12-13-2011 Regular School Board Meeting
Agenda Item #13

Recognize Margaret "Peggy" Nolan, Recipient of the Career Service Award from Florida Art Education Association


Mrs. Margaret "Peggy" Nolan, former K-12 Art and Drama Resource Teacher for Brevard Public Schools (BPS), was recently recognized by the Florida Art Education Association (FAEA) as a 2011 Career Service Award recipient. Mrs. Nolan retired from our district on June 30, 2011 after supporting the students, teachers and art programs of Brevard County for 31 years.

Mrs. Nolan's accomplishments are the result of a lifetime of learning, teaching and creativity while pursuing a vision for curricular improvement. She is largely responsible for securing Brevard's membership with the Florida Art Education Association (FAEA) and has served on their board as chair of several divisions and as secretary. She has also presented and provided assistance at many of the FAEA conferences.

Mrs. Nolan is responsible for initiating the Brevard Schools Excellence in Visual Art (EVA) Award through collaboration with her writing team and the Brevard Cultural Alliance. The EVA later served as a catalyst for the creation of the state's new Visual Arts Demonstration School (VADS) recognition model currently in place. Mrs. Nolan has helped to effect change in the understanding of what art education entails and has shown us how to value and measure results. Her lifelong contribution to the field of art education will continue to benefit students, teachers, schools and all organizations with which she has been affiliated.


Recognize Margaret "Peggy" Nolan as a recipient of the Career Service Award from the Florida Arts Education Association.

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Consent w/o Information - 12/13/2011

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SB Policy 6680, F.S. 1012.22

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