11-19-2013 Organization of the Board with Oath and Regular School Board Meeting

The School Board of Brevard County, Florida met in special session on Tuesday, November 19, 2013, at the Educational Services Facility, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, Florida. Notice of the meeting was advertised in the Florida Today newspaper on Thursday, November 7, 2013. The affidavit of publication with a copy of the ad attached is filed in the Affidavit File in the Board Office.

A-1. Call to Order
1. Call to Order

Minutes: Superintendent Brian T. Binggeli called the School Board Meeting of November 19, 2013 to order at 5:30 p.m.

A-2. Oath of Office
A-3. Roll Call
2. Roll Call


Members Present:  Dr. Michael Krupp, Dr. Barbara Murray, Amy Kneessy, Karen Henderson, and Andy Ziegler

Dr. Binggeli asked for a moment of silence for Arial Williams, 11th grade student from Eau Gallie High School, who recently passed away.

A-4. Invocation (Taylor Crane, 12th Grade, Edgewood Jr./Sr. High)
3. Invocation

Minutes: Taylor Crane, 12th grade student at Edgewood Jr./Sr. High, led the Invocation.

A-5. Pledge of Allegiance (Erik Hauge, 12th Grade, Edgewood Jr./Sr. High)
4. Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes: Erik Hauge, 12th grade student at Edgewood Jr./Sr. High, led the Pledge of Allegiance.

A-6. Organization of the Board
I. Superintendent Presiding

5. Election of School Board Chairman


With Superintendent Dr. Brian T. Binggeli presiding until the election of a Chairman, the Board proceeded to organize in compliance with Section 1001.371, Florida Statutes.

  • Karen Henderson - term expires November 2016
  • Amy Kneessy - term expires November 2016
  • Michael Krupp - term expires November 2014
  • Barbara Murray - term expires November 2014
  • Andy Ziegler - term expires November 2014

School Board Attorney Harold Bistline explained the process for the election of the Chairman of the Board.

Ms. Kneessy nominated Mr. Ziegler as Chairman and Dr. Murray nominated Ms. Henderson as Chairman.  There being no further nominations, nominations were closed.  The Superintendent called for a vote on each candidate.  Karen Henderson, by majority vote, 3:2, was elected Chairman for 2013-14.

Ms. Karen Henderson, Chairman, presided from this point forward.

II. Chairman Presiding

6. Election of School Board Vice-Chairman


Chairman Karen Henderson opened the floor to nominations for Vice Chairman.  Dr. Michael Krupp nominated Andy Ziegler. There being no further nominations, the nominations were closed.  By a unanimous vote, Andy Ziegler was elected to serve as Vice Chairman for 2013-2014.



Chairman Henderson called for a recess at 5:40 p.m.
The organizational meeting reconvened at 5:43 p.m. 


Chairman Karen Henderson called the students who performed the opening exercises back to the podium for a brief discussion on their accomplishments.


Chairman Henderson introduced Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School Jazz Band, under the direction of Jessica Russell, music director, who entertained the Board and viewing audience prior to the start of the meeting, and then they played one additional musical number.


Chairman Ms. Henderson took this opportunity to thank Ms. Russell and her students for entertaining the Board.



The Time Certain Leasing Corporation Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.
The regular School Board meeting reconvened at 6:01 p.m. 

7. Designate Date, Time and Place of Regular and Special Board Meetings with Exceptions
Attachment: BOARD MEETING DATES 2014.pdf

Approve the Superintendent's recommendation for the Board to adopt the dates, time and place for the School Board meeting for 2014, with the exception of changing the December meeting date to December 16, 2013.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Andrew Ziegler
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Motion Minutes: Amy Kneessy recommended to amend the original recommendation to change the December 9, 2014 date to December 16, 2014.  All was in favor.
III. Chairman Appointments of Board Representatives

8. Appointment of Board Representatives


2013-2014 School Board Representative Appointments:

a. League of Cities - Michael Krupp
b. Brevard County Value Adjustment Board - Amy Kneessy
c. Professional Development Council - Barbara A. Murray
d. Federal Legislative Committee - Karen Henderson
e. Brevard Cultural Alliance - Michael Krupp
f. Central Florida Public School Boards Coalition - Andy Ziegler (Amy Kneessy, alt.)
g. Brevard Schools Foundation - Andy Ziegler (Karen Henderson, alternate)
h. Children's Development Council (Andy Ziegler)
i.  Head Start Committee (Barbara Murray)

IV. Board Authorization

9. Board Authorization



Authorize the Superintendent to have signature facsimiles made of the Chairman and the Superintendent to be used for the signing of checks.

