minutes: Finley Calhoun, 5th grade student from Oak Park Elementary, read the invocation.

A-5. Pledge of Allegiance (Kayla Brewer, 5th Grade, Oak Park Elem.)
5. Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: Kayla Brewer, 5th grade student from Oak Park Elementary, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

A-6. Organization of the Board
I. Superintendent Presiding

6. Election of School Board Chairman


With Superintendent Dr. Brian T. Binggeli presiding until the election of a Chairman, the Board proceeded to organize in compliance with Section 1001.371, Florida Statutes.

 Amy Kneessy – term expires November 2016
 Karen Henderson – term expires November 2016
 Andy Ziegler – term expires November 2018
 Misty Belford – term expires November 2018
 John Craig – term expires November 2018

School Board Attorney Harold Bistline explained the process for the election of the Chairman of the Board.

Misty Belford nominated Amy Kneessy as Chairman. There being no further nominations, the Superintendent called for a vote for the nomination of Amy J. Kneessy, who was elected Chairman for 2014-2015 unanimously.

Amy J. Kneessy, Chairman, presided from this point forward.

II. Chairman Presiding

7. Election of School Board Vice-Chairman


Chairman Kneessy opened the floor to nominations for Vice Chairman.  John Craig nominated Karen Henderson. Hearing no further nominations, a vote was called for Karen Henderson to be named Vice Chairman.  By a unanimous vote, Karen Henderson was elected to serve as Vice Chairman for 2014-2015.

Ms. Kneessy called for a short recess at 5:57 p.m. so that the technology could be reconfigured to begin the Leasing Corporation Time Certain meeting at 6:00 p.m. She reconvened the Organizational meeting at 6:01 p.m.


8. Designate Date, Time and Place of Regular and Special Board Meetings with Exceptions
Attachment: BOARD MEETING DATES 2015 for Board Approval2.pdf

Approve the Superintendent's recommendation for the Board to adopt the dates, time and place for the School Board meeting for 2015.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Karen Henderson
Second: John Craig
John Craig- Aye
Misty Haggard-belford- Aye
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

III. Chairman Appointments of Board Representatives

9. Appointment of Board Representatives


Chairman Appointments of Board Representatives
a. League of Cities – John Craig
b. Brevard County Values Adjustment Board - Amy Kneessy (Andy Ziegler as alternate)
c. Professional Development Council – Amy Kneessy
d. Federal Legislative Committee - Karen Henderson
e. Brevard Cultural Alliance – Misty Belford
f. Central Florida Public School Boards Coalition – Andy Ziegler (John Craig as alternate)
g. Brevard Schools Foundation – John Craig (Andy Ziegler as alternate)
h. Children’s Development Council – Andy Ziegler
i. Head Start Committee – Amy Kneessy
j. FSBA Legislative Liaison - Karen Henderson (Misty Belford as alternate)
k. FSBA Board of Directors - Andy Ziegler (John Craig as alternate)

IV. Board Authorization

10. Board Authorization


Authorize the Superintendent to have signature facsimiles made of the Chairman and Superintendent to be used for the signing of checks and approve the continued use of the current signature facsimiles for district checks until such time that the new facsimiles are received.


Vote Results
Motion: Andrew Ziegler
Second: Karen Henderson
John Craig- Aye
Misty Haggard-belford- Aye
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

V. Recess School Board Meeting - Time Certain Leasing Corp.

11. Recess School Board Meeting - Time Certain for Leasing Corporation Election of Officers


Chairman Kneessy called for a  recess at 5:57 p.m.  

A-7. Entertainment (Oak Park Chorus)
12. Entertainment

Minutes: The Oak Park Chorus under the direction of Pervin Collins provided the entertainment.