Approve the continued use of the current signature facsimiles for district checks until such time that the new facsimiles are received.

Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Andrew Ziegler
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

V. Recess School Board Meeting - Time Certain Leasing Corp.

10. Recess School Board Meeting for Time Certain Leasing Corporation Election of Officers

Minutes: Following the Designation of Dates and Times for the 2014 School Board Meetings, Chairman Karen Henderson called for a recess from the regular meeting at 6:00 p.m. for the Time Certain Leasing Corporation meeting.

The regular School Board meeting reconvened at 6:01 p.m.


A-7. Entertainment (Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School Jazz Band)
11. Entertainment


A-8. Adoption of Agenda
12. Adoption of the Agenda


Dr. Binggeli read the following changes into the agenda:

Consent Additions
F-19. Student Expulsions
F-31. 2013-2014 Salary Adjustment for Employees covered under the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the School Board of Brevard County and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 78, Local 1010
F-32. 2013-2014 Salary Adjustment  for School and District Based Administrators and all other Non-Bargaining Employees
F-33. Proposed Change to Medical Flexible Spending Account Management
F-49. 2013-2014 Salary Adjustment for School Board Members

Consent Revision
F-29. Support Staff Recommendations
F-30. Instructional Staff Recommendations

Consent Deletion
F-20. Approval of Board Member


Approve the School Board Agenda of November 19, 2013 and its revisions.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Michael Krupp
Second: Barbara Murray
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

B. Recognition of Visitors/Guests/Staff
B. District Communications

13. Spotlight on Education

Minutes: Dr. Binggeli introduced DeLaura principal Claudia Shirley, Deborah Austin, science research teacher and Brevard Intracoastal Science Fair co-chair, Brad Hall as they explained the good things happening with DeLaura's Science Research Team. 
B. Brevard Schools Foundation

14. Check Presentation and Recognition of Space Coast Realtors and the Cocoa Beach Area Hotel and Lodging Association


Louise McLean and Jay Parrish, from Coldwell Banker, and President of Space Coast Realtors, Mitch Ribak from Topical Realty of Suntree, and 2014 President Elect of Space Coast Realtors and CEO of Space Coast Realtors, Leah Selig, and Tom Williamson of Ocean Partners and President of the Cocoa Beach Area Hotel and Lodging Association, presented a check to Janice Kershaw for $64,874.  Two years ago the Space Coast Realtors established the Brevard Children in Need committee to raise money through charitable efforts and bring awareness to the community on the needs of homeless children  in Brevard. 

Ms. Kershaw, on behalf of Brevard Schools Foundation, thanked the group for their gift. Homeless Student Liaison Dr. Sally Shinn also thanked Space Coast Realtors, Cocoa Beach Area Hotel and Lodging Association and Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront for their efforts in helping meet the special needs facing homeless students.  Ms. Kershaw presented them with a certificate as a gesture of appreciation from the many students who will receive a better education due to their kindness and generosity.

C. Resolutions/Proclamations
D. Presentations
D. Board Office/ Superintendent

15. Class Size Presentation
Attachment: Class Size Presentation.pdf
Minutes: Dr. Brian Binggeli, superintendent, gave a presentation to the Board and viewing audience on 2013-14 Class Size which covered the following topics.

  • Constitutional Amendment
  • 2011-11 Budget-$1.6 Million
  • Florida Statutes 1003.03 Implementation Options
  • 2 Options Brevard has Rejected Since Inception
  • What BPS did in 2010-11
  • What does 2013-14 Class Size Look Like?
  • Elementary Classes out of Compliance
  • Current Average Class Sizes
  • How did we Come so Close?
  • What Would it Have Taken to Meet Class Size in 2013-14?
  • Average Class Sizes if BPS Would Have Been in Compliance
  • $3.1m in Additional Non-Teacher Cuts to Operating Budget
  • Questions

Dr. Binggeli asked the Board and everyone in the audience to review slides 15 and 16 ($3.1m in additional Non-Teacher Cuts to Operating Budget).  After commenting further, he asked the Board if they had any questions.

Chairman Karen Henderson opened the floor for Board discussion.

Dr. Krupp stated that he understood it was about a $10,000 fine for high schools being out of compliance with Class Size.  He wanted to know what it was for elementary and high schools.  Dr. Binggeli said that the worst case is about $170,000, but the reality is that it will probably be reduced further.