A-8. Adoption of Agenda
13. Adoption of Agenda

Adopt the agenda for the Regular School Board meeting of November 18, 2014 and its revisions.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Karen Henderson
Second: Andrew Ziegler
John Craig- Aye
Misty Haggard-belford- Aye
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

A-9. Administrative Staff Recommendations
B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests/Staff
B. Brevard Schools Foundation

14. Check Presentation from Harris Foundation and Community Foundation for Brevard


Janice Kershaw, Executive Director of Brevard Schools Foundation, introduced Jim Clamons, a Brevard Schools Foundation Board Member and Vice President of Design Engineering for Harris Government Communications Systems, along with Brian Fisher, Chairman of Community Foundation for Brevard and Lisa Davidson, Grants and Program Manager. On behalf of Community Foundation, a check in the amount of $95,000 was presented to Brevard Schools Foundation for STEM programs.

15. Check Presentation from National Space Club Florida Committee

Minutes: Janice Kershaw introduced Adrian Laffitte, Lockheed Martin retiree and the National Space Club Week Chairman who presented a check in the amount of $40,000 to the Brevard Schools Foundation to help fund Brevard Space Week.
B. Middle School Programs/K-12

16. Recognition of District STEM Alliance Scholar Winners
Attachment: 2015 agenda attachment.pdf

Superintendent Dr. Binggeli introduced Barbara Rodrigues, Director of Middle School Programs, who facilitated the recognition along with Kim Bragg, Math/Science Resource Teacher. 

B. Additional Items

17. Spotlight on Education

Minutes: Tim Cool, Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School Principal, Dr. Julia Diakakis, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and IB Coordinator Sarah Robinson, showcased the benefits of the implementation of the school's International Baccalaureate programmes.
18. Recognition of Half-Cent Volunteer Efforts


Dr. Binggeli facilitated the recognition of a multitude of people who volunteered tremendous time and energy as we brought the half-cent surtax ballot question to our public on November 4.  He continued that we remain appreciative of the trust and support that the community demonstrated through their vote.

He said that while certainly everyone who helped in some way toward this effort could not be at tonight's meeting , he wanted to take a minute to have those present come forward and have a picture taken and be publically recognized for their service.

C. Resolutions/Proclamations
D. Presentations
D. Board Office/ Superintendent

19. Timeline of Important Actions Related to Half-cent Surtax Proceeds
Attachment: Finance Logistics updated.pdf
Attachment: Implementation of Sales Surtax Funded Projects Presentation - School Board Meeting 11-18-14.pdf

Dr. Binggeli expressed that he felt it was important to communicate with the Board and community important actions related to the half-cent surtax proceeds.

Judy Preston, Associate Superintendent of Financial Services provided some details of how and when the money would come.  The District will get proceeds both monthly and quarterly; however, there will be a lag time which she explained.

Ms. Preston also explained how the District plans to track the proceeds.  There will be regular reporting to the Board and the Independent Oversight Committee. Ms. Preston then introduced Dane Theodore, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities Services.

Mr. Theodore discussed the conceptual plan to replace our infrastructure before it breaks. There was some Board member discussion about the information presented and there was notation that some of the information was presented in a format too small for them to read.  Ms. Kneessy requested that the Board be given bigger copies.

Ms. Kneessy asked where the Oversight Committee fit into all of the planning.

Mr. Lafitte explained that when they first started Brevard Save Our Schools, it was critical to have an independent oversight committee.  He tasked one of the BSOS members, Drew Thompson, to put together the process in order to:

  • Created a charter
  • Created a job description
  • Created a job description application

In order to keep the process pure, they wanted to make sure there was no involvement from either the Board or the committee; therefore they formed a selection committee that will be composed of:

  • One member from each of the four chambers
  • One member from the capital outlay committee
  • Four parents

That makes a total of nine people who will evaluate all of the applications. The United Way of Brevard was the host for the application process.  To date they had received about 24 applications. He described the manner in which they had advertised which was in Florida Today and radio, on the BPS and BSOS websites, Facebook and various other sites. The goal is for the selection committee to meet and select the members of the ICOC by the end of the year. 

There was some discussion among Board members regarding the deadline. Mr. Lafitte said the deadline had been extended.

Mr. Craig thanked Mr. Lafitte and asked how the committee would be looking at things.  Mr. Lafitte clarified that the committee will be looking forward at the items on the prioritizations that Mr. Theodore provides and if the items are not accomplished, the reasons and rationale they were not accomplished.

Michelle Irwin, Director of Community Relations reported about the communications efforts. She said her department is finished with Phase I which was to inform the public why the surtax was needed, and are now her department is working on Phase II which will provide information about progress and the way the dollars are being spent.

Dr. Binggeli asked for Ms. Irwin to let the Board know about some of the accomplishments achieved by Community Relations. The department  recently received three distinguished MarCom Awards for various communication tools produced in house to educate the community about the half-cent sales surtax initiative.  Ms. Irwin recognized Abby Rex, Jason Faulds, Logan Hemenway and Dan Jankowski.

Dr. Binggeli further complimented the group as they are going to win another award from PRSA and will earn platinum status;  the school district in the world to accomplish this.

E. Public Discussion
58. Public Comment


Chairman Kneessy reminded the speakers that the maximum allotted time for each speaker is three minutes. Clarification of information presented and answers to questions specific to district business and educational matters will be posted on the School Board's website under the section called "4 The Record."

  1. Dan Bennett - BFT Vice President - Labor Relations
  2. Richard Smith - BFT President - Labor Relations
  3. Vanessa Skipper - BFT Executive Board Member - Teacher informal/formal evaluations
  4. Anthony Colucci - BFT/Teacher - Teacher Concerns
  5. Kinley Nagle - Learning Disabilities
  6. Dean Paterakis - Unethical Behavior
  7. Darcy Addo- SB Policy 9700.01 Special Interests in Classroom

F. Consent
F. Board Office/Superintendent

20. Student Expulsions
Attachment: 2014-1118 Expulsions.pdf (Confidential Item)
F. Brevard Schools Foundation

21. Space Week Contract with Delaware North Parks & Resorts at KSC, Inc.
Attachment: Education Space Week Contract 2014.pdf
F. Financial Services

22. Financial Statements with Budget Amendments and Resolutions for the Operating Fund, the Capital Projects Fund, the Special Revneue Fund - Contracted and American Recovery And Reinvestment Act for the Period Ending September 30, 2014
Attachment: FY 2014-15 Financial Statements - September 30, 2014.pdf
Attachment: FY 2014-15 Capital Projects Fund Budget Amendment - Resolutions #1 - 3.pdf
Attachment: FY 2014-15 Special Revenue Fund Budget Amendment - Resolution #1.pdf
Attachment: FY 2014-15 Special Revenue Funds American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Budget Amendment - Resolution #1.pdf
Attachment: FY 2014-15 Operating Fund Budget Amendment - Resolution #1.pdf
F. Accounting Services

23. Warrants for the month of October, 2014
Attachment: Warrant List - October 2014.pdf
F. Purchasing & Warehouse

24. Property Disposal
Attachment: Board Report 11-18-14.pdf
Attachment: Board Letters 11-18-14.pdf
25. Purchasing Bids, RFP's, RFQ's and Sales & Services Agreements
Attachment: n - RFQ 14-Q-010-KR - Continuing Contract for Design - Build Services.pdf
Attachment: a - ITB 14-B-063-DW - Gym Floor Refinishing and Repair.pdf
Attachment: b - ITB 15-B-018-DW - Plumbing Contractor Services.pdf
Attachment: d - ITB 15-B-023-AL - EdConnect Newsletter Printing, Packaging, and Delivery Services.pdf
Attachment: f - SSA 15-195-CJ - Walsworth Publishing Company, Inc. - Titusville High School.pdf
Attachment: h - SSA 15-265-AL - Eastern Florida State College - Youthbuild Program.pdf
Attachment: j - SSA 15-300-AL - Gopher Sport for the Carol M. White Physical Education Program Grant.pdf
Attachment: l - SSA 15-312-WH - myON Reader.pdf
Attachment: c - ITB 15-B-021-DW- Tree Trimming, Vegetation Removal, and Stump Grinding Service.pdf
Attachment: o - additional accounting strings.pdf
Attachment: e - PB 15-PB-035-AL - Sign Language Interpreter Services.pdf
Attachment: g - SSA 15-246-DR Taylor Publishing Cocoa Beach Jr Sr High.pdf
Attachment: i - SSA 15-280-AL - Pedometer, Journals, and Planners for the Carol M. White Physical Education.pdf
Attachment: k - SSA 15-301-AL - Skillastics for the Carol M. White Physical Education Program Grant.pdf
Attachment: m - ITN 09004CH - Document Production and Management - 1 month extension.pdf
F. Human Resources