Dr. Krupp asked Mr. Bistline why, since it was a constitutional amendment that the state provide  dollars for Class Size, and it is evident they do not, how can they fine a school district for not meeting Class Size? Mr. Bistline said that it is interesting that the legislature has made a way for districts not to make class size by paying a fine that is less expensive than meeting Class Size. He feels it is perfectly reasonable to do what the superintendent is proposing and what the Board is doing.

Dr. Krupp said that it looks like the Florida School Boards Association would have brought forth a class action suit against the legislature. Mr. Bistline said there have been individual opinions whether or not this creates a individual cause of action and he believes the courts say it does not.

Dr. Binggeli said the legislature will say that for years it did fund class size and that the money was used for raises. When he arrived to this district, Brevard was in compliance with the school-wide average and it took $6.1m for the district to get into compliance by classroom and we were only given $1.6m. He knows that with certainty.

Dr. Murray commented that Dr. Binggeli gave an outstanding report clarifying information and misinformation that is going out to the community and that it is also outstanding that the recommendations were in the best interest of children, specifically not moving them around after they become comfortable in their classroom. She supports what has been done very much so. She also said in answer to Dr. Krupp, that several years ago FSBA unanimously directed leaders to pursue litigation  and go after this issue, but that was tabled and never went anywhere.  Concerned groups should join forces to create one huge push.

Mr. Ziegler thanked Dr. Binggeli for the clarification.  He said that we are criticized for not implementing class size as it is the will of the voters.  However,  the last amendment about class size was to change class size to school average.  Fifty-two percent of voters were in favor. To him that would be the will of the voters. The legislature said that it had to pass by 60% thereby making it null and void. To make a statement that we are not implementing the will of the voters is absolutely incorrect. He also appreciated Dr. Binggeli clarifying the usage of TSA money to help us try to implement Class Size and save 127 jobs.

Chairman Henderson thanked Dr. Binggeli.



D. School Choice

16. Imagine Schools at West Melbourne, School Improvement Plan


Dr. Binggeli introduced Brian Deconzague, principal of Imagine Schools  at West Melbourne who made a presentation on the School Improvement Plan from Imagine Schools.

Included in Mr. Deconzague's  presentation were the following:

  • School Improvement Targets
  • How are we Going to Move our Students?
  • SIP Goal Summary
    Goal #1: Improve Rigor of Instruction by Aligning Learning Goals and Assignments to Standards Based on Grade Level.
  • Goal #2: Improve Student Engagement Through Increased Collaborative Stratgies and Peer to Peer Discourse.
  • Evidence & Monitoring
  • Evidence Goal#2: Engagement
  • How Will We Know it is Working?
  • What Will We Do if it is Not Working?
  • Consistent Focus on the SIP
  • Questions

Chairman Karen Henderson asked Board members if they had any questions.

Dr. Murray wanted clarification about what was meant by some things in the presentation and indicated it did not address "knowledge voids."

Mr. Deconzague explained that each child's needs were addressed individually.

Ms. Kneessy asked about the non FCAT grade levels.  What are they doing to monitor the success of those students.

Mr. Deonzague utilizes the Stanford 10 and administers once in the fall and in the spring so they can monitor growth. They do not focus exclusively on the FCAT.

Dr. Krupp suggested the school look at how students have answered in the past and look at strategies now.  He suggested to go back and look at test taking strategies and compare them to the ones that are current.

Chairman Henderson thanked Mr. Deconzague for his presentation and wished him much success.

E. Public Discussion
17. Public Discussion


Chairman Karen Henderson reminded the public that there is a maximum allotted time for each speaker of three minutes and that the Board will not respond to the comments or requests but the Superintendent of Schools will investigate and respond in a timely manner.

  1. Richard Smith, BFT, Report of Vote
  2. Dan Bennett, BFT, Labor Relations
  3. Debra Greco, Local 1010, Raise
  4. Marjorie Ebersbach, BASA,
  5. Dean Paterakis, Melbourne, Unethical Behavior
  6. David Meader, Cocoa, Class Size
  7. Joanne Seale, Titusville, Raises/Salary
  8. Debbie Sandstrom, BFT, Teacher Morale
  9. Anthony Colucci, BFT, Teacher Morale
  10. Patricia Farley Crutcher, BFT, Teacher Morale

Chairman Karen Henderson thanked the speakers and stated that their willingness to speak before the Board is appreciated. 

Dr. Murray suggested they ask Dr. Binggeli if he wanted to correct anything that had been said.