26. Support Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Support Staff 11-18-14.pdf
27. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Instructional Staff 11-18-14.pdf
F. Curriculum & Instruction

28. FLDE Grant for the ACCESS Project
Attachment: Project Award Notification for ACCESS Project Grant.pdf
F. Accountability Testing & Evaluation

29. School Advisory Council Membership Report
Attachment: Chart.SAC Membership 2014 2015.pdf
F. Title I/Early Childhood Education/Head Start

30. Head Start Governing Board and Policy Council Report for September 2014
Attachment: Head Start Governing Board and Policy Council Monthly Report_Sept 2014_ TW.pdf
F. South Area Superintendent

31. Consultant Agreement between McAuliffe Elementary and Brain Entertainment (Math U Counting Cowboy Show
Attachment: McAuliffe Elementary - Brain Entertainment Math U -the counting cowboy.pdf
F. Project Management

32. Oak Park ES - GMP for ADA Signage
Attachment: Oak Park ES ADA Signage GMP & Budget Sheet.pdf
33. Jackson MS Kitchen Renovation - Final Close-Out and Change Order #1
Attachment: Jackson M S Kitchen Final Close-out Change Order.pdf
34. DeLaura Middle School - Quote for Interior Concrete Sidewalk Finish Upgrades
Attachment: DeLaura MS - Sidewalk Finish Upgrades Quote & budget Worksheet.pdf
35. Jefferson MS HVAC Chiller Replacement - Final Close-out and Change Order No. 1
Attachment: Jefferson MS HVAC Chiller Replacement Change Order #1.pdf
36. Melbourne HS HVAC Chiller Replacement - Final Close-out and Change Order No. 1
Attachment: Melbourne HS Chiller Replace Change Order #1.pdf
37. Audubon ES HVAC System Upgrade - Additional Professional Services
Attachment: Audubon ES HVAC System Replacement - GRAEF Proposal and Worksheet.pdf
38. MILA ES Gutter & Soffit Repairs - Change Order No. 1
Attachment: Mila ES Change Order #1.pdf
39. Clearlake EC - Guaranteed Maximum Price Food Service/Walk-in-Cooler Freezer Replacement
Attachment: Clearlake E C GMP and Budget Worksheet.pdf
40. Coquina ES - Guaranteed Maximum Price Food Service/Walk-in-Cooler Freezer Replacement
Attachment: Coquina E S GMP and Budget Worksheet.pdf
41. Apollo ES - GMP for Roofing Upgrade
Attachment: Apollo ES Roof Cap Sheet GMP & Budget Worksheet.pdf
42. Stevenson ES - GMP for Roofing Upgrade
Attachment: Stevenson ES Roof Cap Sheet GMP & Budget Worksheet.pdf
F. Approval of Consent

44. Approval of Consent

Approve the Consent Agenda of November 18, 2014 with the exception of those items pulled for discussion.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Misty Haggard-belford
Second: John Craig
John Craig- Aye
Misty Haggard-belford- Aye
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Items Pulled for Discussion
F. School Board Attorney

43. 2014-15 Salary Adjustment for School Board Members
Attachment: 2014-2015 Salary_Memo_and_Table.pdf
Attachment: 2014-15 Elected Officials Salaries.pdf

Mr. Ziegler pulled this item.   He explained the Board continually makes their salaries lower than the state suggested salaries.  Without a vote, the salary would be at the state adjusted level.

Mr. Craig said that because it is tied to a beginning teacher's salary that there actually has been an increase because there has been an increase in a beginning teacher's salary since 2009. He further commented that since Dr. Binggeli came in 2009, there were provisions in his contract for raises which he has consistently refused. Mr. Craig believes that as a leadership team, the Board should do the same thing. He said that it should not be tied to a teacher's salary. He wanted clarification on what the Board could and couldn't do.