Dr. Binggeli said, as mentioned,  responses will be placed on the website.

Mr. Ziegler said that it is important that the community know that the Board is listening.  He responded to the comment that Representative Crisafulli said that funds for Class Size were given to the schools and he is right, there were funds.  The question then becomes, were there enough funds? He commented that when analyzing data, it is important to ask why and find out the reasons.  He said the Board is glad to investigate. He said when Union leadership speaks, the Board does listen. A case in point, when the Union said it was unfair that the district was hiring outside before hiring qualified internal candidate, the issue was investigated and corrected.  The Board is still learning about the VAM evaluation and working on making it fair.  He encouraged listeners to reach out to the Board if they have questions or concerns.

Dr. Binggeli said a couple of things we need to share which were shared with the Board and the magistrate were the  comparison of salaries and benefits between the districts in the Central Florida School Board Coalition, and Indian River. We have fewer district administration. He will put this out on the web.  When you throw data out, it becomes public, but it needs to be clarified. One of the magistrate's charges was to determine comparability, and the magistrate determined the salary scale was comparable. Dr. Binggeli agrees that we need to respond to those data points on the website.

Chairman Henderson said in response to comments made about personnel salaries that you must look at all data. For example,  Hillcrest County who has two finance managers and only 25,000 students.  Although each finance manager make less than Brevard's one, the two combined makes more. She said that you need to look at all of the data so that is a fair comparison. She  looks forward to this being out on the website.

Ms. Kneessy thanked everyone for coming to the Board meeting. She said that she would love to visit schools and welcomes their invitations. She commented that the Board will be taking a pay cut and it is about $4,000.00 below what the state says they can make.

Chairman Karen Henderson called for a break at 7:54 p.m. The Regular School Board Meeting was reconvened at 8:08 p.m.

F. Consent
F. Board Office/Superintendent

18. Approval of Minutes

19. Student Expulsion(s)
Attachment: 11.19.13 Expulsions.pdf (Confidential Item)
F. Brevard Schools Foundation

20. Space Week Contract with DNC Parks & Resorts at KSC, Inc.
Attachment: 2013 Brevard Space Wk Agreement 10-8-13.pdf
F. Financial Services

21. Financial Statements for the Period Ending September 30, 2013
Attachment: FY14 September Financials.pdf
Attachment: FY14 Budget Amendment #1 - September 30 2013.pdf
Attachment: September 2013 Budget Amendment Explainations.pdf
F. Budgeting, Cost Accounting & FTE

22. Designation of Legal Representative to Apply for Title VIII of Public Law 107-110 (Impact Aid) Funds
F. Accounting Services

23. Investment Performance Report for the Quarter Ending September 30, 2013
Attachment: BREVARD_3Q13_Complete.pdf
24. Warrants for the Month of October, 2013
Attachment: Warrant List - October 2013.pdf
F. Risk Management

25. Memorandum of Understanding between the Central Brevard Humane Society, the School Board of Brevard County, and Canine Commandos
Attachment: 2013-16 MOU SBBC CBHS and CCP 10-4-2013.pdf
F. Purchasing & Warehouse

26. Property Disposal
Attachment: Nov. 19 Board Report.pdf
Attachment: Nov. 19 Board Letters.pdf
27. Purchasing Bids, RFP's, RFQ's and Sales & Services Agreements
Attachment: a -BW 14-BW-065-KC AVID Tutors Agenda Item.pdf
Attachment: b -ITB 14-B-028-KC - Cancellation of Service Agenda Item.pdf
Attachment: c - ITB 14-B-023-DR - HVAC Supplies Catalog Bid.pdf
Attachment: d - ITB 14-B-036-DW - Water Based Fire Suppression System Maintenance, Inspection and Test.pdf
Attachment: e - ITB 14-B-055-KC - Cafeteria Produce.pdf
Attachment: f - PB 14-PB-046-DR - Amend Purchase of School Bus.pdf
Attachment: g - PB 14-PB-062-CJ - Office Supplies for Warehouse Stock.pdf
Attachment: h - RFP 14-P-035-DR - Asbestos and Lead Based Paint Abatement Services.pdf
Attachment: i - RFQ 14-Q-003-KR - Continuing Contract for Architectural Services.pdf
Attachment: j - SC 14-SC-067-DW - Floor Coverings with Related Supplies, Equipment and Services - Agenda Item.pdf
Attachment: k - SSA 13-247-KR - PFM Asset Management LLC - Agenda Item.pdf
Attachment: l - CASPER Explorers Grant.pdf
Attachment: m - SSA 14-254-WH - School Improvement Network.pdf
Attachment: n - SSA 14-271-WH - Performance Matter, LLC.pdf
Attachment: o - Additional String Info.pdf
F. Human Resources

28. Job Description - Supervisor - Geographic Information Services
Attachment: Supervisor - GIS.pdf
29. Support Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Support Staff 11-19-13.pdf
30. Instructional Staff Recommendations
Attachment: Instructional Staff 11-19-13.pdf
31. 2013-2014 Salary Adjustment for Employees covered under the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the School Board of Brevard County and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 78, Local 1010
Attachment: Base Wage and Salary Schedule.pdf
Attachment: Food Services Salary Schedule.pdf
Attachment: Professional-Technical Hourly Salary Schedule.pdf
Attachment: Professional-Technical Contract Salary Schedule.pdf
32. 2013-2014 Salary Adjustment for School and District Based Administrators and all other Non-Bargaining Employees
F. Office of Professional Learning and Development

34. School Year Calendar Standards and the 2014-15 School Year Calendar
Attachment: Standards for Later Start Calendar Draft 2014-2015 10-18-13.pdf
Attachment: Draft A (Late Start) 2014-2015.pdf
Attachment: Draft B (Earlly Start) 2014-2015.pdf
F. Accountability Testing & Evaluation

35. School Improvement Plans (SIP)
Attachment: Chart.SAC Membership Vickie 2013 2014.pdf
F. Elementary Programs

36. Lease Agreement between the School Board and the Melbourne Auditorium
Attachment: Lease Agreement with the Melbourne Auditorium.pdf
F. Middle School Programs/K-12

37. All-County Festival Lease Agreement with the Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts
Attachment: 2014 AC Festival Contract.pdf
38. Elementary Music Festival Lease Agreement with the Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts
Attachment: 2014 ESF Contract.pdf
F. Student Services

39. National Organization of Victims Assistance (NOVA) Training
Attachment: FCRT-Ricciardi.pdf
F. Central Area Superintendent

40. Field Trip - Cocoa High School FIRST Robotics - FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri
Attachment: CHS Robotics St Louis 2013-14.pdf
41. Field Trip - Johnson Middle School - Faces of Florida
Attachment: Johnson Trip 3-17-14.pdf
F. North Area Superintendent

42. Titusville High School Fundraiser "The Country Legends"
F. Educational Technology

43. Technology Infrastructure Design Services for Rockledge High School
Attachment: Fee Proposal Brevard Rockledge 2013.pdf
F. Project Management

44. Reappoint School Board Representative to Titusville's Local Planning Agency
45. North Area Bus Maintenance Facility Exterior Canopy Replacement - Change Order No. 1
Attachment: Change Order #1 North Area Bus.pdf
46. Rockledge High School - Roof Replacement at McLarty Stadium Restrooms - Change Order No. 1
Attachment: Change Order #1 McLarty Roof.pdf
47. Palm Bay High School Change Order #1 for Mech. Upgrades at Law Academy Bldg.
Attachment: Change Order #1 Palm Bay Law Academy.pdf
48. Golfview E.S. - Guaranteed Maximum Price Campus Upgrades
Attachment: Golfview ES Upgrades GMP & Budget Sheet.pdf
F. School Board Attorney

49. 2013-2014 Salary Adjustment for School Board Members
Attachment: 2013-2014 School Board Member Salaries.pdf
Attachment: 2013_2014 Elected Officials Salaries.pdf
F. Approval of Consent

50. Approval of Consent Agenda


Dr. Binggeli congratulated the following:

  • Amber Ouelette, for her reclassification transfer from the position of teacher at Meadowlane Primary School to the position of assistant principal (10 month) at Jupiter Elementary School, on annual contract, effective November 25, 2013.
  • James Meegan, for his reclassification from the position of dean/assistant principal (10 month) at Melbourne High School to the position of assistant principal (12 month) at Melbourne High School, on annual contract, effective November 25, 2013.
  • William Hewitt, assistant principal at DeLaura Middle School on his retirement, effective February 28, 2014.
  • Edmund Everette Jr., assistant principal at Melbourne High School on his retirement effective November 30, 2013.