Ms. Kneessy asked for Mr. Bistline to provide some interpretation. Mr. Bistline said that statute has changed over time and read parts of it. He said that the way the statute reads, each School Board member can voluntarily reduce their salary or the Board as a whole can set a salary differently. 

There was discussion among the Board members and Mr. Ziegler and Ms. Kneessy reiterated the reasons the Board had tied their salaries to that of a first year teacher.

Mr. Craig said that he did not want to put the Board in a position where it is forced to accept a higher salary and then have to lower them individually.  He said though that since the superintendent has not accepted a raise since 2009-2010, that the Board should do the same; however, that the last that he will weigh in.

Ms. Henderson expressed that it should be left as it has been at the beginning teacher's salary.

Ms. Belford clarified that they would not be getting an increase this year.

For the 2014-15 fiscal year, continue the practice of voluntarily freezing School Board Members' salaries to be equivalent to that of a beginning teacher.  - PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Andrew Ziegler
Second: Karen Henderson
John Craig- Aye
Misty Haggard-belford- Aye
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

G. Action
H. Information
H. Budgeting, Cost Accounting & FTE

45. Designation of Legal Representative to Apply for Title VIII of Public Law 107-110 (Impact Aid) Funds
46. 2015-16 Budget Adoption Schedule
Attachment: School Board Trim Timetable.pdf
H. Accounting Services

47. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report - June 30, 2014
Attachment: FY14 CAFR.pdf
H. Risk Management

48. Art and Science Show Contracts at Melbourne Square Mall
Attachment: 2015 Brevard Schools Art Fair Common Area Application.pdf
Attachment: 2015 Brevard Schools Science Fair Common Area Application.pdf
H. Curriculum & Instruction

49. 2014-2015 Student Progression Plan for Brevard Public Schools
H. Secondary Programs

50. Regional Science Fairs at Area Malls
51. Science Fair Field Trips
H. South Area Superintendent

52. Consultant Agreement between Discovery Elementary and Dr. Larry Chew from Technology Educators, Inc.
Attachment: Discovery Elem - Inquiry Workshop with Dr. Larry Chew - Jan-Feb 2015.pdf
53. Consultant Agreement between Discovery Elementary and Kagan Professional Development
Attachment: Discovery Elem - Kagan Professional Development - Jan 2015.pdf
H. North Area Superintendent

54. Merritt Island High School wrestling tournament in Charleston, South Carolina
Attachment: MIHS wrestling trip.pdf

I. Staff Reports
J. Additional Public Presentations (If Required)
K. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points
55. Board Member Reports


Ms. Henderson discussed the legislative priorities presentation and told the Board and viewing audience about a presentation she was giving at Manatee Elementary.  She asked for permission from the Board to contact their counterparts from other districts to see if they would like to join our efforts.  The Board was in agreement for her to proceed.

Mr. Ziegler wanted to publically apologize to his fellow Board members, staff and community for a decision he recently made. He said he felt very humbled by words recited in the invocation:  "Be thankful for difficult times. During those times you grow." 

Ms. Belford said she is thankful for the exciting opportunity she has to create positive change.

Mr. Craig said he appreciates the opportunity to serve on the Board.  He said he feels we are at a crossroads to make a huge impact as a team.

Ms. Kneessy wished everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  She said that she proposes that the Board have Board workshops for at least the next six months.  She suggests they be held on the third Tuesday of each month. She would like for Board members to send her topics they would like to discuss. She also thanked the Board for giving her the opportunity to serve as Chair.

L. Superintendent's Report
56. Superintendent's Report

Minutes: Dr. Binggeli wanted to give a shout out to the students at Cocoa High whose robotics team built a robot and gave it the Cocoa Police Department so that it could go into places that were not otherwise safe for humans.  The students made over 100 adaptations at the request of the police department. 

M. Adjournment
57. Adjournment

Minutes: Chairman Kneessy adjourned the meeting at 8:09 p.m.

For further details pertaining to this meeting, please refer to the published video on the School Board of Brevard County's website (www.brevardschools.org).