Approve the consent agenda of November 19, 2013 with the exception of those items pulled for discussion.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Barbara Murray
Second: Amy Kneessy
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Items Pulled for Discussion
F. Employee Benefits

33. Proposed Change to Medical Flexible Spending Account Management
Attachment: FSA Rule Change Discussion.pdf
Attachment: Special FSA Enrollment Project Plan.pdf

Mr. Ziegler said that it always bothered him that the FSA was a use it or lose it situation and he believes this is why participation has been low. He said that it is a great thing that you can now carry forward $500.  Mr. Ziegler wants to make sure that employees are educated on the benefits and wants them to be well notified about the open enrollment window.

That the Board approve the three recommendations of the SIAC as delineated above.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Andrew Ziegler
Second: Barbara Murray
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

Motion Minutes: 

G. Action
G. Curriculum & Instruction

51. 2013-2014 Student Progression Plan for Brevard Public Schools


Chairman Karen Henderson declared the Public Hearing open and asked if anyone wished to speak.

Vida Escue requested that the Student Progression Plan not be passed as written.  She feels it is "stupid" for Brevard to require students graduating with a standard diploma to have both chemistry and physics even though the state has dropped this from its requirements. She feels it would be better to require two years of a foreign language. She said that workers who have two languages will have better opportunities available.

Janet Vitatoe said that it seems that we are adopting the graduation standards set forth in the Secondary Schools of National Prominence.  She said that if you Google search SSNP, the only place you find it is in Brevard Public Schools. She says that we should go with graduation requirements set forth by the state and stop wasting taxpayer dollars on a program that does not exist outside our county. She continued that if we look at the monies spent over the years on SSNP, that it could have easily have funded Class Size as well as step and salary increases for teachers. Instead money has been thrown away.

Debbie Sandstrom said that all the chemistry and physics requirements for standard diploma students does is water the content down for the college bound students. The students seeking a standard diploma need integrated science. The students whose career path does not include college struggle to graduate with the current requirements.

Dr. Murray had a question and asked for Cyndi Van Meter to come to the podium. Dr. Murray wanted to know if students had the option of taking other courses to meet the science requirement.  She wanted to know when that had changed.

Ms.Van Meter said that students do have the option of taking integrated science, I, II and III to meet the science graduation requirement. Chairman Henderson asked if this was applicable to the standard diploma and Ms. Van Meter confirmed yes.

Dr. Murray appreciated the clarification.

Dr. Binggeli said that he went to the  Brevard Development Workforce Board meeting and said that Linda Weatherman of the EDC told the group that Brevard and the nation have a significant number of manufacturing jobs that are not being filled because applicants do not have the math and science skills to meet job requirements. Non-college manufacturing jobs that exist do require a significant amount of these math and science skills.

Dr. Murray told Mrs. Van Meter that she could not locate the page where it indicated that there are two options for the science credit. Mrs. Van Meter, assisted by Dr. Spadaccini, said that it was on page 68. Under science, they can do the three credit sequence of integrated science, I, II and III.

Ms. Kneessy told Dr. Binggeli that she believed there was a presentation some time ago that discussed the different diploma options and the course students had to take. How does that relate to the Student Progression Plan? Dr. Binggeli said he would defer to Ms. Van Meter.  Mrs. Kneessy said that she wanted the Board to come together to discuss SSNP not being a viable path.  She wants a group workshop looking at many factors including the seven period day and semester exams.

Dr. Krupp says he is looking on page 64 and nowhere does it mention integrated science I, II and III being an option. There is not an explanation until further down in the charts.  He requested that it be put plainly in one place on page 64.  Ms. Van Meter said she would make note of the request. He said that one simple change would dissolve all of the concern that the persons speaking tonight have. He also commented that we are out in left field with SSNP. He said if the funding stream remains the same that we will probably have to cut another $25m and we will have to go back to six periods instead of seven. 

Ms. Kneessy said that we are speaking about 2013-14, but she feels it is very important that the Board have a workshop soon in preparation for next year.

Dr. Murray said that she wanted to make sure the language change happened quickly on page 64. She has no problem with the workshop.

Dr. Binggeli said that their request for a Board workshop has been duly noted.

Ms. Van Meter wanted to explain about scholar or merit designations. On page 64 under the high school graduation charts, Item C is specific to designations. That is why it doesn't list the science requirements.

Vida Escue wanted to rebut the issue of integrated science I, II and III instead of chemistry and physics.  She said that if you begin with chemistry and physics, and decide you cannot handle it, there is no time to get your graduation requirements with the integrated science I, II and III.

Chairman Henderson wondered why they could not substitute the chemistry and physics

Dr. Binggeli stated that there is there is only one other Florida district, Marion County, that does not have a sales surtax and has a lower property assessment than Brevard.  They did get rid of seven periods.They have literally used the option to pay substitutes $100 per day to meet Class Size.

Ms. Kneessy said that we say that we make decisions in the best interests of kids. She said she is worried about this year's seniors who may not be able to graduate because of requirements we have made that are not state mandated. She asked if it was possible for a process to be made so these kids can graduate.

Dr. Binggeli responded that for this year we will have to provide the support the seniors need to meet these requirements as applicable and possible.

Dr. Murray said that it boils down to the program of study they enter.  We don't have time to change.  I think the responsibility is on us to do everything we can so they can have as much success as they can.  Through our workshop we can make changes for next year as appropriate. She asked Mr. Bistline if he thought we should close the public hearing to which he said yes. There was one more speaker waiting.

Marcus Hochman came to the podium and said he was curious about the process the Board will use when discussing the changes. He asked if there would be teacher leaders invited.  He said they could easily help with these issues.

Mr. Ziegler said that he agrees that we will continue to do what is best for our students and that does not necessarily mean to drop our standards to meet those of the state.  He thinks a Board workshop is a good idea.

Dr. Murray agrees with some of Mr. Ziegler's comments and wants BPS graduation requirements to be fair for everyone.  She agrees that it will be valuable to have teacher input as well as administrators and parents.

Chairman Karen Henderson concluded the Public Hearing. 


Hold a Public Hearing and approve the Student Progression Plan for 2013-2014 for Brevard Public Schools.

Vote Results
Motion: Andrew Ziegler
Second: Amy Kneessy
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

G. Student Services

52. Revision of School Board Policy 5517.01
Attachment: Bullying and or Harassment Policy Change.pdf
Attachment: Bullying and Harassment Bylaws and policies.pdf

Chairman Karen Henderson declared the Public Hearing open and asked if anyone wished to speak.

There were no speakers.

Chairman Karen Henderson concluded the Public Hearing.



Hold a Public Hearing and approve the revisions of School Board Policy 5517.01.

Vote Results
Motion: Michael Krupp
Second: Barbara Murray
Karen Henderson- Aye
Amy Kneessy- Aye
Michael Krupp- Aye
Barbara Murray- Aye
Andrew Ziegler- Aye

H. Information
H. Human Resources

53. Job Description - Specialist-Dispatch & Routing
Attachment: Specialist - Dispatch & Routing.pdf
54. Job Description - Bus Routing
Attachment: Specialist - Bus Routing.pdf
55. Job Description - Field Trip Routing & Training
Attachment: Spec - Field Trip & Training.pdf
H. Labor Relations

56. Increase to Florida's Minimum Wage
Attachment: Substitute Minimum Wage Change effective 01-01-14.pdf
H. Middle School Programs/K-12

57. Elementary and Secondary Student Art Shows at Area Malls
H. Central Area Superintendent

58. Field Trip - FIRST Robotics "Pink" Team to the FIRST Regional in College Park, MD and FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, MO
Attachment: RHS 13-14 Robotics Travel Request.pdf
59. Field Trip - Cocoa High School FIRST Robotics - Finger Lakes Regional in Rochester, NY and Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada
Attachment: Back Up for Rochester NY.pdf
H. North Area Superintendent

60. Field Trip - Merritt Island FIRST Robotics Team 801 - FIRST World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri
H. Facilities Services

61. Brevard Schools Foundation School Supply Store at Clearlake Education Center
Attachment: Brevard Schools Foundation Request Letter.pdf
62. Storage for U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation and Museum at South Lake Education Center
Attachment: Space Walk of Fame Request Letter.pdf
63. Revision to Policy 7110 - Student Accommodation
Attachment: Policy 7110 Revision Package.pdf

Ms. Kneessy wanted to express her disappointment in the Board not being given a chance to discuss the criteria for school closures prior to this policy being brought forth. The Board had said that they would do things differently if school closures had to be considered again. She said shefeels the fact that this policy is looking at schools with less than 500 students to be a personal target. She is also concerned that there is no discussion about choice schools or neighborhood schools. 

Dr. Krupp asked for Dane Theodore to put back the language that said under 50 percent utilization instead of under 500 students. He thought that would be a more fair recommendation.

Chairman Henderson asked Dane Theodore about reports he sent to Dr. Krupp about schools under 500 and factored capacity.  Mr. Theodore said there were five schools under 500 that were under factored capacity. 

Mr. Ziegler said that he believed that what we were trying to achieve is efficiency of operation.  He said there has to be some sort of way to determine when it is efficient to operate the facility. 

Chairman Henderson said she is not a fan of using concrete numbers because you put yourself in a box. Dr. Murray cautioned that in order to avoid some of the problems we experienced last year, that we need to have something concrete by which to base decisions. She said we need set criteria.

Mrs. Henderson wanted to clarify with Dane Theodore that what is being  presented as part of the policy isn't saying that we have to choose the schools under 500 students first.  Mr. Theodore said no, they are not in any sort of order.  The purpose is to put into policy as part of the administrative procedures criteria the School Board may choose when recommending a school closure. 

Ms. Kneessy said her frustration is that this should have been presented to the Board first. She still wants to have a workshop so that we can come up with criteria. Dr. Murray said that if others are in agreement, she is fine with a workshop, however she feels it can be discussed in a Board meeting. Mr. Ziegler agrees having a workshop is a good idea so that we have definitive criteria. 

Chairman Henderson questioned Ms. Kneessy's arguments that choice schools cause neighborhood schools to be under enrolled. Mrs. Kneessy said that she wants to have a discussion about elementary school choice programs and the impact it has on smaller schools.

Dr. Murray asked Mr. Theodore for a report about choice school enrollments and the schools from which their students come. Mr. Theodore said he would send a draft to the Board on Wednesday, November 20.

Chairman Henderson suggested that each Board member make recommendations specifying what criteria is wanted and not wanted regarding school closures.  This should be submitted to the Board assistant for compilation prior to the workshop.

Dr. Binggeli pointed out that the criteria is on page seven.   He said that these criteria are what have been the recommended criteria for the selection process for the last three years and do address efficiencies. 

All Board members were in agreement about setting up a Board workshop.

Mr. Theodore said he would pull the item  from action items slated for next Board meeting.

H. District Security

64. Memorandum of Understanding: The Use of Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School as a Hurricane Evacuation Site
Attachment: MOA SCJSHS 2013 as of 20130905 FINAL 10.10.13.pdf

I. Staff Reports
65. Staff Report(s)

Minutes: There were no staff reports.

J. Additional Public Presentations (If Required)
66. Additional Public Presentations


There were four additional public speakers.

  • Jen Stokes, BFT, Teacher Morale
  • Janet Vitatoe, Teacher, Frustration with Vote
  • Vida Escue, Parent, Struggling Student

K. Board Member Reports/Discussion Points
67. Board Member Reports


Chairman Henderson asked if there were any Board reports.

Dr. Krupp gave kudos to the all of the students in the ROTC programs that showed up for the Massing of the Colors at Florida Eastern State College. He thanked all of the students, staff and administration for making the event possible.  He also thanked the college for being the host.

Dr. Murray thanked Chef Eddie and Heidi of the Heidelberg Restaurant in Cocoa Beach for funding and providing a formal sit down dinner for 40 disadvantaged children at Cape View to allow them the opportunity to experience an exquisite dining experience.

Ms. Kneessy requested that Dr. Binggeli put something in a  Board update regarding the next steps in the textbook supplement process. Next she discussed the veteran's day events she attended and said she was overwhelmed. She mentioned in particular Sea Park's program which was an all day event. She told about bags the veteran's received at the school. Inside each bag was a star with a poem.  The stars were from a Girl Scout troop in Arizona that got the stars from retired flags and then sent to Sea Park for the veterans.

Mr. Ziegler made a suggestion for the Board to consider.  He proposes that the Board has some public meetings to hear from the public instead of one for the purpose of Board business.

Dr. Murray said that can be done, it just needs to be advertised.

Chairman Henderson delivered checks to enhance classrooms at Rockledge High, Roy Allen Elementary, Manatee and Eau Gallie.  She thanked the BSF for providing the funds. She wanted to let people know about Donorschoice.org. It is a way for teachers to put in their needs and people from all over have the opportunity to meet the need.


L. Superintendent's Report
68. Superintendent's Report


Chairman Henderson asked if Dr. Binggeli had a Superintendent's Report.

Dr. Binggeli said he wanted to update the Board on the progress of surveys that were sent to representatives that included staff and parents to gain insight on their perspective of items still on the budget cut list.  The results will be finalized and Senior Staff will be meeting to go over those results. 

M. Adjournment
69. Adjournment

Minutes: The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

For further details pertaining to this meeting, please refer to the published video on the School Board of Brevard County's website (www.brevardschools.org).